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    How to create a playlist on your phone

    How to create a playlist on Android and iPhone

    Are you interested in understanding how to create a playlist on the streaming services you usually use on your smartphone? Then this is the section of the tutorial that best suits your case: below I illustrate the steps to take on the most famous and used audio platforms.

    Come create a playlist on Spotify

    How to create a playlist on your phone

    Iniziamo gives Spotify, the famous music service I have already told you about in this guide: if you have a subscription to the service, be it Premium or Free, you can easily create one or more playback queues using the apps for Android and iOS.

    How? Let me explain it to you. After opening the app in question, use the tab Search to locate the first song to add to the playlist. When you have found it, select it with a tap, press the button Add to playlist and, to create a new playback queue, tap the button New playlist and insertion il name that you intend to assign them in the appropriate form. Finally, tap the button Crea And that's it.

    Repeat the same steps seen above to insert all the songs you want, taking care to indicate, when selecting the playlist, the one you created a little while ago. Basically, the created playlists are private, but you can make them if you want public o collaborative opening them by pressing the button (...) and selecting one of the appropriate items available in the menu that opens. For more information, I refer you to reading my guide on how to create a playlist on Spotify.

    How to make a playlist on Apple Music

    How to create a playlist on your phone

    After reading my tutorial dedicated to Apple Music, have you decided to subscribe to this service but you just don't know how to create a playlist containing your favorite songs? It is very easy.

    Launch the app Music of iOS or the Apple Music app for Android, access the section library of the same (bottom left), tap on the item playlist e tocca il pulsating Create a new playlist.

    Now, type the name to assign to the playback queue you are about to create, indicate a Description on the same and choose whether or not to add acover image, using the appropriate button.

    Per concludere, sfiora il pulsating Add music and use the proposed items to select the songs you want, which you can insert in the playlist by tapping the button capacitor positive (+) lead corresponding to their name. Finally, tap the button end, which is located at the top right, to save the contents of the playlist thus created (which you can recall from the Library> Playlists application you are using).

    How to make a playlist on Amazon Music

    How to create a playlist on your phone

    As regards Amazon Prime Music, the music streaming platform also partially included in the Amazon Prime subscription, you can proceed with the creation of a new playlist using the dedicated app for Android and iOS: after starting it and logging in (if necessary), touch the symbol of magnifying glass at the top right and locate the first song you want to add to the playlist.

    When you've found it, tap the button (⋮) placed next to it and presses on the item Add to playlist: by doing so, you should be shown an overlay screen, from which you have to select the item New playlist and specify, when requested, a name to assign to you. When you're done, tap the item Save And that's it! To access the saved playlists, simply touch the item Music located at the bottom and choose the tab playlist.

    I remind you that the Prime Music service offers access to about 2 million songs on Amazon. Instead, to access the entire audio catalog (over 50 million songs), you need to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited, following the steps I indicated in my guide to how the service works.

    How to create a playlist on YouTube

    How to create a playlist on your phone

    Create a YouTube playlist, the Google video platform, is very easy: to get started, start the app for Android or iOS and locate the video of your interest, using the magnifying glass which is at the top or the suggestions in the home.

    When you have found it, tap the button (⋮) located next to the movie name, select the item Save to a playlist from the menu that is proposed to you and touch the item New playlist located in the panel displayed below. Finally, assign a Title to the playlist, indicates its level of privacy (Private, Non in cast or Public) I played the voice Crea, to complete it all.

    Although the app has a slightly different interface, be aware that the steps to create a playlist on YouTube Music for Android and iOS they are almost identical.

    How to create a playlist on SoundCloud

    How to create a playlist on your phone

    You are a frequent user of SoundCloud on Android and / or iOS and would you like to create one or more playlists containing your favorite songs? The steps to take to achieve this are not complicated at all: first start the SoundCloud app and use the magnifying glass to search for the first song to add to your personal queue. If you want to view only the songs, tap the tab traces placed on the search results page.

    When you've found it, tap the button (⋮) corresponding to it, select the item Add to playlist from the proposed menu and touch the item Create a new playlist to start creating a new playlist. When required, choose the title of the playlist indicating it in the appropriate text field and, if you want others not to be able to access it, put the check mark next to the item private. Finally, touch the item Done. The created playlists can be viewed from the section library of the app (the icon of books located below).

    How to create a playlist on your phone for free

    How to create a playlist on your phone

    Do you have quite a few songs saved in your phone memory and would like to collect them in a handy playlist without going to any of the streaming services mentioned above? No problem: it's very simple.

    It is your intention create a playlist on android containing the songs stored on the device, I recommend using the app Play Music, already installed as standard on modern Android devices (but still downloadable from the Play Store).

    After starting it, tap the button at the top left and put the check mark next to the option Downloaded music only placed in the menu that appears: in this way, the app will go into offline mode and will only display the songs in the device memory and not those available on the online service of the same name (which I told you about earlier).

    To create a new playlist, tap the button again , choose the item Multimedia collection from the menu that is proposed to you and use the tabs at the top (Artists, Albums, Songs and so on) to locate the song to add to the queue.

    When you've found it, tap the button (⋮) corresponding to it and select the items Add to playlistNew playlist: when prompted, indicates a name it's a Description of the same and, to complete the creation, tap the button OK. To access the playlists created, go to the section Multimedia collection of Play Music and tap the tab playlist placed at the top.

    If you have not yet transferred all your music to Android and would like to take the opportunity to do so, take a look at my specific guide on the subject.

    How to create a playlist on your phone

    How do you say? You employ an Apple-branded mobile device and, therefore, you are wondering how to make a playlist on iPhone that can group the songs you have previously loaded into memory? Don't worry, it's very easy.

    To begin with, open the app Music of iOS (the one with the music note), go to the card library using the appropriate icon at the bottom left, tap on the item Modification placed at the top and, to ensure that only the songs available in memory are displayed (and not those downloaded via Apple Music), remove the check mark from the item Downloaded music e tocca il pulsating end, placed at the top.

    Come back to the section dedicated to library, tap on the item playlist, press the button New Playlist and, using the proposed fields, give it a name and, if you wish, a descriptive image. When you're done, tap the button end to complete the creation and tap on his name, which should now appear in the Music app.

    To fill the playback queue thus created, tap on the option Add music, touches the voice library and use the sections proposed to you (Artists, Albums, Songs and so on) to find the songs to put in the playback queue. To add a song, tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead corresponding to its name. The created playlists will be available in the section Library> Playlists iOS Music app.

    Finally, if you are wondering how to set up a playlist on Alexa because you intend to use Amazon's voice assistant on your device, I invite you to take a look at the guides in which I have explained to you, in detail, how to associate the latter with both the device and the various music services available: how to connect Alexa on the phone, how to connect Spotify to Alexa and how to listen to free music with Alexa.

    How to create a playlist on your phone

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