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    How to convert MP3 to audio CD

    Convert MP3 to Audio CD on Windows

    I use a PC Windows? Then know that you are spoiled for choice. In fact, you can rely on numerous solutions to create audio CDs starting from MP3 songs, many of which are free and very easy to use. Some are even included with the operating system, so they don't require any additional downloads. If you want to know more, read on: now I'll point out a couple.

    Windows Media Player

    If you don't want to install additional programs on your PC, you can convert MP3 to audio CD using the good old Windows Media Player. In addition to being an excellent player for the songs and videos saved on the PC, Windows Media Player, in fact, offers all the features necessary to transform MP3s into standard songs compatible with all stereos and to transfer them to CDs.

    If you don't believe it, try it now. Start Windows Media Player pressing on the button Home (the flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen) and looking for the name of the program in the menu that opens. Then, with the player started, select the item Music from the left sidebar and, if necessary, import the songs you want to copy to CD into the WMP library. To import the songs into the Windows Media Player library just take them and drag them with the mouse into the program window.

    At this point, insert the disk on which you want to copy your songs into the PC burner, select the card Burn Windows Media Player (top right) and, if necessary, use your voice Next unit from the right sidebar to choose the drive where the blank CD is located.

    After this step too, click on the icon window with blue check mark che si trova in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Audio CD from the menu that opens (to tell WMP your intention to create an audio CD), browse your music library and drag the songs you want to include in the compilation in the Windows Media Player sidebar. Make sure that the total length of the songs does not exceed the maximum length supported by the CD in use (eg 74 minutes).

    In conclusion, I recommend that you set a low write speed for the CD (in order to avoid any compatibility problems with older players). Then click on the icon of window with blue check mark che si trova in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Other burning options give the menu to compare.

    In the window that opens, set the drop-down menu Burning speed su Slow o Mediaclick on your button OK to save the changes and start burning your disk by pressing the button Start burning located at the top of the WMP sidebar.

    Please note: if you can't find Windows Media Player on your PC, you are probably using an "N" version of Windows or someone has disabled the program from the operating system settings. To remedy the problem, follow the instructions you find in my tutorial on how to download Windows Media Player


    If for one reason or another Windows Media Player doesn't satisfy you, you can try CDBurnerXP: a great free burning software available for Windows. It allows you to create data CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, video DVDs and, of course, audio CDs. Another important thing to underline is that it is available in a portable version, which allows it to be used without facing any installation procedure. There is also a standard version to be installed via the classic wizard, but personally I do not recommend it, also because it may contain promotional content (which can be deactivated, but still annoying).

    To download the portable version of CDBurnerXP, then connect to the program's website and click on the item first More download options » located next to the disk icon and then on the link 32-bit (x64 compatible) which is next to the wording Portable version.

    A download complete, apri il zip package which contains CDBurnerXP, extract the contents to a folder of your choice and run the executable cdbxpp.exe. In the window that opens, select the language your language company e pigia his OK. Then select the icon Audio Disc and click sul pulsating OK to start the creation of a music CD (taking care to insert the blank disk to be used for the compilation in the computer's burner).

    In the new window that now appears on the screen, use the two upper panels to navigate between the folders on your PC, locate the MP3s you want to include in your compilation and drag them to the box below (making sure that their overall duration does not exceed the maximum duration supported by the disk in use, e.g. 74 minutes).

    When the operation is completed, click on the iconCD with green check mark located at the top left and use the next window to set your burning preferences. Then set a writing speed low (ex. 4x) using the appropriate drop-down menu, choose whether to set one pause of xx seconds between all tracks by placing the sign on the appropriate option and start the compilation creation by pressing the button Burn.

    Convert MP3 to Audio CD on macOS

    If you use a Mac, you can't confidently rely on iTunes: the multimedia software from Apple that you find already installed on macOS and which, among its many functions, also offers the possibility to create audio CDs starting from MP3 or other audio files.

    To create an audio CD with iTunes, you must first import the songs to be included in the compilation in the program's library. If you have not already done this, select the item Music from the iTunes drop-down menu (top left), click on the tab library (above) and drag the MP3s to burn to CD into the program window.

    Now you can take action by creating the playlist to be transformed into an audio CD. Then go to the menu File> New Playlist located at the top left, type the title you want to assign to your playlist (eg. Audio CD) and you will see it appear in the iTunes sidebar.

    At this point, select the songs you want to burn to CD from your iTunes library (to select multiple songs at the same time, use the combination cmd + click), right click on any of them and select the items Add to playlist> [name of the playlist you created] give the menu answer.

    Repeat the operation with all the songs you want to include in your compilation and you will get a playlist with all the songs to copy on the disk. I remind you again that you can only rip DRM-free music to CD, so if you use Apple Music and have downloaded songs from it, know that you cannot use them in your compilation.

    Now you just have to insert in your computer the disk on which to burn the compilation, select the name of the playlist you created earlier from the iTunes sidebar, right-click on the iTunes sidebar and choose the item Burn playlists to disc give the menu to compare.

    In the window that opens, set the preferred speed (i.e. the write speed) on a low value, I would say no more than 4x (this will avoid potential problems with reading the disk by older readers), make sure there is a check mark next to the item Audio CD, choose the distance between tracks (i.e. the number of seconds of silence that must be between one track and another on the CD) that you prefer the most and presses the button Burn to start burning the diskette.

    If you see fit, you can put the check mark next to the item Use volume check and let iTunes analyze the disk after burning (to detect any writing errors). Naturally, the total length of the tracks included in the compilation must not exceed 74 minutes (or in any case the maximum length supported by the disc used).

    Please note: iTunes is also available for Windows. It is free to download and offers all the functions of the macOS version. If you want to know more, find out how to install iTunes by reading my guide dedicated to the theme.

    Convert MP3 to Audio CD on Linux

    If your PC is equipped with a Linux distribution, for example Ubuntu, you can rely on Brasero, one of the best burning software for the penguin system. Brasero is pre-installed on some distros, while on others it can be downloaded for free from the dedicated stores.

    For example, if you have Ubuntu, you can download Brasero by launching theUbuntu Software Center (the icon of shopping bag in the left sidebar), looking for the name of Brazier in the window that opens and clicking the button first Install located next to the software icon and then typing the Password system administration (the one you use to log into your computer).

    At this point, to create an audio CD with Brasero, start the application by selecting its icon from the left sidebar, click on the button Audio project and drag the songs you want to copy onto the disk in the space provided in the software window.

    Next, select the burner to be used in the relative drop-down menu, press the button Burn, choose the burning speed from the appropriate drop-down menu (I recommend 4x) and click on your button Burn to start writing your compilation.

    How to convert MP3 to audio CD

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