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    App to create posters

    Canva (Android / iOS)

    App to create posters

    Among the applications to create posters that I want to advise you to use there is Canva, an application that available for Android and iOS, is nothing more than the counterpart for mobile devices of the well-known graphic design website of the same name.

    The application allows you to create different types of graphic projects designed especially to be published on social networks. Canva's tools for creating posters and playbills are also very simple and intuitive; you will be able to start creating a project completely free starting from a predefined template that you can modify.

    To start using Canva with the aim of creating a poster you will need to have downloaded the application from the Play Store on Android or the App Store on iOS and, after starting it, register free through your account Facebook o Google. Everything you need to start giving life to your graphic project is in its main screen where you can easily choose the starting model based on the social network in which you want to share your creation.

    Canva gives you the possibility to create a graphic design for the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest e Youtube), or even to create advanced graphic projects such as a logo, a poster, a flyer, an invitation, a card, a photo collage, a banner and much more. To choose the graphic project to create, just tap on the corresponding item in the top menu of the application.

    To create your project on a practical level you will then have to choose one of the predefined basic templates and, once you have tapped on it. This will open the starting template which you can modify in every single part by tapping on the elements present. You will be able to change the colors, fonts, size and spacing of characters, images and boxes and much more. You can also delete all elements of the default template to create one from scratch. Canva is a very complete application and to access the other tools of the app press the button capacitor positive (+) lead bottom right. Through the voices Text, Graphics, Templates and Pages you can customize your creation in detail. Once the job is done, press the button with the symbol of sharing top right. You can save the image in your device's default gallery, in Canva's digital gallery and share it wherever you see fit.

    Canva is an application free that does not have advertising banners. Also, only the minority of available templates have a watermark; removal can be done via virtual credits available in euros.

    Adobe Spark Post (iOS)

    App to create posters

    An absolutely noteworthy application that I want to recommend you use to create posters is Adobe Spark Post. Made by the well-known company Adobe Systems Inc., known for its graphic design and video editing software (including Photoshop e Premier Pro), is an application that has similar characteristics to Canva, allowing you to create beautifully designed posters.

    The application in question is only available on iOS and to use it you will first need to create your free account, choosing whether to register through the account Facebook o Google. An account registration will also be required Adobe ID.

    Much like Canva, Adobe Spark Post features custom graphics divided into categories: Featured, Collages, Seasonal, Lifestyle, Business, School, Travel, Food e Craft. Each of the predefined templates present in the main sections indicated in the app can be modified and customized in every detail. To do this, simply identify the template to use, tap on it and then press the button Remix.

    The user interface of the application is in English but, thanks to the presence of numerous tools, the use of the app is extremely intuitive. The buttons for the main editing are called Add, Design, Palette, Resize, Layout and Effects. By tapping on each of the listed items, however, you will have numerous other customization tools available. The editing possibilities are practically endless and the app is therefore more professional.

    Through Adobe Spark Post it is also possible to create a graphic project from scratch by pressing the button capacitor positive (+) lead on the application home screen. From the drop-down menu that opens, you can have other elements available (such as stock images, patterns and colored backgrounds) that will allow you to give space to your creativity. Also noteworthy is the integration of the app with other Adobe tools and services, including Adobe Lightroom and the ability to access Adobe's own cloud library, Creative Cloud, at any time.

    Creating graphic designs such as posters via the Adobe Spark app is free, but remember to manually remove the watermark from the project before exporting it. It is also an application with some premium content. For full and unlimited use of the app, a subscription is recommended at a cost of € 10,49 per month or € 104,99 per year.

    Manifesto Creator (Android)

    App to create posters

    On Android devices, the application to create posters that I recommend you download is called Manifesto Creatore, an application that will allow you to give space to creativity by creating graphic projects from scratch with some common tools.

    The application is free and is only available on mobile devices with the Android operating system. Then download the application and start it to see with me how to use it to create a poster.

    The first thing you will need to do is tap the button Create manifest. So you can start by choosing the background of the poster to create. You can choose a wallpaper, a pattern or upload an image from your device memory. You can also choose to take a photo on the spot. Once you have identified the background to use, tap on it and choose the size from the predefined formats (1:1, 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, 3:4).

    The next step is where you get full creativity and start creating the poster using some popular tools. Then tap on the buttons Text, Stickers, Effects, Image and Backgrounds to customize the poster as you wish.

    Once the graphic design is finished, press the button with the V tick symbol at the top right to export the image. The realized project can then be shared online using the button with the symbol of sharing that you will see on the screen.

    Also note that the Poster Maker application watermarks your projects. To remove it you will need to purchase the version Premium application. The latter, at a cost of 2,19 euros, also unlocks access to various other backgrounds and removes advertising banners.

    PostWrap - Poster Maker (Android)

    App to create posters

    Only available on Android mobile devices, Post Wrap is an application free to create posters that focus on the immediacy of its tools. The application allows you to create various types of graphic projects, through the modification of templates and predefined graphic elements.

    Its use is extremely intuitive so, after downloading and starting it, the first thing you will have to do is tap the button with the camera symbol. This way, if you wish, you can import a photo from your device's default gallery to use as a wallpaper. Alternatively, press the button directly Continue.

    To modify the project, then press the button with the pencil symbol bottom right. Some buttons will appear at the bottom that will allow you to customize the poster to create. In particular, press the button with the cards symbol to change the alignment of the text; via the symbol A you can change the font. Through palette symbol you can instead change the background color or the color of the text, finally, using the button with the fan symbol, you can make other stylistic changes to the text.

    To confirm the changes and export your graphic design, click on V tick symbol that you find on the left. You can then export the image to major social networks using the button with the symbol of sharing, or save it in the default gallery of your device using the button with the floppy disk symbol.

    PostWrap is an application free to create posters that do not have advertising banners.

    Other applications to create posters

    • Poster Maker & Poster Designer (Android): available for free and present only on Android, it is another application to create playbills, posters and posters using predefined backgrounds, patterns and writings that can be customized. An app free with the possibility of microtransactions which allow you to unlock additional templates.
    • Movie Poster Maker (Android / iOS): this application free for Android and iOS allows you to create posters taking inspiration from those of famous films.
    • Wanted Poster (Android) - available for free on Android (there are other similar applications on iOS), is one of the many apps that allow you to create posters and in a fun way. As you can easily guess from the name, it allows you to create a wanted poster through a photomontage.
    App to create posters

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