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    How to configure Alice router

    How to access Alice's router

    To be able to change the password of the Wi-Fi connection, open the doors and configure any other aspect of Alice's router, you must log in to her administration panel. If you don't know how to do it, rest assured, it's very easy. The operation can be performed safely via wireless connection, although to avoid unnecessary waste of time and bypass any problems related to the wireless connection it is advisable to carry out it via Ethernet connection.

    That said, let's get back to us. All you have to do to access the router is to open an Internet browser (eg Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) and connect to http: // alicegate or http: // modemtelecom. If you get an error message that the page cannot be found, try an address between and

    If none of the above addresses work, you need to take five minutes of free time and go back to theIP address of the router, i.e. the address you have to type in the browser, by going to check in the network settings of your PC.

    If you use a PC Windowsclick on your button Home (l'icona della bandierina collocata nell'angolo in basso a sinistra dello schermo), close Panel of control in the menu that opens and select the first occurrence from the search results, in order to open the Classic Control Panel of the Microsoft operating system.

    At this point, go on Rete and Internet and then on network and sharing center. In the window that opens, select the name of the connection in use (eg. EthernetWi-Fi), click the button Details and you will find the IP address of your router next to the entry IPv4 default gateway.

    If you use a Mac, to find out the IP address of the router you have to go to System preference (the gear icon located at the bottom right of the Dock bar), you have to select the item Network from the window that opens and you have to select the type of connection in use from the left sidebar (eg. Ethernet o Wi-Fi). Then click on the button Advanced, select the scheda TCP / IP from the window that opens and you will find the IP address of the router next to the item Router.

    Once the connection is established, the administration panel of Alice's router will open, in which you will find a field for entering the password. If you have not set a custom password and you have left the default device settings active, to enter you must leave the password field blank and first click on the button Log in and then Continue. If the login fails, you can try the default username and password combinations, that is admin / admin o admin / password. After the first login you should be prompted to set a new password for accessing the router. Choose a complex, long and difficult to guess.

    If a custom password has been set on your router and you don't remember what it is, try reset the device and to log in with the predefined username and password combinations that I suggested earlier. To reset the router just hold down the appropriate button for about 30 seconds. The key to press is the small, recessed button located on the back of the router. To press it you will need a pen or other pointed tool. To learn more read my guide on how to reset Telecom modem or consult the device manual.

    Change Alice's router password

    Once you have entered the administration panel of the device you can finally start configure Alice router. As a first step, if you just logged in without entering a password or used a default username / password combination, go to the router settings and configure a custom key to protect access to the device's administration panel.

    Select quindi la voce Log in from the right sidebar, put the check mark next to the item activate on the page that opens and type the password you want to use to protect the router panel in the fields Set password e Repeat the password. When the operation is completed, click on the button Save and the changes will take effect immediately.

    If the above indications are not valid for the Alice router model in your possession, proceed as follows: if you are using one Sercomm Smart Modemgo to the menu  Settings> Password and choose the option to change the password; if you use one Technicolor Smart Modemclick sulla voce Administrator che si trova in alto a destra, select the voice Profile settings and change the password; if you use a router instead ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N - DA2210 or Fibra TEAM modemi went his Basic Settings> Local Access and change the password to access the device from there.

    For more information, refer to the TIM website. For accuracy, select the your router model from the left sidebar, click on the item concerning thepassword setting and follow the instructions that are proposed to you.

    How to change the Wi-Fi password of the Alice router

    The next step I recommend you to complete is to set a custom password for your wireless connection. This will make life more complicated for bad guys who want to try to support your network without permission.

    To change Alice's Wi-Fi password, select the item Wi-Fi from the left sidebar and click on the button Configure Wi-Fi Network present at the bottom of the page that opens. Then select one of the encryption mode available in the drop-down menu of the same name, type the encryption key (ie the password) you want to use to protect your wireless network in the appropriate text field save the changes by clicking on Save e NEXT.

    If the above indications do not prove to be suitable for the Alice router model in your possession, follow these other procedures: if you have a router ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N - DA2210 or Fibra modem in TEAMgo to the menu Basic Settings> Wi-Fi and click on the button Configure Wi-Fi Network; if you have one Technicolor Smart Modemclick here name of the Wi-Fi network in use and choose the option to change your password while if you have one Sercomm Smart Modem you have to go to the tab WiFi and change the wireless network passkey from there.

    I recommend: set a long password at least 15 characters, devoid of complete meaning and including capital letters, lowercase letters and numbers. As for the encryption mode, choose that WPA2 o WPA-PSK TKIP-AES 256 bit which currently guarantee the highest degree of safety. The least secure encryption, on the other hand, is WEP which is now obsolete and affected by numerous security flaws that make it very easy to overcome by malicious people. Another important thing to note: if your router is dual-band, so it can also handle 5GHz wireless networks, you need to set the key for both 2.4GHz network and 5GHz network.

    The instructions I just gave you apply to the latest Telecom router models. Unfortunately, the old Alice Gate2 plus Wi-Fi routers do not allow you to change passwords (you can only change the encryption mode, if desired). If any passage of the guide was unclear, deepen the topic by reading my specific tutorial on how to change Alice password or visit the TIM website, select the your router model from the left sidebar and click on the item concerning the Wi-Fi network management.

    How to change Wi-Fi channel to Alice's router

    Is your router Alice's signal not strong enough? Maybe there is some interference that does not allow the signal to radiate properly. To solve the problem, you might think of change the radio channel used by the wireless network generated by the router.

    To change the Wi-Fi network channel on Alice's modem, go to the menu Basic Settings> Wi-Fi and click on the button Configure Wi-Fi Network if you have a modem ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N - DA2210 or Fiber TIM modem. If you have one instead Technicolor Smart Modem simply click on the name of the Wi-Fi network, while if you have a Sercomm Smart Modem go to the tab WiFi and proceed with the desired changes.

    The channels to use are 16 o 11 (which are the only ones not to overlap each other) for the 2.4GHz network, while for the 5GHz network, which is less prone to interference, you can choose any of the available channels (I recommend that you leave the default settings).

    If any of the steps are not clear to you, visit the TIM website, choose the your router model from the left sidebar, click on the item concerning the Wi-Fi network management and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

    How to open Alice's router ports

    Do you need to configure Alice's router to use P2P programs like uTorrent and eMule? No problem. This is a very simple operation. The important thing is to know which section of the administration panel to go to.

    If you are using a fairly recent Telecom router, for example ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N, ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N Technicolor or Alice Gate VoIP 2 plus Wi-Fi, to open the ports used by software such as eMule and uTorrent you must go to the menu dedicated to Port mapping which may be in the right sidebar, in the section Internet (Smart Modem Sercomm), in the menu access control (Smart Modem Technicolor) or in the section Advanced Settings (Fiber or ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N modem - DA2210). After that you have to select the item to create one new rule or new virtual server and fill in the form that is proposed to you indicating the door to open in the fields Internal door e External door, assigning a name your preference to the rule and choosing the option TCP or the option UDP give menu to tendin Door type.

    To finish, you need to type your computer's local IP address into the menu Destination IP (Or even Internal host o Device) and click on the buttons activate e NEXT to save the settings. If you don't know what your PC's local IP address is, read my tutorial on how to view PC IP address and you will find out.

    If you are using an old Alice Gate2 plus Wi-Fi router you can get the same result by pressing the button first Configure placed under the heading LAN connection and then Add. After that you have to type the number of the door to open in the fields Public door e Local port, select the protocol TCP or UDP from the appropriate drop-down menu and save the settings by first clicking on Confirmation and then Record changes.

    If any passage of the tutorial was not clear, try to deepen these topics by reading my guides on how to open uTorrent ports and how to open eMule ports. Alternatively, visit the TIM website, select the your router modelfrom the left sidebar, select the item related to port mapping configuration or to virtual server configuration And his schermo followed him.

    Other settings

    To find out more details about the configuration of the Telecom city routers, consult the operator's website: there you will find the manuals and instructions for changing the settings of all the TIM, Telecom and Alice routers.

    All you have to do to find out the instructions needed to configure each of these devices is to first select their name and then one of the items available in the menu below. Alternatively you can click on the icons related to manuals and download the manuals of the various devices directly to your PC.

    1. If you are using a version of Windows earlier than 8, you need to left click on the network icon and not right click. ↩︎
    How to configure Alice router

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