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    Application to create videos with photos and music

    Application to create videos with photos and music for free

    If you agree, let's get straight to the point and see how some of them work application to create videos with photos and music for free. I hope that the solutions I am about to offer you can be to your liking.

    Quik (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

    Application to create videos with photos and music

    The first app I invite you to try is Quik. This solution is developed by GoPro, the famous manufacturer of the action cameras of the same name and makes simplicity its strong point. Allows you to create movies by combining video clips, photos, music, transition effects, etc. in a few taps. Basically it is free, but to take advantage of all its features you need to take out a subscription starting from 49,99 euros / year. It is available for Android (you can find it on the alternative stores if you have a device without the Play Store) and for iOS / iPadOS.

    To make a video with Quik, after installing and starting the app, press the button Yes, I have a GoPro, in case you want to combine a GoPro action camera, or on the button Just the phone at the moment, to use the videos saved locally on your smartphone / tablet. Then, press on the buttons Getting started guide e The tour begins and grant Quik i permits necessary to function.

    Now, press on the symbol of postcards (bottom right), tap onpreview of the photos you intend to use in the movie and tap on arrow with square located at the bottom of the screen. Then press the button Continue, give a title to the project and presses the button Save the details.

    By clicking on one of the contents included in the project and clicking on the icon of pencil it is possible to use the functions through which cut the movie, apply some filters, insert the music and so on (just use the buttons and menus that appear on the screen after pressing the button for the function to use). If at the end of the video there should be a sequence with the Quik watermark, you can remove it as you would any other clip.

    When you are ready to do so, press the button Save (top right), choose if save and overwrite the movie or if save it as new and, after pressing the icon of arrow, tap on the item Save to phone or on the wording Share content, depending on which save or share option you want to use.

    Clips (iOS / iPadOS)

    Application to create videos with photos and music

    If you are looking for aapplication to create videos with photos and music on iPhone and iPad, trial Clips: is an application developed by Apple characterized by a particularly attractive interface, designed for the creation of short engaging videos to be published immediately on social networks.

    You can download the Clips application for free from the App Store. Once this is done, open it and, after the short introductory video tutorial, press the button Continue to start using it. As you will immediately notice, the main feature of Clips is the presence of a timeline with a unique user interface, which will allow you to take photos and record videos by pressing a button "on the fly".

    Then decide whether to take a photo (by pressing the white dot at the bottom) or whether to upload photos from the roll (by pressing the symbol of postcards located at the bottom left). Once this is done, keep your finger pressed on the pink rectangle at the bottom, so as to add the content to the movie.

    Subsequently, to add decorations to the various clips that make up your project, click on the icon of colorful star located at the bottom right and add filters, live titles, text, adhesives ed emoji. To insert musical effects, instead, press on the symbol of music note and select those of your interest.

    When you are ready to do so, save the output video by clicking on the square with arrow and choose one of the save / share options from those in the app.

    Other apps to create videos with photos and music

    There are many other apps to create videos with photos and music you can contact: here are some of the most interesting.

    • Adobe Premiere Rush (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - is an app made by Adobe, inspired by Adobe Premiere Pro computer software, used by professionals around the world. The app allows you to edit videos in a rather simple way and control your projects in all respects. On Android it is available for a rather limited number of devices (here you can consult the complete list) and, both on Android and on iOS / iPadOS, there are only three free exports: you need to subscribe for a subscription starting from 10,49 euros / year , to continue using this solution.
    • ActionDirector (Android) - this free app allows you to create videos by combining photos, clips and music in a rather intuitive way. The free version applies a watermark to the videos produced and does not support Full HD at 1080p. To remove these limits, it is possible to see an advertising video for each project to be exported (maximum two per day) or to subscribe to a subscription starting from 4,29 euros / month.
    • iMovie (iOS / iPadOS) - This is the iPhone and iPad version of Apple's popular video creation software. The app is completely free and its use is highly recommended due to its professionalism. Its user interface is much more traditional than Clips, which I told you about previously, but it is also very intuitive and its features are quite complete.
    • LumaFusion (iOS / iPadOS) - is a professional video editing app, which costs 32,99 euros and offers advanced tools and functions that can allow you to complete projects of various kinds.

    Application to create videos with photos and online music

    If you are interested in using aapplication to create videos with photos and music online, this is the part of the tutorial that interests you most, since I am going to examine some solutions that work directly from the browser, without having to install anything on the PC.

    Adobe Spark

    Application to create videos with photos and music

    One of the best online applications for making videos with photos and music is Adobe Spark. It is a free tool, working upon registration, developed by the famous software house producing Photoshop, Premiere and other well-known programs for multimedia production. It is simple to use and is compatible with all major browsers, without having to install any additional plugins.

    To use it, go to its home page, click on the button Start now, select the access mode you want to use (eg. Continue with Google, Continue with Facebook, Continue with Apple, etc.) and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete this operation.

    Once registered, give a title to your first project, click on the button NEXT and decide whether to start from a model or start from scratch. The first time you use the Adobe Spark editor, you will be shown a short video tutorial about how it works: after seeing it, click on the button OK.

    As you can see, the Adobe Spark editor is quite simple to use: at the bottom there are a series of slides, which you can delete, duplicate or increase in number. To carry out this last operation just click on slide with the (+) button in the center. For the other features mentioned, however, you need to click the button (...) placed on each slide by passing the mouse over and select the items of your interest (eg. Duplicate, Delete, Etc.).

    To insert a photo in a slide, select one (from the bottom of the page), click on the button capacitor positive (+) lead placed in the center of the slide (top) and click on the item Gallery in the menu opened on the same. By doing so, you will be able to insert images from your computer (Upload the photo), from the Adobe database (Find free photos) or other services supported by the service (eg. dropbox, Google Photos, etc.). To insert music, however, click on the item Music (top right), to add a music track from the Adobe database or, possibly, to load it from your computer (Add my music).

    When finished, click on the button Preview (above), so you can preview the final result. When you are satisfied, click on the button Share o Download (both located at the top), so as to share it online or to save it locally.

    Other services to create videos with photos and music online

    Application to create videos with photos and music

    I conclude the article by listing you other services to create videos with photos and online music. Check out these too, as they might be useful to you.

    • Magisto - is a service that allows you to make videos through the use of advanced tools and functions. It's not free: a subscription starts at $ 4,99 / month and you can test its features for 7 days without spending anything (as long as you turn off automatic renewal).
    • Animoto - it is an online tool that allows the creation of videos through the use of photos, clips and music, which can be exported and saved locally or shared online with other users. Basically it is free, but to access all its functions you need to take out a subscription starting from 14 euros / month.
    • Kizoa - is another solution belonging to the category in question that makes it possible to create videos using clips, images, music, etc., starting from numerous ready-to-use templates. The free version is somewhat limited, as it allows you to create slideshows of up to 1 minute and imprints a watermark on the projects you have made: to break down this limit and take full advantage of all the functions of the service, you need to sign up for a subscription starting from € 29,90.

    If you would like some more information on how to create videos with photos and music online, using these and other useful solutions for the purpose, I refer you to reading the in-depth study I have dedicated to this topic.

    Application to create videos with photos and music

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