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    How to create a fanpage on Instagram

    Create a fanpage on Instagram

    I will create a fanpage on your Instagram da mobile, you have to go to your account settings, press on the item relating to the transition from a personal profile to a company one and then create a Facebook page to connect to your profile (or connect an existing one, where possible).

    Therefore, start the official Instagram app on your Android, iOS or Windows 10 Mobile device, log in to your account (if necessary) and tap on thelittle man or on the thumbnail of yours profilo's photo (bottom right). Then tap on the symbol (≡) placed at the top right, presses on the item Settings located at the bottom and tap on the item Switch to a company profile located within the section Account.

    Premium, quindi, sul pulsating Continue four times in a row and then presses on the voice Create a Page. In the screen that opens, you can create the Facebook page to connect to the Instagram profile: indicate the name of the page in the text field Page title, presses on the voice Choose a category to select the category in which you want to insert it (ex. People), tap on the item Choose a sub-category to select the subcategory you prefer (eg. Blogger) and tap the button NEXT.

    We're almost there: you just have to provide the contact information you want to show on your corporate Instagram profile connected to the Facebook page you created just now, press the button end and answer OK to the question Do you want to switch to the company profile?. Più semplice di così ?!

    I remind you that, if you have a previously created Facebook page, you can switch to a company profile by simply selecting it from the screen relating to switching from a personal profile to a company, tap on the item Choose Page, select the Facebook page to connect to the Instagram account and follow the simple wizard to complete the operation.

    Once you have made the transition from your personal Instagram profile to the corporate one, you will be able to use all the tools made available for the latter, such as statistics and sponsorships. If you remember, I told you about it in detail in the guides where I explain how to see the statistics on Instagram and how to sponsor on Instagram.

    Please note: as I mentioned in the introduction, at the time of writing it is not possible to create a fanpage from the Instagram app for Windows 10 or from the web version of the social network.

    Tips for having a successful fanpage on Instagram

    Once you have created an Instagram fanpage, you will surely want to make it successful. To make this happen, you need to implement strategies aimed at capturing the attention of other users of the photographic social network. Here, then, are some practical ones tips for having a successful fanpage on Instagram which, if put into practice, over time can lead to appreciable results. Seeing is believing!

    • Post quality content and do it regularly - since Instagram is a social network that consists exclusively of visual content, it is of fundamental importance that the photos and videos published on the profile are of quality, otherwise you cannot get the attention of other users and you are unable to increase the number of their followers. When choosing the type of content to publish, try to understand which ones your users like the most. Do not limit yourself, therefore, to posting only photos, but also create short videos, publish Stories and, from time to time, organize Live, so as to maintain an even more direct contact with your audience. In addition to quality, try to be as regular as possible by publishing at least one piece of content every day (be it a post, a story, a live, etc.).
    • Be original - if you post unoriginal content, which is similar to those made by other users, you will hardly be able to get noticed on Instagram. Therefore, try to get out of anonymity by creating your own style, so that the published contents are recognizable by users who already follow you and by potential followers. You can do this in many ways: for example, you could apply the same crop to all photos, use a particular filter, use the same shooting technique, and so on.
    • Use hashtags correctly - doing this is essential, since hashtags (i.e. those words and phrases preceded by the symbol #) allow you to categorize images and make them appear within the internal search engine of Instagram. When choosing the hashtags to use, I suggest you move towards the most popular ones (which you can identify with the help of services such as Top Hashtag, All Hashtag, or with apps such as HashTags for Instagram for Android or Top Tags), making sure that they are relevant to the content of the post.
    • Interact with other users - being a social network, Instagram is made up of interactions. Do not forget, therefore, to interact with other users of the community by "Like" their posts and commenting on them trying to be respectful towards them. In interacting with others, then, do not give in to the temptation to "spam" your Instagram profile: if they are interested in following you, users will do so, enticed by the well thought-out comments you write under their posts and not by your invitation. Understood?
    • Analyze the statistics - after having created the page on Instagram and having transformed your profile into a company through it, you can access a whole series of statistics that will be useful for you to know the audience that follows you and possibly understand where and how to improve to be more successful.

    Do you want to learn more about the subject and have other "tips" on how to be successful on Instagram, I suggest you take a look at the guide I published on the subject. I am sure this reading will also be useful to you.

    How to create a fanpage on Instagram

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