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    How to create free curriculum vitae

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    How to create a free European CV

    As I told you, for the creation of a good CV at no cost you can rely on some online services designed for this purpose. The first you can definitely consider is Europass, by which it is possible create a free European curriculum vitae. The European CV, if you do not know it, is required by companies of the Public Administration (and not only) and is a standard CV format, concise and clear for recruiters to read. Let me explain how to proceed with its creation and compilation.

    First, connect to the Europass website home page, then click on the yellow button Create your free Europass located at the bottom right. Next, click on the button Subscribe, click the link Create an account and fill out the form displayed on the screen providing the requested data (name, last name, email address, etc.), in order to register. Then click on the button Create an account to go to the next step.

    At this point, open the message that was emailed to you at the address you provided, click the link contained within it and, in the Web page that has opened, create the Password to be used to protect the account, by writing it in the two text fields displayed on the screen. To conclude this phase, click on the buttons Send e ProceedDopodiché by clicking on the button Log in located in the upper right corner and log in with your account.

    Once logged in, if necessary, set the service interface to your language by selecting the option your language (it) from the menu EN located at the top right. Once this is done, you can finally start creating your resume in European format.

    Clicca, quindi, sul pulsating Create my profile and start filling out the prospectus with all the relevant data: via the section Personal information, then specifies the language in which you intend to complete the profile, the date format preferred, the personal information requested (name, last name, date of birth and so on). Then click on the button NEXT located at the bottom right.

    Then use the section Professional experience to add all the work experiences you want to include in the resume and related information; click on the button (+) Add new work experiences to add more and, when you have finished entering all those of your interest, click on the button NEXT located at the bottom right.

    Now, using the section Education and training, indicate details regarding the education and training you received and click the button again NEXT. By means of the section Personal skills, then indicate which languages ​​you speak, the digital skills you have, your communication skills, etc.

    Then press the button Crea resident in the lower right corner, add a in your profile photoby clicking on the item Modification annexed tolittle man you see on the screen, and upload it from your computer (My device) or one of the supported cloud storage services (Google Drive, dropbox o OneDrive).

    Now, click on the link Create your CV now and press on the buttons Start with your profile e NEXT. So decide whether or not to include the Europass website logo on the file, using the appropriate options, and decide whether or not to include the page number.

    To conclude, click on the button NEXT, assign a name to your CV (eg. Europass of [your name and surname]) and click on your button Download, to download it in PDF.

    Alternatively, you can click the button Save to My Europass Library, to save the document in the Europass library, or click on the button Publish to EURES, to save the document on the European Job Mobility Portal.

    How to create a free online curriculum vitae

    Do you want to create a free online curriculum vitae, using a service other than that of Europass? In this case, you can take advantage of one of the many templates available online, such as those on the Microsoft website, which can be compiled online or downloaded locally and compiled via Word, Pages or any other word processor.

    To proceed, go to this page of the Microsoft website, identify the model of your interest (eg. Functional resume, Teacher curriculum, Chronological curriculum, etc.), click on the button Edit in browser and log in to your Microsoft account, specifying your login details in the login form (if you don't have one, you can create it by following the instructions I gave you here).

    Once logged in, change the example information in the template: click on the text fields related to name, education title, etc. and, once the field of your interest is highlighted, type the text to add. To act on the formatting of the document, you can take advantage of the functions integrated in Word Online, many of which are available by clicking on the tab Home.

    To export the document, click on the menu Fillet (top left), select the wording Save with name present in the sidebar and decide whether to save a copy online (Save with name), whether to download a copy locally in Word format (Download a copy), whether to download it in PDF format (Scarica come PDF) or in ODT format (Download as ODT).

    If instead of filling out the online template you want to download it locally, instead, after choosing it from the Word templates page that I linked to you, click on the button Download to start the download and open the document in .docx format with Word or another program compatible with this format.

    How to create a free PDF curriculum vitae

    want create a curriculum vitae in PDF for free? You may not have noticed it, but if you have followed the instructions I gave you in the previous lines, in reality you should have already succeeded. If you have filled out the European CV on the Europass website (as I indicated to you in one of the previous chapters), when you download it, it will be directly in PDF format.

    If, on the other hand, you have filled out a Word template of the CV in European format (as I showed you in the previous chapter), you can export it in PDF format via the menu File> Save As> Download as PDF.

    If you filled out the template directly in the classic version of Word for Windows, instead, you need to click the button Fillet at the top left, select the item Save with name from the menu that opens, click on the button Shop by Department, select the option PDF placed in correspondence with the item Save eat and click on the button Save. Nothing simpler.

    In case of problems, or for further information, read my guide on how to create PDF in Word.

    App to create a free curriculum vitae

    You do not have a computer at hand and would like to understand if there is any system to create a nice curriculum vitae also from smartphones and tablets? Well, then there is nothing left to do but try the Whatsapp used for the purpose indicated below. There are both for Android (you can try to search for them on some alternative store, if you have a device without Google services) that for iOS / iPadOS. Try them now, I'm sure they will satisfy you.

    • CV app (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - this is an application that allows you to quickly create your resume from mobile. It is not fully optimized for documents in Europass format but allows you to fully customize the documents, it is very easy to use and also integrates various and interesting features, such as the ability to update all CVs previously created. Basically it is free, but to remove the advertising present in the free version, you need to purchase the paid version, which costs 5,49 euros.
    • Easy Curriculum Vitae (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - another valid application thanks to which you can create, quickly and easily, personalized curriculum by acting directly from the smartphone or tablet screen and starting from some pre-existing models. The final file can be exported as a PDF. It's free.
    • My Resume Builder CV Free Jobs (Android) - thanks to this app it is possible to generate a curriculum vitae choosing from more than ten different preset formats. The creation of the document is done through a step-by-step wizard. The generated resume can be edited for free at any time.
    • Resume Start (iOS / iPadOS) - another great application for creating CVs packed with multiple features. All CVs created can be shared via email or exported to other applications. It also integrates spell checking to avoid typos. To take advantage of all its features and create an unlimited number of resumes, you need to purchase the paid version, which costs € 8,99.
    How to create free curriculum vitae

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