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    How to create a place on Instagram

    Preliminary information

    Before explaining to you how to create a place on instagram, I must provide you with some preliminary useful information in this regard.

    First, you need to know that Instagram doesn't allow you to create custom places. In the past it was possible to bypass this limit by using Facebook: by creating a personalized place on the famous social network (which now also owns Instagram), this could in fact also be used on Instagram.

    However, to date, this procedure is no longer feasible. You can still create a custom place on Facebook, but this cannot be used on Instagram.

    At the time of writing this guide, it remains possible to add a place on Instagram by geotagging the post or stories, through the use of the official functionality of the photographic social network. However, it is necessary to use an existing place. In reality it is still possible to enter a custom place, but only if it was created through Facebook, when the integration of the function was supported by Instagram.

    Having said that, let's see how to add a place on Instagram in the main sections dedicated to the publication of multimedia content.

    How to create a place on Instagram without Facebook

    As anticipated, it is still possible create a place on Instagram, understood as the possibility of adding geographic information relating to the place depicted in one's shots published in the stories or in the post. So let's see in more detail how to proceed.

    No post

    To add a geotag to the post published on Instagram, you must necessarily act through the app of the photo social network for smartphones. To start, start the latter through its icon located on the home screen and / or in the drawer of your device, in order to log in to your account, if necessary.

    Then, on the main screen, press the button capacitor positive (+) lead so as to create a new one post. Then select the photo or video you want to publish and press the button NEXT per due turn consecutive.

    At this point, in the next screen that is shown to you, presses on the item add location and activate the location on your device, if you want to add a place located nearby, or type in the text field Search the name of the city or the place to be added.

    Finally, after selecting the place of your interest, click on the button Share, to publish the post.

    In the stories

    Even in the stories di Instagram you can add a geotag. to start, click on the icon capacitor positive (+) lead located on the main Instagram screen and select the wording Story, to access the editor dedicated to the creation of stories on the famous social network.

    At this point, create the story by taking a photo, recording a video or importing content from your device's Gallery. Then, press the icon square smiley face e fai tap sul pulsating Location.

    Once this is done, if you wish, activate the GPS on your device, in case you want to geographically tag a place where you are. Alternatively, via the text field Search, type il place name of your interest and then tap on the corresponding search result.

    Finally, when you are ready, press the button The tua storia, to post the story on Instagram.

    How to add place on Instagram bio

    If you would like to add a place in biography of your Instagram account, you should know that, unfortunately, personal Instagram accounts do not have this functionality.

    also by pressing the button Modification in correspondence with your profile, to modify the section Biography, it is not possible to add a place, unless you type it manually. In this case, however, the place will not be clickable, as it is only a textual addition.

    However, if you have a corporate Instagram account or if you make the switch to it for free, so that you can also take advantage of the professional tools related to Statistics, you can add a clickable place in your profile bio, as the company address.

    After switching to a corporate Instagram account, via the menu Settings> Accounts> Switch to a professional account of the app, go to your profile and press the button Modification.

    Now, press on the wording Contact options e poi su quella denomtata Company address. Finally, in the text field City, type the place you are interested in and confirm the operation by pressing the buttons end, Save and again on end, so you can view the place you added in your Instagram profile bio.

    For more information about it, I suggest reading this tutorial of mine dedicated more specifically to the topic.

    How to create a place on Instagram

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