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    How to register Fastweb

    Preliminary operation

    How to register Fastweb

    Before explaining to you what needs to be done to be able to register Fastweb it seems to me necessary to make a clarification that certainly in the eyes of most people may seem an emeritated banality but, in order to avoid misunderstandings and useless waste of time, it is better to put things very clear right away. from the beginning: you must have correctly configured the modem / router in your possession to be able to register your subscription and, consequently, to be able to surf the net.

    Having defined this, if you have already configured your modem / router you can go directly to reading the next paragraph. If not, or if you still want to check that you have done everything "in a workmanlike manner", follow the instructions below.

    1. Make sure that the modem / router is correctly connected to the telephone socket and to the computer (via cable Ethernet or via WiFi) and that it is turned on.
    2. Log in to management panel of the modem / router by typing the IP of the latter, which usually is o in the browser address bar and pressing Submit on the keyboard.
    3. If requested, also enter the access data to the device management panel in the appropriate empty fields visible on the screen. Generally the combination to use is admin / admin o admin / password.
    4. Wait for the process to automatic configuration is started and if you are asked to indicate your manager select Fastweb. In the event that this does not happen, take action by trying to locate the button with it written on it Configure, Setup o Wizard and clicking on it.
    5. If the automatic configuration cannot be performed or in any case if the function is not available, set yourself "Manually" all while making sure that the Bridging / Modem only is disabled and setting the option DCHP at the item WAN. Alternatively, select Dynamic IP Address Internet Connection Type.
    6. Then setthe voice LLC like encapsulation e 8 e 36 respectively as values ​​of CPI e VCI. If prompted, set the ATM class su UBR. Also make sure that in correspondence with the items relating to the assignment of theIP address and DNS server everything is set to automatic.
    7. Click on the button for save ed applicare changes (the modem / router may restart).

    In case something is not clear to you or in any case if you think you need more precise explanations on the various steps to be carried out, I suggest you read my tutorial on how to configure Fastweb modem through which I have indicated all the various steps mentioned. above in more detail.

    Please note: If you have a Fastweb “branded” modem / router, the procedure just indicated will most likely be completely useless, or almost useless. In fact, all Fastweb-branded modems / routers distributed by the operator himself and sent to the customer when signing the contract are already “ready for use”. In other words, once connected to the electrical socket and to the telephone line it should already be possible to start surfing the net without carrying out any further particular steps!

    Register Fastweb

    How to register Fastweb

    Now let's get to the heart of the real question and try to understand what exactly needs to be done in order to register Fastweb. As anticipated at the beginning, this is an essential operation to be able to surf the net freely and without problems. However, fear not, it only takes a few seconds!

    To register Fastweb you just need to open a new tab of your favorite Web browser (eg. Chrome, Firefox etc.) and wait a few moments for the page entitled to be displayed Welcome to FASTWEB!. If this does not appear automatically, type yourself in the address bar of the browser and then presses the button Submit sulla tastiera of the computer.

    Enter yours now fiscal Code (or in any case that of the holder of the Fastweb subscription in place) in the empty field that you find in correspondence with the wording Fiscal Code: and then click the yellow button Confirm data which is on the right. Then wait a few moments for a confirmation message to be shown on the screen indicating that the procedure was successful.

    Finally, open a new browser tab or window and try typing in the address bar of your favorite browser then press the button Submit on the computer keyboard. If my site is loaded correctly you can finally sing victory: you managed to register Fastweb and now you can start "whizzing" on the net with your connection. Since it wasn't that hard?

    In case of problems

    How to register Fastweb

    Have you slavishly followed my instructions on how to register Fastweb but still can't surf the net? After registering, are you shown some strange error message in the browser window? So I suggest first of all to check more carefully that you have correctly entered the parameters for the configuration of the modem / router that I indicated at the beginning of the guide.

    Furthermore, if you are using a modem / router of your own, please note that most of the devices currently on the market are compatible with Fastweb but, as indicated by the same operator on its official website, some may not be compatible with all or in any case not working properly. If you want to go "without fail" I therefore suggest you use one of the modems / routers that are certainly compatible with the Fastweb network by choosing from the list that you can consult by clicking here and that you find under the heading Haven't purchased the Fastweb modem?.

    In the unfortunate event that even in this way you continue to encounter problems, you can click here to consult the section of thetechnical assistance always attached to the official Fastweb website. If I were you I would also take a look at the Web page dedicated to configurations which you can access by clicking here.

    In case of problems you can also contact the customer care of the manager by calling the number 192193 (the call is free from the fixed network and the Fastweb mobile network while it is paid for from the other mobile networks, according to the rates provided by your operator) or using the social caring offered by the operator on both Facebook and Twitter.

    You can also contact Fastweb customer service through the appropriate online form to which you can access, after logging in to your MyFASTPage, by clicking here. Once the form is displayed, indicate your difficulties using the appropriate drop-down menus and choose your preferred contact channel from those proposed (switchboard, community, chat or e-mail message).

    How to register Fastweb

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