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    How to register ADSL Infostrada

    Preliminary operation

    Before explaining what you need to do to be able to register ADSL Infostrada, it is good to immediately clarify one point: you must have correctly configured the modem / router in your possession to be able to register your subscription and, consequently, to be able to surf the net . Probably in the eyes of most it may seem a foregone conclusion but, in order to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary waste of time, it is better to make things clear right away.

    So, if you have already configured your modem / router you can go directly to reading the next paragraph. If not, or if you still intend to check that you have done everything right, follow the instructions below.

    1. Check that the modem / router is correctly connected to the telephone socket and to the computer (via cable Ethernet or via WiFi) and that it is turned on.
    2. Log in to management panel of the modem / router by typing the IP of the latter, which usually is o, in the browser address bar and pressing Submit on the keyboard.
    3. If requested, also enter the access data to the device management panel in the appropriate empty fields visible on the screen. Generally the combination to use is admin / admin o admin / password.
    4. Wait for the process to automatic configuration is started and if this does not happen, you can try to identify the button with the written on it Configure, Setup o Wizard and clicking on it.
    5. If the automatic configuration cannot be performed or in any case if the function is not available, set "Manually" all by setting the voice PPPoe / LLC like connection type e 8 e 35 eat value CPI e VCI. If asked, also type welcome in the field Username e guest in the field Password.
    6. Click on the button for save ed applicare changes (the modem / router may restart).

    If something is not clear to you or in any case if you feel you need more detailed explanations on the various steps to take, you can read my guide on how to configure Infostrada router through which I have addressed all the various steps above in an extremely detailed manner.

    Register ADSL Infostrada

    Please note: The procedure below is valid for both ADSL and Fiber subscriptions. The steps to take are practically the same!

    We now come to the heart of the matter and try to understand what exactly needs to be done in order to register ADSL Infostrada. As anticipated at the beginning of the guide, this is an essential operation to be able to surf the net freely and without problems. However don't worry, it only takes a few seconds!

    To register ADSL Infostrada you just need to open a new tab of your favorite Web browser and wait a few moments for the page entitled ADSL and / or Fiber registration. If this does not appear automatically, type in the address bar of the browser and then presses the button Submit sulla tastiera of the computer.

    At this point, enter in the appropriate empty field that you find under the heading Phone line il number of the telephone line on which the Infostrada subscription has been activated, then click on the button NEXT. Then type yours email address in the field that you find corresponding to the section Mail insertion and accepts the contract conditions following the instructions on the screen. Then wait for the web page showing the correct outcome operation.

    Finally, you will need to temporarily disconnect from the Internet. To do this, simply turn off and on the modem / router using the appropriate on / off button which is located behind or on the side.

    Then wait for all indicator lights device are turned on and colored again green (generally it is the coloring indicating the fact that the device is working and that it is correctly configured and working) after which you can finally start surfing online with your router just configured for Infostrada ADSL. Since it wasn't that complicated?

    Afterward, try visiting my site. If everything went well, the home of it will be immediately cascaded into the current tab of the browser confirming that the procedure for registering ADSL Infostrada is actually successful!

    Finally, I would like to point out that to register ADSL Infostrada it is not necessary to enter the activation code as the system is able to insert it automatically. Nonetheless, I suggest you keep it handy. In fact, on the second page of the registration procedure it will appear and you can verify its correctness. If it is missing, the system will ask you for it and you will have to enter it.

    In case of problems

    Is something not clear to you and / or you need more information on how to register ADSL Infostrada? If so, you can get in touch with the customer care Infostrada by calling the number 155, active 24 hours a day, 24 days a week. The call is free for Wind and Infostrada customers and for those who call from a Telecom fixed network. By contacting customer service you will be able to understand if the difficulty you encountered is attributable to lack of practicality, to problems on the line or on the modem / router in use.

    Don't like the idea of ​​having to spend a few minutes on the phone with tech support? No Problem. You can in fact get in touch with Infostrada customer service also via social networks. That's how.

    • On Facebook - You can contact Infostrada on Facebook by connecting to the operator's official fanpage and clicking on the button Message located at the top right. Once this is done, the classic Facebook chat box will open in which you can write a message including a brief description of the problem for which you are contacting the operator and your personal data (primarily the mobile number). Then submit your support request.
    • On Twitter - All you have to do to contact Infostrada customer service on Twitter is to send a direct message to @ Windcittà briefly describing your problem and providing your landline number. If you don't know how to send a direct message on Twitter, connect to the @ Windcittà profile and press the icon of comic.

    Contacting Infostrada via social networks is quite simple. In any case, if you think you need more explanations on what to do, feel free to consult my tutorial on how to call the Wind operator.

    If, on the other hand, you are experiencing some hitch in the operation and / or use of the modem, instead of contacting customer service, you can click here to connect to the appropriate section of the operator's official website where all the manuals of all the devices (Technicolor, Thomson, Huawei and so on) supplied to the company's customers and in which it is clearly indicated how to access certain types of routers and how to configure them correctly. Maybe this way you can solve it yourself without having to contact support.

    To conclude, I want to report the page of assistance of the Infostrada website which you can access by clicking here and on which you can find the retailer information about the main problems that are easy to run into as well as a whole series of answers to the frequently asked questions posed by users to the operator. Take a look, it might come in handy!

    How to register ADSL Infostrada

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