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    How to create an Activision account

    Preliminary information

    You are probably wondering why you should create a Activision account? The most obvious answer to this question is, as I mentioned, precisely the possibility of being able to automatically transfer the game progress of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare e Call of Duty: Warzone from one gaming platform to another. Therefore, having this type of account available and logging in at the beginning of each game session, you can automatically resume from where you previously left off on another console or PC: in short, a nice convenience.

    In this way the progress will be saved directly on server of Activision and if for some reason the game data on your platform is damaged, you can recover it at any time thanks to your account. The same account will also allow you to play multiplayer with other players, even those who have a different gaming platform available to you. Ideal, therefore, if you have a group of friends who are passionate about this developer's titles.

    Also, from the section Social account you can also add other players to immediately start matches with them. Just enter theirs Activision ID which is a name that the system automatically assigns to your account once the registration process has been completed. The Activision ID consists of a name followed by the pound symbol (#) and a series of USEFULL.

    When you start playing Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you'll need to create an account. The account will also be useful to you as you will be able to periodically receive special virtual rewards offered directly by Activision. In addition, you may choose to receive promotional and informational emails with news and invitations to events related to Activision's games on the address associated with your account.

    How to create Activision accounts

    Having made the necessary clarifications above, it is time to take action. In the next chapters I will guide you, therefore, to the creation of a Activision account on different gaming platforms. You will see, it is a really simple and immediate operation that will only take you a few minutes of time.

    Also, know that you can also register using your PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam or Blizzard accounts, if you already have them available. Here are all the details.

    How to create an Activision account on PC

    I would say to start seeing how to create an Activision account on PC. All you will need is a valid email address that you have access to in order to verify your identity. To start, then connected to the login page of the official Activision site with any browser, enter a email address valid in the only field you see and click on the button Sign in!.

    After that, you need to enter yours name e last name it's a nickname for the ID in the appropriate fields and, finally, click on the button Following. Then indicate yours date of birth, your place of residence and press pulsating Following, to continue. Continue by setting one Password from 8 to 30 characters (including at least one letter and one number), then check the box at the bottom to accept the terms of use and click on the button Following, to move forward.

    Finally, you can choose to link the new account to those PlayStation, Xbox o, by pressing on the respective buttons, entering the access data (password and email) and logging in. If you don't have one of these accounts available, or you simply don't want to connect them, just click on the item I don't have an account. Infine, premium pulsating OK but I will complete the procedure.

    Great, now the last step to make sure everything goes well and the account is activated is to check the email account associated with the email address you just provided for a message from Activision (if not should you find it immediately, also search the folders Spam e Junk Mail).

    Once you have found the Activision email, open it and press the button Verify your email: the name followed by the # symbol and some numbers you see at the top of the email represent yours Activision ID and it will be what you will have to give your friends so that they can add you to play together.

    Perfect! You just did everything there was to do. It was easy right? Remember your account password and email address to enter them when you need to log into Warzone or Modern Warfare. If you prefer to create the account using the account data I mentioned above, go back to the login page and click on the button with the symbol of consul you want to use the account from.

    You will be automatically redirected to the login page of the service you have chosen; enter the access data of the account in question and that's it. You will be brought back to the Activision page, you will have to repeat the steps I showed you above by entering your details, a valid email address and finally confirming it.

    How to create an Activision account on PS4

    You only have one available PS4 and want to know if it is possible to register an Activision account also on this platform? Of course yes! To do this, you need to use the console's browser. To open it, just press the button X icon WWW that you find on the PlayStation 4 home page (or in the collection).

    At this point, press the button Triangle, then press the left directional arrow or l 'left analog to the left to select the browser address bar and, finally, press the key X, to open it. Ok, now in the compilation field enter the address and press the button X.

    You must now enter a valid email address that you can have access to to verify your identity and press X on the button Following. From here on, I refer you to the previous chapter of this guide, since the steps and menu items are exactly the same as you would on a PC.

    If the browser procedure seems particularly inconvenient to you, you can also register from within some games, such as Warzone. For all the details of the case, consult the dedicated chapter of this tutorial.

    How to create an Activision account on smartphones and tablets

    Su tablet e smartphone you have various options to register for an Activision account. First of all, you can do it using any browser, by opening the login page and following the steps I have listed for you in the chapter on PC. Alternatively, you have the option to create an Activision account directly when logging into the game Call of Duty Mobile. How do you say? Have you never heard of this title before? In this case I'll explain immediately what it is.

    Call of Duty Mobile is a free shooter genre video game available on Android devices (if you don't have the Play Store, you can find it on the alternative stores) and iOS / iPadOS in which you have the opportunity to relive the battles of the famous Activision series in portable mode.

    Precisely for this reason, some of the most iconic characters of the saga return to the game and you have the opportunity to play in vast maps in various multiplayer modes, including the classic deathmatch or battle royale, free-for-all or teams of 2 or 4 players. .

    Once you have downloaded and installed the game on your device, open it. On the start screen, press the button Call of Duty, then press the button Log in or create. At this point, you will be redirected to a navigation browser page: then press on the item Do you need an account? placed at the bottom, enter the required data and a email address valid in the appropriate fields and press the button Sign up.

    Great, the last thing to do now is log into your inbox with the email address you just provided and look for an email from Call of Duty (also searches folders Spam e Junk Mail, if you can't see it). Once you have found the email, open it and press the button Verify your email now. Perfect: you did everything there was to do. Start playing now!

    How to create an Activision account on Warzone

    You don't want to open the browser on your PC or PS4 and you want to know if creating an Activision account is also possible directly on Call of Duty: Warzone, the free stand-alone expansion of the hugely popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? In this case I inform you that this is perfectly possible and perhaps this is the most comfortable option to do this operation.

    You must know, in fact, that you have the possibility to register an account right from the login screen to the game in its console version. I show you the procedure on PS4 which is identical to what you find on the same title for PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S (except for the keys to press, of course). First you have to start the game by pressing the button X on his icon in the main console menu.

    Press the button again X on the Warzone main screen, then press the button X on the button Accept, to accept the terms of the game agreement. At this point you will be asked to set the brightness parameters and the screen size, once you have done these steps press the button X on the button Continue.

    Great, now the game will ask you to register for an Activision account. Press the button X on the button Subscribe, then enter a email address valid that you can have access to, a Password and yours regione of belonging. To fill in these fields, move on each of them with theleft analog and press the button X on what you want to fill from time to time. Finally, press the button X on the button Confirmation and then press again X on the button Accept.

    You will then be shown the summary of your new account data with the email and theActivision ID, which will be what you will need to communicate to your friends to allow you to add yourself. Then press the button X on the button OK to finish. Great, you're almost done, the last thing to do is confirm your identity. To do this, open the inbox associated with the email you provided during registration.

    You have to search for an email from Call of Duty (if you don't see it, take a look at the folders as well Spam e Junk Mail). Once you have found the email, open it and press the button Verify your email now. Perfect: you are now registered. Have fun!

    Regarding the version PC of the game, you need to know that the title starts from the Blizzard launcher (check the guide I linked to you in this chapter for more information). Once you have created your Activision account, as I indicated in the previous chapters, you will need to connect it to theBlizzard account to automatically transfer your game progress from the console to the PC version.

    To register a Blizzard account, open this page, fill in the fields with the required data, and press the button from time to time Continue; finally verify your identity by email, by clicking on link that you find in the message received from Blizzard Entertainment. Once you've gone through all these steps and have both a Blizzard account and an Activision account available, linking them will be a breeze.

    Open this page, enter your account details Activision and press pulsating Log in, then click on the button Profile, top right. Then press on the item Link With Account on your pulse Continue.

    At this point, enter your details Blizzard account, award-winning Log in and, on the next screen, enter the security code received by email or SMS from Blizzard Entertainment. Then press the button Send And that's it. Easy, right?

    How to create an Activision account

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