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How to create a YouTube theme song from PC

If you have decided to give a nice personal touch to your videos by creating a theme that is original and at the same time effective, then the first solutions I want to talk to you about are those that allow you to create a YouTube theme song da PC.

EaseUS Video Editor (Windows)

The first tool I want to tell you about is EaseUS Video Editor, a powerful video editing program also available free of charge for PCs running Windows 7 or later. This version puts a logo (called watermark) in the videos created, its removal is subject to the purchase of the full version. The paid version is offered in the form of three different purchase plans: monthly at 29,95 euros / month, annual at 46,95 euros / month and lifetime update for 76,95 euros / month.

Having said that, now proceed by connecting to the official website of the program and, to get the free version, click on the button Free trial. Once the download is complete, open the .exe file just got it, click the button Yes and, from the drop-down menu that is proposed to you, choose the language cityno then confirm by clicking the button OK.

The installation process starts after clicking the button four times NEXT and then on that Install. At the conclusion of the installation progress, click on the button end, to start the program.

On first launch, EaseUS Video Editor asks you which video format to use between, 9:16 (Portrait), 16: 9 (Widescreen, 4: 3 (Traditional): make your choice by clicking on the corresponding button according to the video format to use.

The program is a 360-degree video editor, therefore ready for video editing and adding special effects with a good choice among the presets. This means that, with a little imagination, you can also use this tool for creating YouTube acronyms.

Based on the type of theme you want to create, first import the content to use. You can import video, audio and image files. To do this, click on the button Import located at the top of the board Media e seleziona l'opzione Import files for a single file or that Import folder to import all files contained in a given path.

Once the file has been imported into the Media area of ​​the program, hovering over it with the mouse cursor you will see the button on it [+], in the lower right corner: click on this button to add the file to the timeline.

From the timeline, by placing the cursor on the right edge of the preview of the files, you can extend its duration in the video; through the toolbar you can instead crop content, move it with respect to the screen or center it, using the appropriate buttons.

When you are satisfied with the quality of the image or video, insert a nice title in your abbreviation: proceed, then, by clicking on the tab Text in the side menu and choose the format to use for your theme. To select the one you prefer, click on its preview and start the download; finally, click on the button [+] and add the content to the timeline.

You can change the text content and its position / size by double clicking on the video preview, on the right side, and using the keyboard to type whatever you want. At the end of the changes, confirm them all by clicking on the button OK.

Use the same procedure to add gods to your initials filters, coatings, Transitions and others Elementsby clicking on the relevant tabs on the left. For example, by clicking on the tab Elements you can add animated content to the video.

Obviously, an opening theme also requires its own musical motif. Don't forget this important element and add it to your intro clip by clicking on the tab Music and choosing from the many available tracks.

Once you have finished all the adjustments of the music, when you are satisfied click on the menu Export, in the top left bar, and choose the format Video to export to (you can also create a video optimized directly for YouTube, via the tab Video platform.

Then choose the Your name Output folder in which to save the file and Output settings, i.e. the resolution and audio and video encoding to use (if available for the selected output format).

Once this is done, finish by clicking the blue button Export e poi quello Race. At the end of the conversion click on Play to see the result.

Congratulations, in this way you have created your first personal theme! If you want to learn more, I told you about this program also in my article dedicated to programs to create videos.

Other solutions to create a YouTube theme song from PC

If the solution I told you about in detail was not to your liking, let me introduce you to additional programs suitable for making acronyms.

  • Wondershare Filmora (Windows / macOS): The possibilities offered by Wondershare Filmora are truly endless thanks to the abundance of visual effects, transitions and animations. Available in free (with watermark) or paid version. Read more here.
  • Adobe After Effects (Windows / macOS): Adobe After Effects is one of the most complete of its kind, so much so that it can also be used in the professional field. I told you about the program in depth in this tutorial.
  • Lightworks (Windows / macOS / Linux): Lightworks is a professional video editing program also available at no cost. To export videos in Full HD you can buy monthly licenses for € 19,99, annual licenses for € 134,99 and unlimited time for € 337,99.

How to create a YouTube theme song online

You don't need a super-powerful PC to create a cool custom YouTube theme. Because? Well, because there are several online solutions for creating intros that can be used by any of the most popular web browsers.


A good tool accessible directly from a web browser for creating YouTube intros is panzoid, designed to easily create movies starting from ready-to-use templates. Start using it by connecting to the official page of the clip maker.

Please note that the compatibility of the service also depends on the browser you use. Although in fact there is no need to pay much attention to the characteristics of your PC, my advice is to use Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Other software may not allow you to make the most of the service.

After connecting to the site, go to the menu Projects, which is used to import personal files, such as images, music and videos, into the editor, and to use clips created by the Panzoid community. I suggest you start here, so click on the menu Projects and scrolling through the menu select the clip you like best. If none of them satisfy you, click on the button More creations ... to browse the complete gallery.

Now go to the menu Basics, where you can set the video resolution, frame rate and length in seconds. I suggest you leave everything as you find it, unless you have special needs.

The next menu, called Scene, it is only needed when you want to create your template from scratch and want to add one or more backgrounds / textures to the 3D scene. In case of using community templates, you can also skip these settings.

The creative heart of the Panzoid Clipmaker lies in the menu Objects. From here you can add 3D and written elements to your clip or modify the templates of others, to customize them. If you don't have much experience in 3D creations and animations, I suggest you keep using a template and edit it.

By scrolling through the content groups and selecting them from the menu on the left, you can find the wording Text: [text to edit]. For example you can find the writing Text: Template, then select it and, in the first text box, write the words you want to add to your abbreviation.

The following settings are used to change the Font, text size, thickness and position relative to the scene. The last setting concerns the color; you can change it by selecting the colored box and then clicking on the one you prefer.

At this point, you can continue with your creation by accessing the menu FX. Don't worry, the operation is very similar to the previous one, so to modify the effects of the template you just need to select one of the elements in the list, otherwise to add new ones you can press the button + Add Effect and choose the ones you want from the dedicated menu.

From the menu Camera you can vary the framing settings, adding here also customizations on the movement with respect to the scene. Finally, the menu Audio + Music allows you to add your own audio track by pressing the button Select and browsing the folders of your device and then select the track and add it.

When everything is ready and the result makes you satisfied, you can select the menu Download to choose the video quality, from the drop-down menu fashion, and the format, from that Size.

A high quality clip may take a long time to render, so if you want to be faster leave the setting on balanced and select the key Start video render.

Do not close your web browser while loading, and when rendering is complete, choose the option Download your video and set the path to save the file.

You have thus created your personalized theme with Panzoid, all you have to do is add it to your videos with any video editor, such as EaseUS Video Editor (of which I told you a moment ago) or one of those I recommended in my tutorial on best video editors.

Other solutions to create a YouTube theme song online

Se panzoid did not satisfy you, here I have collected other solutions to create an abbreviation for YouTube from the Web.

  • placeit: free and available directly from the Web, with Placeit it takes just a few clicks to customize one of the many templates available. In addition to the free templates, you can purchase a monthly pass for $ 14,95 or a yearly pass for $ 89,69 to gain access to all the clips in its vast database.
  • canva: Canva is a free service that only requires a registration. It is undoubtedly a tool that offers numerous possibilities for creation. You can buy Canva Pro for 8,99 euros per month / user or Canva Impresa per team for 27 euros per month / user to get more tools and content.
  • Flixpress: with Flixpress you have a quick creation tool accessible directly from the browser, full of customizable templates to your liking. Registration is free, but by signing up for a subscription you have access to the full features.

How to create a YouTube theme song from smartphones and tablets

You have to know that they exist app for smartphone and tablet that allow you to create excellent YouTube themes from Android and iOS / iPadOS: here are some of the most interesting.

Intro Maker (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

The main solution I'm telling you about in this case is called Intro Maker, available at no cost on Android (also on alternative stores) and iPhone / iPad.

This tool has nothing to envy to the tools I have told you about so far. So much so that the same app allows you to purchase the version VIP to have no content limits to use, remove in-app advertising and to get the best video quality, in addition to removing the watermark from the final videos. The version VIP Forever, without expiry, is offered at a price of 7,49 euros, while that VIP 3 Months it is sold for 5,59 euros.

To use the app, proceed with the download with the usual procedure, then opening the store of your device, searching for the app, selecting it from the search results and pressing the button Ottieni / Installa. On iPhones and iPads, you may also be asked to verify your identity with Face ID, Touch ID, or Apple ID password.

The main screen of the application collects into categories i template to be modified to your liking: choose the one you like best, by tapping on it, and make another tap on the resolution in which you want to download it (in some cases it is not possible to choose 1080p if you don't buy the VIP version).

Now that you have the template open, you can insert custom content as you like from the menus below: Text, Title, Label, Music e Image.

From the first of these you can type a text to use. After doing so, confirm by tapping on the symbol of check at the top right. Now choose it Style Structure and l 'Entrainment , all always from the icon menu at the bottom.

Make these changes, confirm them, when you are satisfied, with a tap on the symbol of check To the right. Now you can proceed with adding content to your theme, or adjust the text you just entered with respect to the timeline.

You can move an element in the timeline by making a long tap on it and moving it left or right, you can also lengthen or decrease its duration by pressing the right and left edges and dragging them.

If you want to add a graphic effect to the theme, this is possible with a tap on the menu Label. Once you've done that, navigate the effects menu and press on one or more of them to download and add them to the theme.

Other elements you can add are the images, accessible with a tap on the menu of the same name, at the bottom right. Instead, add music by pressing the button Music and choosing one of the available tracks by tapping the button [+].

Remember to use the player editor to check the result of your changes. To do this, press the button Play placed in the center and see if all the elements work together as you wish. When you are satisfied with the result, finalize everything and start the conversion to video, by tapping the button in the shape of check, up. The app will tell you where the file has been saved and will allow you to see the final result by pressing the button play.

Congratulations, you have created your personalized intro directly from your tablet or smartphone! To add the theme song to your videos, rely on an excellent video editing app, like the ones I told you about in my review of apps for editing videos.

Other solutions to create a YouTube theme song from smartphones and tablets

If the previous solution did not meet your expectations, let me point you to alternative solutions, which are equally valid.

  • Video show (Android / iOS / iPadOS): undoubtedly a valid tool, due to the advantage of having over 50 editable templates and a complete video editing tool included. With the purchase of VIP privileges at the price of 30,99 euros / year it is possible to remove the watermark, the advertising and obtain numerous additional functions and elements.
  • PixelFlow - Intro maker and text animator (Android): this application offers functions similar to Intro Maker but in a practical and light graphic format. To remove the watermark from videos, advertisements and add templates and Full HD quality, you can purchase a quarterly subscription from the app for 3,89 euros or an annual subscription for 11,99 euros.
  • iMovie (iOS / iPadOS) - is the historic Apple video editing app, available for free on the App Store. It is very simple to use and, if well designed, it can also be used to create acronyms to be included in YouTube videos. More info here.
How to create a YouTube theme song

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