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    How to create caricatures from photos

    GIMP (Windows / macOS)

    If you are looking for free software for create caricatures from photos, you can use GIMP, the hugely popular open source editing program available for Windows, macOS and Linux. In addition to offering the "usual" editing tools useful for correcting the defects in your shots, this program integrates a very useful distortion tool thanks to which it is possible to create nice caricatures.

    To use GIMP, you must first download and install it on your computer. Then connect to the program website, click on the button Download xxxx and then on orange button Download GIMP xxxx directly. Then open the downloaded file and follow the wizard to install the program: su Windows click on OK, then on the buttons Install e endwhile on Mac you just have to drag the GIMP icon into the folder Applications and start the software by right clicking on its icon and choosing the item apri from the context menu (this operation is necessary only at the first start to bypass the macOS block against apps from developers not certified by Apple).

    Once the program has started on your computer, click on the item Apri ... present in the menu Fillet (top left) and select the photo you want to work on. Then click on the menu filters present in the editor, select the tool Distortion from the latter and then select the item IWarping ....

    In the window that opens, select the type of distortion you like best by selecting one of those located in the section Deformation mode (Eg. Move, Enlarge, Twist counterclockwise, etc.). Then use the adjustment bars to choose the range of the distortion effect and click on the points of the preview of the photo on the left (still in the “IWarp” window) on which you want to apply the deformation effect.

    If you make a mistake, do the work again by clicking the button Reset or use the tool Remove (present in the “IWarp” window) to intervene on single portions of the image. As soon as you are satisfied with your work, click on the button OK and save the caricature by clicking on the entry Save as ... from the menu Fillet.

    Distortit (Windows)

    Distortity, a completely free program available for Windows, allows you to create funny caricatures by distorting the photos and highlighting the defects of the subjects portrayed in the foreground. Let me tell you how to install it and, most importantly, how to use it.

    To download Distortit on your PC, connected to the program download page, click on the button Download and then on the link Download Dstortit xx. Then extract the downloaded archive to any folder on your computer, double-click on the file Distortit.exe and then on Yes / Esegui.

    In the main window of Distortit, click with the right mouse button in the program window and select the item Load from the menu that appears. In the window that opens, double-click on the photo with which to make the caricature and deform it by passing the cursor over it (preferably in a portion of the image that you want to exaggerate, such as the eyes, nose, mouth or ears).

    Should you make any mistake in editing the photo, click on the button undo to undo a change, while clicking the button Keep to add other effects and other distortions.

    When finished, save the caricature by right-clicking on it and then selecting the item Save from the menu that appears. Finally, rename the photo, choose the format and the folder in which to save it and then click on the button Save. Più facile di così ?!

    Photo Booth (macOS / iOS)

    I use a Mac and want to make funny caricatures with your face? If so, you can use Photo booth, an application for macOS and iOS (at the moment the app is only available on iPad) thanks to which it is possible to create caricatures using the integrated camera on the devices of the "bitten apple".

    To create caricatures with Photo Booth, start the application on your Mac (if it is not present on the Dock, try to access the Launchpad or click on the symbol of magnifying glass located at the top right and perform a search on Spotlight typing the term "photo booth").

    After starting Photo Booth, click the button Effects (located at the bottom right) and click on arrow pointing to the right or to the various shot to navigate the effects menu. There are so many, so take your time to find the one that suits you best.

    Once you have found the effect that fits your face best, click on it and, in the screen that opens, click on the symbol of four rectangles to take a sequence of four photos. Alternatively, click on the rectangle to take a single photo or on that of the film to record a video. Then edit the selected effect by clicking on the window in which you see your face and, as soon as you are ready to shoot or to record, click on the red button located in the center to take the photo (s) or to record the video.

    To save the work done, click on the preview of the photo taken (located at the bottom right), press the symbol of the sharing located below it and click on the entry Add to Photos to save it in the app Gallery or, if you prefer, share it on one of the social networks available. (Online)

    To create caricatures on your PC you don't necessarily need to download ad hoc programs, but you can also use some Web service, such as this solution, completely free, allows you to create very funny caricatures quickly and easily directly from the browser and without installing additional plugins.

    To create caricatures with, connect to its home page and choose the "source" from which to take the photo by clicking on one of the buttons you see on the page: Scegliere, to use a photo saved on your computer; Put URL, to use a photo from the Internet or From Facebook, to use a photo on Facebook.

    As soon as you have loaded the image with which you want to create the caricature, decide whether or not to keep the comic effect applied by default (by leaving or removing the tick in the box next to the wording Animation effects). Then, check the box next to the wording Face morphing located at the top left and select the effect to use to change the grimace of the subject portrayed in the photo by selecting one of the options located under the heading emotions (Eg. Smile, Sadness, Cross-eyed, etc.) or, to make a slightly more pronounced caricature, check one of the options located under the heading Parody effects (Eg. Trollo, Alien, Cartoon, Grease, Etc.).

    After having enjoyed trying the various effects made available by and having found the one that's right for you, save your work by clicking on the button Save and share and, on the page that opens in the browser, click on the button Download so as to save the caricature on your computer (or, alternatively, share it on one of the social networks listed).

    Face Bender (Online)

    Face Bender is another free online service that allows you to create fantastic caricatures from any photo. Using it is very simple: just upload a photo on the site, choose the deformation of the image that you think is more fun and that's it. Before explaining the operation of Face Bender, I want to tell you that it requires the use of the Adobe Flash Player plugin (if you do not know how to download Adobe Flash Player or how to activate it, read the tutorials I have dedicated to the subject).

    To use Face Bender, first connected to its main page, click on the button KATEGORIEN and, in the window that opens, select from your computer the photo you want to turn into a caricature. Then choose the effect to apply to the photo you just uploaded by selecting one of those listed under the heading Select an effect (on the left). Then click on the point in the image where you want to apply the caricature effect and hold down the left mouse button to move the deformation to the desired point in the photo.

    If you wish, you can adjust the degree of application of the chosen effect by moving the cursor located in the scroll bar located immediately below the image, in the center of the page.

    As soon as you are satisfied with the result, save your caricature by clicking on the button Save photo (l'icona del floppy disk), typing the name you want to assign to the photo in the field Filename and clicking on the button Save. In the window that opens, select the folder where you want to save your caricature, which will be downloaded in JPG format.

    App to create caricatures from photos

    Do you want to make caricatures directly from your mobile device? Then take a look at app to create caricatures from photos that are listed below: surely you will find someone that is right for you.

    • Deformed (Android) - as easily understood from its name, this app allows you to deform the photos in a few taps, thus creating nice caricatures. DeforMe can be downloaded for free, but to access all the tools included in it, you need to make in-app purchases starting at € 0,76 per item.
    • Face effects (Android) - this application allows you to easily change the face of the subjects portrayed in photos making them fat, bald or smiling: all for free.
    • Effects to edit face photos (iOS) - it is one of the most popular applications for editing the subjects of your photos, turning them into comics or artfully made caricatures. Face photo editing effects can be downloaded for free, but to remove the advertising in the app and to use all the effects in it, you need to purchase its full version, which costs € 2,29.
    • Clip2Comic (iOS) - this app allows you to turn your photos and videos into funny caricatures. While being able to download Clip2Comi for free, it is necessary to make in-app purchases (starting from € 1,09) to remove the watermark applied to your works and to unlock some of its main functions (such as the one for photo retouching).

    In addition to the specific applications for deforming photos and creating caricatures that I mentioned in the previous lines, you can use the "Distort" function (or a similar function) present in practically all the main apps to retouch photos.

    How to create caricatures from photos

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