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    App to create logos

    Applications to create logos

    Google Play Store and App Store host many interesting apps that will allow you to create logos in just a few taps. Some of the apps I'm about to recommend are only available on Android, others are only available on iOS, and still others are usable on both operating systems.

    Adobe Fresco (iOS / iPadOS)

    App to create logos

    Adobe Cool is one of the most popular apps for those who love to create logos with their smartphone or tablet. It is no coincidence that our examination of app to create logos it starts with software created by Adobe. The well-known US software house is famous not only for the very expensive Adobe Creative Cloud suite programs, used and appreciated by professionals all over the world, but also for some free apps launched on the main app stores. One of these is Adobe Fresco, which is basically free (with in-app purchases from 10,99 euros to get advanced functions).

    After downloading this app on your iOS / iPadOS device, log in with yours Adobe ID or, if you prefer, with your account Apple, Google o Facebook, by pressing on one of the appropriate buttons. Once logged in, click on the button Create new and select the format of the worksheet on which you intend to draw (ex. Square).

    To create the logo, then, click on one of the brushes placed on the left, tap again on one of them and select the one you want to use (eg. Charcoal, Ink, and so on), in order to start creating the logo. If you want to customize the characteristics of the brush you have chosen, do it via the menu next to it.

    By pressing on the icon of triangle with circle (always on the app toolbar), on the other hand, you can insert geometric shapes; by tapping on the icon T, you can add writings; by pressing on postcardinstead, you can insert images. As for adding new levels, click on the button [+] located on the right, in the section that allows you to manage the image levels in all respects.

    Once you are satisfied with the logo created, click on the symbol of freccia rivolta verse l'alto (top right) and choose the save / share option you like best.

    Foundry Logo (Android / iOS)

    App to create logos

    Another interesting app, available on both Android and iOS, is Foundry logo. The interface of this app is very accurate and simple at the same time. In addition to this, Logo Foundry offers numerous “standard” logos that you can modify as you wish to create your own logo. You will see, it will be very easy to create an eye-catching logo with this app. Once the Logo Foundry download is complete, tap apri to use the application.

    To start structuring your logo with Logo Foundry, press the button Create located at the top right. At this point you will have in front of you a blank sheet on which you can create your logo. By tapping on Add Shape, you can choose a logo from those available in the various categories and use it for your project. Then by tapping on add Text you can add text and insert the name of your website or your business within the logo.

    Once you are satisfied with the result, just tap on Save to save your logo in JPG o PNG.

    Logo Maker Plus (Android)

    App to create logos

    One of the most popular apps for creating logos on Android is Logo Maker Plus. It is a free app characterized by the presence of a very intuitive interface that facilitates its use. After installing Logo Maker Plus from the Google Play Store, open the application by tapping on apri or by touching the orange icon that you find in the Home of your smartphone or tablet.

    Once the app is started, you will notice that at the bottom there is the symbol "+"With written Add New Icon (add a new icon). Tap this symbol and you will see that dozens of logos are waiting to be used by you. How? Simply by selecting them and placing them on the work surface. Subsequently, you can zoom in or out on the logo by opening or closing your thumb and index finger and you can change the color and shades of the logo using the appropriate commands in the app.

    Once you have inserted the logo in the work plan, you can embellish it with some writings (eg your name, the name of your business, the name of your website, etc.). What do you have to do to insert the writings? Nothing could be simpler: tap on the icon A+, insert the writing in the point of the worktop that you prefer and customize it by adjusting its color and font. To insert an image, instead, tap oncamera icon and customize it using the tools that are made available to you by the app.

    After creating the logo, you can save your design and even download the image in JPG or PNG format. To be able to do this you will have to tap on Save (icon on the left in the shape of a memory card) and choose one of the available options: Save Draft (to save the project), JPG download (to download the image in JPG format) or PNG download (to download the logo in PNG format, in order to have a transparent background).

    Designer Logo Maker (Android)

    App to create logos

    Another interesting app that you may decide to install on your Android smartphone or tablet is Designer Logo Maker. This is a free application that allows you to create very nice logos in just a few steps. Once you have completed the app download, open it by tapping on apri or on the icon that you find in the Home of your device.

    On the home page of the application you will find a sort of blackboard with, on the left, three options: tap on Create to start creating your first logo. After doing this, choose the shape of your canvas, or rather your blackboard. Tap one of the three available options and select a category by choosing the one that interests you most. Once you have chosen the category, you will have access to the logos that are part of that particular category and you can choose the one you prefer the most.

    Once the operation is complete, you can change the color of the logo by tapping on Logo, change the background color by tapping background, add shapes by tapping on Shape and add some text via the command add Text.

    Once you have achieved the desired result and are satisfied with the created logo, all you have to do is tap on Save (top right) and choose where to save your project, where to share it, etc.

    LogoMaker (iOS)

    App to create logos

    Logo Maker is one of the most interesting apps for creating logos from your iPhone or iPad. The interface of this application is very minimal, in perfect iOS style, and is extremely intuitive. After you have downloaded and started the app, you will be asked to choose from one of the available templates (Iconic, Life Style, Colorful, etc.). Choose the template you prefer the most.

    After choosing the template you prefer, you will have a blank sheet in front of you. At the bottom of this white sheet you will find a set of logos to use: therefore choose the one you like best and enlarge or reduce it by double tapping on it.

    At this point, tap on the option add Text (bottom right) to add text to the logo and, using the settings below, customize it by choosing font, color, size, formatting (bold, italic, underline), etc.

    When you are satisfied with your work, you can decide to save the project by clicking on the icon Save (top right) and choosing in which format to save the created logo. If you tap on Doneinstead, you can save your logo in the app Gallery. When you do this, a message will appear saying “Congratulations! The image was successfully saved in the photo library ”.

    LogoScopic Studio (iOS)

    App to create logos

    If the app that I indicated in the previous paragraph has not caught your attention, try LogoScopic Studio. This logo maker app offers a particularly easy-to-use interface and, above all, boasts a very large catalog of predefined logos.

    After completing the download of LogoScopic Studio, open the app via the button apri that you find on the App Store and tap on Home to start. As you can see from its home page, in LogoScopic Studio there are numerous styles to choose from, each with different colors and shades. Unfortunately, however, you will not be able to use all the styles for free: to use them all you need to purchase the full version of the app at the cost of 5,49 €. However, the “free” version of LogoScopic also offers numerous logos to use.

    To create a logo with LogoScopic Studio, tap on Iconic (the only free template) and tap on 1. After deciding which logo you want to use, you can change its size and color via the settings below. Via the button T+Instead, you can add text and format it to your liking. There are many fonts and many colors that will surely offer you the possibility to achieve the desired effect.

    As soon as you are satisfied with the result, tap on check button and decide whether to save the project on your device or send it by e-mail to a friend, colleague or yourself.

    Online services to create logos

    If you are not planning to install new apps on your device, perhaps because you just realized that you don't have much space to download new software, then I think I have the right solution for you. There are some online services that will allow you to create logos in a few taps directly from the browser you use on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Let's take a closer look at a couple of them.

    Free Logo Design

    App to create logos

    One of the online services that allow you to create logos directly from smartphones and tablets is Free Logo Design. Once on its main page, enter your company name (or alternatively your personal name) and choose one of the available categories.

    Now touch the field Company Name and type the text you intend to use for your logo. Then tap on All Categories and tap on one of the available categories. Use the arrows next to the logo, instead, to scroll through the various templates available: there are many, choose the one you like best.

    Once you have finished your "work", presses on the logo. You will be redirected to a page that will allow you to save your work by simply tapping on Save. See how easy it is to use Free Logo Design?

    Create Free Logo

    App to create logos

    The last online service I would like to offer you is Create Free Logo. It is a very simple tool to use that works from computers, smartphones and tablets without requiring additional plugins. After arriving on its home page, presses the button Start the logo creator!.

    You will be sent back to a new page where you will have to enter the basic parameters that will allow the service to create the logo in a few seconds. So tap on Company Name and type the text you intend to use for your logo, choose the category from the menu Logo Category and type yours too Slogan nell'apposito campo di testo.

    Once you've done that, all you have to do is choose your logo design. So press on Choose Design, select one of the available templates and save your logo using the button Download (the orange button at the bottom left). You will be asked to register for free on the site: register by filling in all the mandatory fields and download the newly created logo on your device.

    Other programs to create logos

    App to create logos

    If you do not need to create logos for purely professional purposes, but for simple pleasure, it is very likely that the solutions I have proposed to you in the previous paragraphs will be able to fully satisfy you.

    However, if you need to create logos for professional purposes, I advise you to carefully examine my tutorial which will explain how to create logos. In the article I just linked to you will find useful tips regarding the program Inkscape, one of the most popular software for those who need to create logos for their work.

    App to create logos

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