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How to create a fake Facebook profile

You need to test your main Facebook account and would like to know how to create a fake Facebook profile, to be used as a sort of "secondary" account? Even if, as I have already explained to you, this constitutes a violation of the terms of use of the social network, let me show you how to proceed both from smartphones and tablets and from computers.

Smartphones and tablets

If you want to create a fake Facebook account and want to do it by acting from smartphones and tablets, start the official social network app on your Android or iOS device and possibly log out of your "main" account by pressing the button (≡) and then tapping on the item Logout.

After logging out of your main Facebook account, tap on the item Join Facebook placed at the bottom, presses the button Continue / Begin, write yours name e last name in the appropriate text fields (being an account to be used for testing purposes, use a fake name) and presses the button Continue. In the following screens, then, indicates the date of birth that you intend to use, press again on Continue, specify if you are man o woman, tap the button Use your e-mail address and provide an email (I recommend using a temporary mailing address) to register.

As for the temporary email to use, know that there are various services useful for this purpose, but not all of them work with Facebook. From the tests I have done, I have found it useful 10 minute mail: to use it, connect to this page to get a "disposable" email address compatible with Facebook.

Finally, provide the Password with which you intend to protect the fake account, press the button Continue and then SUBSCRIBE. Within a few seconds, you should be able to log in to the account you just created for the first time: remember to confirm the e-mail address you have indicated, specifying in the appropriate text field the code that was sent to you.

If any steps are not clear to you, take a look at the guide in which I explain how to create Facebook accounts: there you will find more information on how to proceed.


If you prefer to act from computer, you can create a fake Facebook profile by following more or less the same instructions I gave you in the previous lines. For starters, log out of your main Facebook account if necessary. To succeed, go to the home page of the social network, press the symbol (▾) posto in alto a destra and selects the voice Logout give the menu check if you press.

In the registration form of the social network that you should see on the screen, fill in all the available fields: in Your name e Last name enter fake name and surname; in the text field Mobile number or e-mail address indicate an e-mail address with which to make a new subscription to the social network (I suggest you use a temporary email) and also provide the Password account.

As for the temporary email to use, I remind you that there are various services useful for this purpose, but not all of them are compatible with Facebook. One of those that allow you to receive the account verification code without problems is 10 minute mail: to get a temporary email address with the latter, all you have to do is connect to this page and that's it.

After providing the temporary email address created earlier, use the menus related to date of birth to enter a fake date of birth and then specify the gender you prefer among man e woman placing the check mark on one of the two available items.

After filling out the form above, press the button Create account And that's it. You will be immediately sent back to your account: at the first access, remember to confirm the e-mail address you indicated previously, specifying in the appropriate text field the code that was sent to you by Facebook.

If any of the steps are not clear to you, I suggest you deepen the subject by consulting my guide on how to create Facebook accounts.

Alternative procedure

If you don't want to violate Facebook's terms, you can create a fake profile using a alternative procedure. What's it about? Using a service that is not connected to the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg and thanks to which it is possible to create fake profiles that, at a careless glance, could even seem authentic.

The solution I am referring to is called Fakebook: it is a very original free online service that, as the name suggests, allows you to quickly create fake Facebook profiles complete with photos, friends, posts and all the other elements that can be found on a "very common" account on the famous social network.

All you have to do to build a fake profile through this service is to connect to its main page and click on all the elements present in the fake Facebook page that you will find yourself in front of, so as to modify them to your liking.

Then click on the item Name here to type the name of the bogus Facebook profile holder, then edit the profile information grouped in the box About located on the left. Then click on the item CLICK HERE TO ADD and, after removing the sample text containing the instructions on the information to be entered, fill in the fields relating to the date of birth (Born), to the family (Family) and, if you want, add other fields in the following lines, so as to provide information regarding work, education, etc. of the protagonist of the fake profile. Maybe you could follow a pattern like this.

  • Date of birth dd / mm / yyyy]
  • Work: [profession and / or workplace]
  • Current city: [name of current city]

The next step is to create some posts, so as to make the profile more realistic. To do this, all you have to do is fill in the text fields in the box Add a Post!: Type the name of the user who posted the post in the text field Name, indicates the date of insertion of the fake post in the field Date, write the text of the post in the text field located further down and, when you are ready to do so, publish the content by pressing the button Post. Please note that you need to create at least 5 posts to be able to save the profile and to be able to later edit the cover image and profile photo.

At this point, all you have to do is complete the procedure by inserting friends linked to the character to whom you have dedicated the page. To do this, just press on the item type here placed under the thumbnail of each friend's profile picture (in the box Friends located at the bottom left) and that's it.

Here we are! You've now got a full blown fake Facebook profile. To save it, click on the item Save contained in the right sidebar, type a Password to protect it from unauthorized changes in the text field located in the top center and click on the button OK. If you want, you can also provide an email address through which to retrieve the password if you do not have to remember it (but be aware that you are not obliged to do so).

At the end of the operation, click on link you see on the screen, so as to go to the fake Facebook profile you just created and, if necessary, provide the Password in the appropriate text field to access the modification panel of the latter. At this point, if you wish, you can make other changes to the profile, publish posts and so on, following the instructions I gave you previously.

If you want, you can also customize the profile photo and the cover photo: just click on the one set by default, press the button Choose file, select the image you want to upload and upload it by pressing the button OK.

Defend yourself from fake Facebook profiles

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, on Facebook there is the danger of running into fake profiles, artfully created by malicious people who have the purpose of stealing confidential information about us or, even worse, perpetrating real scams. How can you recognize and defend yourself from fake Facebook profiles? Just follow some simple common sense rules, as indicated in the following points.

  • Check your profile information - a feature of fake profiles is the presence of little profile information. These include the profile picture, the city of origin and the current work. If this information is missing, perhaps you may find yourself in the presence of a fake account. If, on the other hand, this information is present, try to verify its veracity. As for the profile image, for example, try to trace its real origin, perhaps by helping you with the reverse search of Google Images: if it is a fake account, it is likely that it has been used before, perhaps on various social networks.
  • Check the friends list - in an attempt to make a fake profile seem more credible, many bad guys "make up" it with fake friends: other fake profiles created ad hoc. Also check the latter to understand if they are "real" friends or not.
  • Analyze published posts - if you are faced with a fake account, you can also understand it from the published posts. If the user turns out to be a recent subscriber and has published a flood of posts within a few days or weeks, it is almost certainly a bogus account.

If you want to deepen the subject and get more information on how to know who is hiding behind a Facebook profile, take a look at the guide I linked to you. You will surely find it very useful.

How to create fake Facebook profiles

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