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EzyZip is a completely free website that allows you to create and open zip archives online without installing any type of software or plug-in on your computer. It works with all major browsers and is able to perform any type of operation at lightning speed: this is because it is based on HTML5 technology and works with files locally, without first uploading them to its servers.

To create a zip archive with ezyZip, connected to the home page of the service, make sure the tab is selected Zip e pulsing sul pulsating Choose file to select files to include in your archive. Then type the name you want to give the zip file in the field File name, pigia sul pulsating Zip files and wait for the archive to be generated. It should only take a few seconds. When done, click the button Save Zip File which appeared below and will automatically start the download of the zip file generated by ezyZip.

Open a zip archive with ezyZip it's just as simple: select the tab Unzip of the site (located at the top), click the button Choose file and select the archive to extract. Then click on the button Extract and wait a few seconds for the list of files contained in it to appear.

Now, locate the files to download on your PC and click on green button with floppy disk icon inside to proceed with their download. You can only select files individually, not in groups.

Another limitation of ezyZip that is worth mentioning is that it prevents the opening of password protected zip archives.


Files2Zip is a great alternative to ezyZip. Just like the latter, it does not require special registrations or plugins to work and is based on HTML5 technology: this means that it can work locally on files without having to upload them to remote servers (great thing for both privacy and processing times archives).

To create zip archives online with Files2Zip, linked to the home page of the site, drag the files to be included in the archive in the box Select files to (un) zip (or click on the button KATEGORIEN to select them "manually") and click on the button Zip it! that appears below to create your archive in zip format. It will only take a few seconds. When finished, click on the icon arrow in the cloud to download the archive on the PC, on the envelope to send it via email or on the icon of dropbox to save it to your Dropbox account.

To extract zip archives with Files2Zip, you have to follow an almost identical procedure: then connected to the home page of the site, drag the zip files to extract into the box Select files to (un) zip (or click on the button KATEGORIEN to select them "manually") and then click on the names of the files extracted from the archive (below) to download them to your PC.

Unfortunately Files2Zip also has the same limitations as ezyZip: it does not offer, in fact, a function to download all the files contained in a zip archive at the same time and it does not support password protected archives.

As the name suggests quite easily, is an online service that allows you to open zip files directly from your browser. It does not require registration, it is completely free and, in addition to zip files, it also allows you to extract rar, 7z and tar files (as long as these do not exceed 200MB in weight). Unlike ezyZip it does not act locally, but requires the upload of the files to be extracted on its servers. In any case, to protect the user's privacy, the data is deleted within 24 hours.

To open a zip file with, first click on the button Uncompress files and then Choose file. Then select the zip file to extract, press the button Uncompress files and wait for the list of files in the archive to be shown.

At this point, locate the files extracted from the zip archive that you intend to download to your PC and click on their names to start the download.

Please note: is unable to extract password protected zip files. It seems to succeed but then, when you try to download the extracted files from the archive, it returns an error message.

Archive Extractor

If you are only interested in opening zip archives online and not creating new ones, you can contact Archive Extractor: a free online service that allows you to extract files in zip, 7z, zipx, rar, tar, exe, dmg, iso, msi, nrg, gz, cab, bz2, wim, ace and other 54 types of archives without requiring registration. It also supports password protected archives and multi-volume archives (those split into multiple parts). Its only limitation is that it does not act as a local, but requires the upload of the archives to be extracted on a remote server.

That said, let's get down to business. To use Archive Extractor, connected to its home page and drag the archive to be extracted into the box located in the center of the screen. Alternatively, click on the button Choose file and select the archive "manually" or click on the icons of Google Drive, dropbox o URL to upload an archive from your cloud accounts or from an Internet address.

When the operation is completed, if you have selected a password protected zip file, type the unlock key in the box that opens and click on the button OK.

Wait, therefore, for the list with all the files contained in the archive to be shown and click on the name of each of them to download them to your computer. There is also a button to download all files at the same time, but only in the form of a zip archive, which I think makes it useless (at least for your current needs).


If you intend to create a zip archive by acting directly from your browser, you can also consider CloudConvert: a universal converter that allows you to convert many different types of files (documents, photos, videos, music, etc.), including compressed archives. It does not require mandatory registration, but has a limit of 10 minutes of conversions per day. To expand these limits, you need to create a free account (25 minutes of conversion per day) or subscribe to one of the service's paid plans, starting at 8 euros for 500 conversion minutes.

To take advantage of the CloudConvert zip archive creation function, connect to this page of the service and drag the files you want to include in your archive in the center of the screen (or click on the button Select files to select them "manually"). Then make sure that the item is selected in the drop-down menu that appeared on the page zip (otherwise select it yourself) and press the button Start Conversion (bottom right).

At this point, wait for the archive creation to complete (it may take several minutes, since the files must be uploaded to remote servers) and click on the button. Download that appears in the center of the page to download your compressed archive.

Google Drive

Not everyone knows, but also Google Drive, the famous Google cloud storage service, offers a feature to extract zip files online. To use it, all you have to do is connect to your Google Drive, log in (if you do not yet have a Google account, find out how to do it by following my tutorial on it) and drag the zip file to be extracted into the browser window (in the field where your documents are).

At the end of the upload, double-click on the box relating to the archive you just uploaded, press the button Open with located at the top and select the item Connect other applications from the menu that appears. Next, locate the entry for ZIP Extractor (an add-on for Google Drive that allows, in fact, to extract the contents of zip files in your cloud space) and presses the button Fellow worker relating to the latter.

Once the connection between Google Drive and ZIP Extractor has been established, select the item Open with ZIP Extractor from the drop-down menu at the top and you will be redirected to the add-on page.

Then click on the button Authorize and authorizes ZIP Extractor to read and write data on your Google Drive (this is only necessary for the first use) by selecting yours Google account and then clicking on the button Allow.

Mission accomplished! Within a few seconds you will see the list of files contained in the zip archive you have selected in Google Drive appear and you can extract them directly to your cloud space.

To extract the files contained in the zip archive in your Google Drive, put the check mark next to their names and press the button Extract now which is located at the top. The operation will last only a few moments.

If you want, by clicking on the button Change destination folder, you can also choose exactly the Google Drive folder in which to extract the selected files. Convenient, right?

How to create and open zip archives online

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