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    Create free animated photomontages

    Fun Photo Box (Online)

    Create free animated photomontages

    The first of the useful resources that I want to suggest you try is Fun Photo Box. It is an online service that allows you to create animated photomontages for free in an extremely easy and fast way, without requiring special knowledge in the field of graphics or photographic retouching. In just a few clicks it will allow you to obtain truly amazing results, both for you and for your friends. Try it now and you will see that you will not regret it.

    To serve, connected to the Fun Photo Box website, click on the tab Entrainment which is at the top of the displayed page and select the animated photomontage that you like most and that it is your intention to use among those available that are proposed to you.

    On the page that opens, upload the photo you intend to use for your purpose by clicking the button computer (to upload the image from your computer), onto that Webcam (to upload the image via the webcam connected to the PC) or on From Facebook (to upload the image from your Facebook account). Then crop the photo so that it is centered and press the button Go.

    Therefore, wait for the image to be uploaded and then you will find yourself in front of the animated photomontage with your photo. Then click on the button Keep on disk to save it on your PC in GIF format. If, on the other hand, the final result obtained does not satisfy you and you want to change the chosen effect, click on the button Change an effect and starts the whole procedure just seen together from scratch. Funny, right?

    PicJoke (Online)

    Create free animated photomontages

    Another "nice" online service that in my humble opinion you should try if you want to create free animated photomontages is PicJoke. It is very easy to use and allows you to choose between various types of scenarios (which are updated on a daily basis) in which to insert your photos. The only negative note, if we want to call it that, lies in the fact that it applies a small watermark with the name of the service in the lower left corner of the processed images but considering the excellent final results returned you can also pass over it.

    You ask me how to use it? I'll explain it to you immediately. To begin with, connect to the home page of the service and click on the link Animated frames that you find below to access the section of the site where all the photomontages with animation are present. In the new page displayed, select the photomontage you like best from the various available.

    Then click on the button Open File / Choose File on the right to select the photo (or photos, if the chosen photomontage supports the insertion of multiple images) that you want to insert in your creation by taking it directly from your computer. Alternatively, you can take a new photo at the moment using the webcam connected to your PC or Mac by clicking on the appropriate button depicting a webcam.

    If required, also select the area of ​​the image you want to use and the type of effect you want to apply on it, then click on the button Create your image and wait for the service to process the photo.

    When the procedure is completed, you will see a new web page appear with your image inserted in the photomontage with animation that you can eventually download as a GIF file by clicking on the link Save to disk that you find below. Then, if you want to share the animated photomontage on social networks, by email or other means, use the appropriate link that is provided to you and that you can always find at the bottom of the page.

    Photofunny (Online)

    Create free animated photomontages

    Have the above online services failed to attract your attention in a particular way and are you looking for an alternative solution? Then I suggest you take a look at the website Photofunny which makes available to all Internet users the possibility of creating photomontages by inserting their faces on that of funny and hilarious characters who jump, dance, etc. or within animated scenarios.

    To use it, connected to the main page of the website, click on the item Categories which is at the top right and, from the menu you see appear, choose Animations, gif creators. In the new page displayed, select the photomontage you like the most from the various available (if you want you can filter them using the categories on the right) and then click on the button Upload photo and upload the photo you want to use by taking it from your computer by tapping the button Open File / Choose File in the box that opens.

    Then check the box next to the item Add filters / remove watermark? to remove the watermark that would otherwise be applied, click on the button Next, adjust the size of the photo selection so that the face of the person portrayed is centered in the photomontage on the right and then press the button Finish.

    Then choose whether to download the animated photomontage to your computer in the form of a GIF image by clicking on the button Download image, if you share it by tapping on Share image or whether to make further changes by adding stickers, writings, comments and / or by cutting or further rotating the chosen photo by pressing on the buttons at the bottom.

    JibJab (Android / iOS)

    Create free animated photomontages

    More than using a computer, do you usually act as a smartphone (or tablet) and would you therefore like to get to know some nice app through which you can create animated photomontages at no cost directly from the touch screen of your device? Then I can't help but suggest you try JibJab. This is a fun app available for both Android and iOS devices that allows you to select different types of scenarios, some of which with a lot of audio effects in tow, and to place your own face or that of friends and relatives inside it, thus generating some beautiful animations. It is very easy to use and the final result is incredibly fun. The only thing to keep in mind is that to use it you need to create an account.

    To use it for your purpose, download and start the application on your device and then choose whether to register using your Facebook account or your email address by tapping on the appropriate button that you see appear on the screen and provides the info you are asked for.

    Once your account is registered, start creating your animated photo montage by snapping or snapping to your friend, colleague, etc. a photo at the moment. To do this, you need to center your face or that of the reference person inside the shape you see on the display and press the button with the camera which is at the bottom (if you want to use the rear camera of the device you must first press the button with the two arrows which is at the bottom right). If, on the other hand, you prefer to take a photo from the gallery of your smartphone or tablet, stop on the button with i two squares and select it from there.

    So choose the type of shape that best suits the flight in the photo among those available below and try to center your eyes and mouth with the guidelines that appeared on the screen, then stop on the button with the green tick. Once this is done, scroll through the list of various animated photomontages that are automatically proposed to you in the app home.

    If by doing so you can't find any photomontages you like, explore them by category choosing the one you are interested in ( Ecards, Music Videos, Clips o GIFs) by tapping the button with the three lines horizontally which is at the top left. You can also carry out a targeted keyword search by clicking on magnifying glassor at the top left and then typing in the search field that you see the reference keyword appear. You can also tap on the most searched keywords at the moment that you always find at the top of the page.

    Once you have identified the photomontage you like best, press it to view it enlarged and if required follow the on-screen procedure to select any additional participants, to define their roles in the scenario and to set the movement of the mouth.

    Then use the buttons for sharing to post it on social networks, send it via message or email or copy it to the clipboard, after tapping the button [...]. Alternatively, stop on the button with the arrow to save it in the device gallery in the form of an animated GIF or video (you can choose at the moment through the menu that is proposed to you). If you want, before saving the animated photomontage you can also add any text to it by clicking on the tab Text.

    Facebook (Android / iOS)

    Create free animated photomontages

    No, it is not a mistake! The application of Facebook, available for Android and iOS (and also for Windows Mobile), in addition to perfectly fulfilling its social purpose that everyone knows by now, allows you to create funny animated photomontages in real time, masking your face with various accessories, changing it with that of animals, super heroes and so on and also inserting it within specific scenarios (some of which also musical), all using the camera of the device used.

    To use the Facebook application for this purpose, you just need to download it, start it and log in with your account (if you don't already have one you can create it at the moment by following the instructions I gave you in my article on how to create a Facebook profile) then you have to go to the home of the social network and make a decisive swipe from left to right. By doing this you will spray yourself in front of a screen through which you can take and take pictures to post on the social network, start direct and… create animated photomontages!

    Pigia therefore on Magic wand that you find on the left and select the photomontage you prefer among those below. You can also view them by category, by pressing on the one you are interested in, which you always find at the bottom of the screen.

    Then try to center your face (or that of the reference person) on the screen so that the effects are applied (in some cases you will also find special instructions to follow, always on the device display) and then record a video with the photomontage applied by pressing and continuing to hold down the button with the photographic macchinetta for the duration of the video.

    Then choose whether to add any further effects to your photomontage by tapping on the item Effects which is at the bottom, if you insert stickers, writings and various drawings by pressing the appropriate buttons at the top right and then save the video in the device gallery by tapping on Save.

    If you want, you can also share the photomontage directly on Facebook by pressing the button NEXT at the bottom right, by choosing Public and then tapping on the button with theairplane at the bottom of the screen or you can add it to your story on the social network, as I explained to you in my article dedicated to how Facebook stories work.

    Create free animated photomontages

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