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    How to create a logo for Instagram

    App to create a logo for Instagram

    Let's get straight to the point and see some app to create a logo for Instagram you can rely on. Going into more detail, in this part of the article I will focus on solutions for smartphones and tablets that allow you to create instagram logo for free. They are all available on the official Android and iOS / iPadOS stores. If you have an Android device that does not have the Play Store installed, you can get them from alternative stores.

    Adobe Fresco (iOS / iPadOS)

    How to create a logo for Instagram

    Whereas logos are usually created in Vector graphics (so that they can be freely resized without losing quality), the first app I recommend you to try can only be Adobe Cool, available for iOS / iPadOS.

    This popular vector graphics solution is developed by Adobe and is perfect for creating quality designs and logos. Since it is appreciated by graphic designers, designers and illustrators all over the world, I highly recommend that you take it into consideration. Then in the mobile field it is free (although it must be said that access to all its functions requires in-app purchases starting from 10,99 euros).

    After installing and opening Adobe Fresco on your mobile device, sign in with yours Adobe ID or, possibly, with your account Apple, Google o Facebookby pressing one of the appropriate buttons. Once logged in, tap the button Create new and choose the format of the worksheet on which you intend to draw (ex. Square).

    At this point, to create the logo, use the tools on the left of the screen. Pressing on one of the brushes placed on the left, by tapping on one of them again and choosing the one to use (eg. Charcoal, Ink, Painting, etc.), you can start making the logo. If you need to adjust the characteristics of the brush in use, you can use the appropriate box located next to it (always on the left).

    Pressing on the symbol of triangle with circle, on the other hand, you have the possibility to insert shapes with which to compose the logo, while tapping the button T (always on the toolbar located on the left), you can enter text. In case of errors, you can undo the last operations done by doing tap with two fingers on the screen while to erase a stroke, you can use the Eraser tool. As for adding a new layer in the drawing, instead, click on the button [+] located on the right, in the area dedicated to level management.

    When finished, click on the icon freccia rivolta verse l'alto (top right) and select the save / share option you prefer.

    Other apps to create a logo for Instagram

    How to create a logo for Instagram

    Of course, there are others too app to create a logo for Instagram page that deserve to be taken into consideration. Here are some of the most interesting.

    • Create logo (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - it is certainly one of the best apps for making logos on the go, given its ease of use, also due to the fact that it allows you to create your work starting from customizable templates. In its free version it applies a watermark to the generated logos, which can be removed by purchasing the Pro version, which costs € 3,99.
    • Logo Maker Plus (Android) - this app allows you to create logos in a rather simple and intuitive way, offering the possibility to easily add icons and various graphic elements. Basically it is free, but I would like to point out that, to eliminate the advertising present in its free version, access all the available templates and use the logos for commercial purposes, it is necessary to make in-app purchases starting from 3,19 euros.
    • Foundry logo (iOS / iPadOS) - this app has a rather "clean" and minimal interface that makes its use more intuitive and fun. It offers the possibility of creating logos starting from ready-to-use templates (not usable for commercial purposes, of course) or making them from scratch. Basically it is free, but to access all its features you need to take out a subscription starting from € 10,99 / month.

    For more information about using these and other apps to create logos, take a look at the guide that I have dedicated entirely to them.

    How to create a logo for Instagram on a computer

    In this part of the article, however, I will focus on how to create instagram profile logo acting from computer. If the mobile apps mentioned in the first part of the tutorial were not to your liking, try the solutions mentioned below and you will see that you will not regret it!

    Inkscape (Windows / macOS / Linux)

    How to create a logo for Instagram

    One of the best software to make logos in Vector graphics so free is Inkscape. This free and open source program, available for Windows, macOS and Linux, has a very intuitive interface completely translated into your language and is quite easy to use, even if you are not very familiar with graphics or digital design.

    If you have a Mac, I would like to tell you that, at the time of writing, Inkscape is no longer supported, as it was only available in 32-bit format (and as of macOS Catalina, applications with 32-bit architecture are not usable). As we read on this page of the Inkscape site, the developers are working on the next version of the program, which will be available again for macOS. I will update the article as soon as it is released.

    To use Inkscape on your PC, download the program by going to its official website, by clicking on Microsoft logo, then on a link between 32-bit architecture e 64-bit architecture (depending on the version of Windows you are using) and finally on the button Windows Installer Package.

    When the download is complete, open the .msi package you have obtained and, in the opened window, click on the button Next, then check the box next to the item I accept the terms in the License Agreement and complete the setup by clicking on the buttons Next, Typical, install, Yes e Finish.

    Once you have installed and started Inkscape, you are ready to take advantage of its many drawing tools to complete the creation of your logo: after selecting one from the toolbar placed on the left, trace the shape, line or design you want to include in the logo on the worksheet; then you can color the element you entered using the color palette at the bottom.

    Before using a drawing tool, however, it may be useful to change its settings. How can you do it? Simple: by i drop down menu which are located at the top, which allow you to adjust width, thinning of the contour and other parameters.

    Once you have finished your logo, to save it, select the item Save as ... from the menu Fillet at the top left, indicates the position and format (Eg. SVG, PNG, etc.) where you want to export the file and that's it.

    Other solutions to create Instagram logos from PC

    How to create a logo for Instagram

    There are also other solutions you can consider to make computer logos. Here are some that may be of help to you.

    • Adobe Illustrator (Windows / macOS) - I don't think it needs much introduction: Illustrator is one of the most popular vector graphics programs in the world and is used by an impressive number of professionals and enthusiasts all over the world. It can be tested for free for 7 days, after which it requires a subscription to the Creative Cloud service, starting at € 24,39 / month. More info here.
    • GIMP (Windows / macOS / Linux) - is an open source graphics program (not vector), which integrates numerous useful tools for creating logos. If you don't have too many pretensions, it can be just fine. More info here.
    • Launchaco Logo Maker (Web) - is a Web application that offers the possibility to create logos in a simple and free way, making available to the user many icons and fonts. The logos created can be downloaded for free, but to use them you must pay attention to the conditions formulated by the authors of the elements used for their creation.

    How to set up a logo on Instagram

    How to create a logo for Instagram

    Now comes the simplest part: set up a logo on Instagram. After creating your logo using the solutions mentioned in the previous lines, you can finally set it on the social account of your interest by following the instructions below.

    • Yes smartphone - access Instagram from the official app of the service for Android or iOS, tap the button Edit the profile, then presses on the wording Change your profile picture and select the item New profile picture / Choose from library in the opened menu. At this point, tap onpreview of the image you want to set (i.e. the one depicting the logo you previously created and saved in the Gallery), presses twice in a row on the wording NEXT at the top right and on the button (if you use Android) or press twice in a row on the item end located at the top right (if you use iPhone).
    • From PC - access Instagram from its web version or its application for Windows 10, click on yours username located at the top right, to go to your profile, and click on the button Edit the profile present in the new page opened. Then click on the link Change your profile picture, select the voice Upload photos, select the photo containing the logo of your interest and that's it. The changes will be saved automatically.

    For more information on how to change Instagram profile photos, I refer you to the in-depth analysis I have dedicated to the topic.

    How to create a logo for Instagram

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