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    How to create an EA account

    What an EA Account is for

    Un EA account it is essential if you play on a PC. When you buy a title distributed by this company, in fact, you are given a code to redeem on an EA account, through the client Origin, without which it is impossible to get the game itself.

    For console video games this is a bit different because, although the titles are distributed on physical media, without an EA account it is not possible, in most cases, to access online servers or other services associated with the games.

    For these reasons, a player must have an EA account if they do not want to run into any constraints during their gaming experience. The procedure is very simple and does not involve any cost: in the next lines I will explain how to implement it from your computer and, if you need it, how to connect the account you are going to create to that of the console you use to play.

    Create an EA Account

    Create an EA Account it is an operation that requires a few simple steps. In the next few paragraphs, I'll explain how to proceed both via the Origin client and directly from the company's websites.

    Dal Client Origin

    On PC, as mentioned above, the use of an EA title requires the mandatory creation of an account.

    To proceed, if you have not already done so, you need to download the client Origin, which is available for Windows and macOS. Then reach the EA website and download the software for Windows or macOS, using the button Download.

    When the download is complete, on Windows, double-click the file .exe just downloaded and, in the screen that is shown to you, press the button Install Origin. Then put the check mark on the box below, to accept the terms of service, and click on Continue. Then wait for the installation process to finish and you will see the Origin main login screen.

    Su MacOS, downloaded the file .dmg of Origin, double-click on it, to open it. In the screen that is shown to you, move theOrigin icon in the folder Applications and wait for the transfer to finish. Now, get to the Launchpad and start Origin: press the button apri and then Agree, in the user agreement acceptance screen. Then enter the Mac administration password and press pulsating Install assistant. Finally, press on OK to display the application login screen.

    After starting Origin, you will be shown a screen to log into an EA Account or create a new one. Then click on the tab Create an account and fill in the fields you see on the screen; select the item from the drop-down menu city, in correspondence with the wording Country / Region, and enter your date of birth indicating it Day, Month e Year in the respective drop-down menus. Once this is done, put a check mark in the box below, to accept the use agreement and the processing of personal data, and then press the button NEXT.

    On the next screen, enter thee-mail and Password to be associated with the EA account you are creating. It indicates, therefore, the nickname you want to show publicly, by typing it in the box Public ID, and optionally enter yours name e last name.

    Arrivato at this point, premium pulsating NEXT to access the screen through which to set the Security Question for password recovery. Use the drop-down menu next to the item Choose a security question, to choose a preset, and type your answer in the field Security answer.

    Now, set the privacy level on the activities and profile, leaving the item already set Nobody or by choosing a different one from those in the drop-down menu and put a check mark in the boxes below if you want to be found by email or if you want to be contacted by EA for promotional activities. I advise you not to activate the first option, to prevent the EA account from being subjected to phishing attacks.

    Finally, hit the button Create account and wait for the outcome of the operation. A green check mark will indicate that the EA Account was created successfully. Then press the button Start to use the services offered by Origin.

    From EA's websites

    If you don't play from a PC but you still need to create an EA account, perhaps because you play from a console, in the next lines you will find out how to do it using the Electronic Arts websites.

    The primary website for using Electronics Arts services is To create an account on it, visit it using the link I provided and press the icon with the symbol of a little man you see in the bar at the top right.

    At this point, press the button SUBSCRIBE to begin creating an EA Account. In the text box Please enter your email address, type your email address and press the button NEXT. In the screen that is shown to you, fill out the form that is proposed to you by entering a nickname in the field Public ID it's a Password to be associated with the new EA account you are about to create.

    Once this is done, choose a security question among those indicated in the drop-down menu that you find under the heading Security Question. Then enter an answer in the field Security answer, taking care to remember it.

    Then choose the country city give menu to tendin Country / Region and indicates the date of birth. Then press the button Verifica to pass the anti-bot test. Then put a check mark in the boxes below and press the button NEXT and then Subscribe, to complete the EA Account creation.

    EA Account can also be created from Origin website, a platform dedicated to the use of PC games. The account creation process is very similar to what I have already shown you in this chapter, but with a few differences which I will tell you about in the next few lines.

    First, head over to the Origin website and hit the button Subscribe, which you find at the bottom left. A new browser tab will open with a form to fill out. In the drop-down menu Country / Region, select city and imposes a date of birth. Then put a check mark in the box below, to accept the user agreement, and click on NEXT.

    On the next screen, type thee-mail and Password to be associated with the EA account; indicate the public nickname, typing it in the box Public ID, and fill in the fields Your name e Last name, if you see fit. Then press the button Verifica to pass the anti-bot test and press NEXT, to access the screen for setting the security question. Choose one from the drop-down menu and type an answer in the field below.

    Now, set the privacy level you prefer the most and put the check mark in the boxes below. Finally, click on the button Create account to complete the EA Account creation process.

    Security settings

    If you want to increase EA Account protection, you can set the access verification, which combines the standard password of the profile with a disposable code, sent via SMS, email or authenticating app, every time a new device is accessed. To do this, go to and click on the icon with the miniature of the profile, which is located at the top right. In the context menu that is shown to you, click on the button Account settings to access your personal profile.

    In the left sidebar, select the item Safety and locate the wording Access verification. At this point, press the button activate and select one of the three security options already mentioned. In this guide of mine, I will tell you about activating the verification of access via email. Then choose the item E-mail I awarded her Continue: you will be prompted to answer the Security Question. After filling in with the correct answer, click on the button Enable Login Verification to show you some codes that you will need to save, in case you lose access to your phone or email. Easy, right?

    Link console accounts to EA accounts

    If you play an EA video game on console (PlayStationXbox o Switch), you may be required to log in with an EA Account to take advantage of some services, such as accessing online servers.

    In this case, after creating an EA account using the procedures I indicated in this chapter, on the main screen of the game, press on the item A colleague account or Connect to EA servers (the wording may be different from game to game) and type thee-mail and Password account. Then press the confirm button to log in with the credentials you just entered.

    After doing this, your PSN ID, Xbox gamertag or Nintendo Account will automatically be associated with the EA Account. You can check that the association has taken place by logging into the EA website and consulting the section Personal information of your account to view connected accounts.

    If you encounter any problems during this procedure or on EA's services, I recommend that you contact this company directly, via the panel Help reachable at this link.

    How to create an EA account

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