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    How to create a slideshow on Facebook

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    Preliminary information

    If your intent is to create a slideshow on Facebook, the first thing you need to know is that, as mentioned in the introduction of this tutorial, to be successful you need to have a Facebook page. In addition, it is necessary to proceed from the official website of the social network. The Facebook app for Android, iOS or Windows 10, at the moment, does not allow you to do this.

    Alternatively, slideshows can also be made for advertising purposes, using the tool Creative hub of the social network, which I will talk about later, again in the course of this guide.

    How to create a slideshow on a Facebook page

    One slideshow is a multimedia content composed of photos and music: those that can be posted on Facebook must be composed of at least 3 images. To create one, locate the Facebook page you have by clicking on its name located in the left sidebar of the social network, and click on the text field Write a post, to write the accompanying text for the slideshow.

    Fatto ci貌, clicca prima sul pulsating Photo / Video and then on the voice Create a slideshow. Then, on the screen that is shown to you, click on the button Aggiungi photo, to add photos for use in the slideshow from your computer (Upload Photos) or take some on the fly (Take a picture).

    After adding the images, refer to the card Settings to set the parameters related to proportion of the slideshow, to the duration of the images (ie the number of seconds that the display of each of them must last) and the effect of transition to be used for the latter.

    Once this is done, click on the tab Music and select one of the available music tracks. If, alternatively, you want to upload a piece of music for which you have the usage rights, first press the button Charge and then Continue, to import it from your computer.

    Before continuing, refer to the timeline located at the bottom, if you want to move the order of the images, by dragging them from one pane to another. To delete an image, instead, click on the icon X that you find in the upper right corner of the same.

    Once the customization is complete, click on the button Create a slideshow. At this point, there is nothing left to do, except publish the post on the Facebook page, by pressing the button Share now. It was easy, wasn't it?

    Creative hub

    If you want create a slideshow on Facebook and use it as an advertisement for a page, you have to act through the tool called Creative hub which serves, in fact, to create advertising slideshows within the social network.

    The main difference between slideshows created on pages and those created with Creative Hub is that, through this tool, you can create a slideshow even starting from the still images of a video.

    Having said that, to proceed, connect to Creative Hub from your computer and log in to your Facebook account if necessary. Then, in the screen that is shown to you, click on entry Create a test listing which is located in the menu at the top right and press on the item Slideshow in the drop-down menu below.

    At this point, start customizing the slideshow by indicating, first of all, the page name that you want to appear in the preview of the listing. Then customize theprofile picture of the page and enter a text for the listing.

    Premium, quindi, sul pulsating Create a slideshow and import the photos or video to be included in the slideshow by pressing the buttons respectively Aggiungi photo e Add video.

    As for adding photos, the tool Creative hub allows you to add archive images and to select the images already uploaded to your Facebook page (Page). If, on the other hand, you want to upload images from your computer, drag them to the box visible in the section Account. To confirm the choice of the uploaded images, click on the button Continue.

    By choosing to upload a video, however, you have the option to use the tab Import, which allows you to quickly load a movie, by pasting its address in the text field Video url. To upload a video from your computer, press the button instead Upload a video located in the tab library. After selecting the video, choose the still images to use by clicking on them.

    At this point, in both cases, customize the slideshow created by adjusting the proportions duration of images and transition of the same, through the section Settings. Then choose the music from the default multimedia library of the slideshow or import it from your computer by pressing the button Charge.

    If you want to change the order of the images in the slideshow, refer to the timeline by dragging them from one pane to another. To delete an inserted image, instead, click on the symbol X which you can see in the upper right corner of the same.

    Finally, to complete the creation of the slideshow, click on the button Create a slideshow. At the end of the upload, save the insertion made by pressing the button Save located in the upper right corner.

    How to create a slideshow on a Facebook profile

    Sometimes Facebook allows you to create a slideshow also through the app for Android and iOS, starting from the photos taken from your device: however, this is a somewhat inconvenient and limited possibility, given that you must have taken at least 5 photos linked together over the span 24 hours.

    In this case, or for special events, just start the app Facebook on your device, to see this feature appear that allows you to select images and publish them, adding background music.

    InShot (Android / iOS)

    Alternatively, to create a slideshow and post it to your profile Facebook, you need to use third-party tools, such as the app inShot available for free on Android and iOS.

    To proceed, then start the app previously downloaded on your device, then, on its main screen, press the button Video o Gallery, to create a slideshow from videos or photos. In both cases, to continue, select the multimedia elements from the default multimedia gallery of your smartphone / tablet and import them by pressing on them.

    Now, use the tools in the menu bar to make the movie, for example by cropping (Size) or by adding a soundtrack (Music). At the end of the changes, press the button Save to save the video (on iOS is the icon of a square and an up arrow). For more information on how the app works, read my tutorial where I tell you about it.

    To publish the exported video to Facebook, start the social network app and tap on the text field at the top. Then select the item Photo / Video and tap on the slideshow saved in your device's media gallery to import it. When finished, click on the button Share, to post it on Facebook.

    WeVideo (online)

    Alternatively, to make a slideshow and publish it on Facebook from your computer, you can use the WeVideo online tool, by registering for free to the service via an email address or directly through your account. Facebook o Google.

    After having correctly carried out this preliminary operation, press the button capacitor positive (+) lead in Dashboard di We Video, then select the folder icon in the top menu. Then press oncloud icona and imports the items by selecting them from your computer.

    Once this is done, drag the added elements into the timeline, using drag & drop and use all the editing tools present in the top bar (for example the icon of a musical note, if you want to add background music) to edit the movie.

    After editing, save the video by pressing the button Finish twice in a row. WeVideo allows you to export 5 minutes of video per month for free at the maximum resolution of 480p. Paid plans for unlimited use of the service start at $ 4,99 / month. I also told you about this service in my guide dedicated to useful tools for creating slideshows.

    To upload the video to Facebook, log in to the social network and, after pressing on the text field at the top, import it using the button Photo / Video. To publish the post, instead, click on the button Share.

    How to create a slideshow on Facebook

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