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    How to create iPhone avatars

    Preliminary information

    How to create iPhone avatars

    Before going into the details of this tutorial and explaining, in detail, how to create an avatar on iPhone, you may find it useful to know on which devices you can create and use Memoji (this is the official name of the iPhone avatars).

    First of all, it will be useful to know that Memoji are nothing more than Animoji (animated emojis that reflect the expressions of your face, already available starting from iPhone X) that do not portray animals but people, with the possibility of customizing their facial features to your own similarity.

    As for compatible devices, you can create Memoji on any devices with iOS 13 and iPadOS; however, only on iPhone X and later models (and 3rd generation iPad Pro) is it possible to create and use animated Memoji.

    How to create your own iPhone avatar

    After the necessary initial premise, you are ready for create your avatar on iPhone. All you have to do is start a new conversation on iMessage, its WhatsApp or on any other messaging app compatible with Memoji (eg. Telegram), access the section dedicated to Memoji stickers and start customizing your avatar. How to do? I'll explain it to you right away!

    How to create iPhone avatars from iMessage

    How to create iPhone avatars

    create an avatar on iPhone from iMessage, take your "iPhone by", start the app Messages, by tapping on its icon (the white speech bubble on a green background) on the home screen and, in the new screen displayed, press the icon of pencil inside a square, top right, to create a new message.

    Adesso, fai tap sull'opzione Animoji (the icon with the face of the monkey), swipe to the left and press the button +, to start creating your avatar. First, choose the color of the complexion and guance, then click on one of the options available in the sections Freckles e Neo, to add any freckles and moles to your avatar.

    After that, select the option Haircut, to choose the cutting that suits you best and the hair colour. Also, by choosing the option Modern related to the item mèches, you can select the type of hair highlights you prefer (Modern, Classics e Gradient) and set its color.

    In the EyebrowsInstead, you can both select the type and color of the eyebrows and add any forehead marks e eyebrow piercing, also choosing the color. Then press on the item Eyes, to choose the colour of your eyes, set the greatness (choosing one of the available options) and select the type of eyelashes What do you prefer. In addition, you can also manage the makeup of your avatar, by acting in the sections Eyeliner e Eyeshadow.

    How to create iPhone avatars

    Now, tap on the item Head and, in the box Age, indicate the age of your avatar by selecting one of the available options: press on the first head to choose a teen avatar, tap on the second option to set one adult avatar or select the third head to use a senior avatar. Then choose the face shapeby selecting one of the 15 available options.

    Once this is done, go to the customization of the nose, selecting the item Nose, located in the top menu. Then choose the nose shape (small, half o great) and add any piercings, selecting the color and position of your interest. Similarly, in the tab Bocca, you can customize the shape and color of the avatar lips, select the type of teeth and add a mouth piercing it's a tongue piercing.

    In the Ears, select the shape of the ears, choosing one of the available options, and add any earrings, choosing the model of your interest and the color you prefer. It will be useful to know that you can also use a different earring for each ear by clicking on the option several and acting in the sections Left earring e Right earring. Also, in the box Earphones, you can select the color and the headphones model you prefer (again, you can choose a different headset for each ear).

    How to create iPhone avatars

    If you are a man, in the section Beard, you can also choose the type of sideburns and add any mustache or beard, selecting the type of your interest and setting the color you prefer, including any reflections. Finally, in the sections Glasses e Headgear, you can choose whether to use one of the accessories available in glasses (setting the frame and lens color), bende e hats.

    To complete the creation of your avatar, click on the button end, top right, and that's it. Automatically a pack of stickers will be created containing your Memoji in different variations, available on the keyboard of your iPhone and which you can use to personalize your messages and emails.

    How to create iPhone avatars from WhatsApp

    How to create iPhone avatars

    You must know that it is possible too create an avatar on iPhone from WhatsApp. The procedure to follow is almost identical to that required for creating a new Memoji from the Messages app.

    To proceed, therefore, start the famous messaging app and, in the section Chat, open any conversation. Alternatively, click on the icon of pencil, at the top right, to create a new chat with a contact of your interest.

    Now, press on the field dedicated to writing new messages, to open the keyboard of your iPhone, tap on the icon smiley face, bottom left, and access the section Used frequently (the icon of the clock), to view recently used emoticons and available Memoji. Then press on the icon of three dots, to access the section Memoji stickers e fai tap sul pulsating +, to create your avatar.

    How do you say? Don't see the option to create a Memoji? If so, it means you have already created one previously. If you want to make a new avatar, in the section Memoji stickers, fai tap sull'icona dei three dots e seleziona l'opzione New Memoji.

    Now, all you have to do is customize your avatar by acting on the sections Complexion, Haircut, Eyebrows, Eyes, Head, Nose, Bocca, Ears, Beard, Glasses e Headdresses. To save your changes and create your new avatar, click on the button end.

    How to use iPhone avatar

    How to create iPhone avatars

    After creating your avatar on iPhone, you can use it to send personalized messages through the app Messages of your "iPhone by", using the messaging applications that support the Memoji of the iPhone, such as WhatsApp e Telegram, and also to send emails. In addition, it will be useful to know that on iPhone X and later models you can also use Memoji for calls via FaceTime.

    To start using your avatar with the Messages app, launch the app and select the conversazione of your interest (or press the icon of the pencil, to create a new message). Then access the section Stickers Memoji, by tapping on the icon three smileys, select yours Memoji e fai tap sull 'sticker you intend to send. Now, if you wish, enter any message in the field Comment or send and press the icon of arrow, to send your Memoji by message.

    As mentioned above, if you have an iPhone X or later, you can also send animated Memojis that trace your expressions in real time. To do this, go to the section Animoji (l'icona della monkey), select your Memoji and make sure your face is clearly visible, then tap on red button, to start recording (maximum 30 seconds), and press it again to stop. If the animated Memoji is to your liking, click on the icon of arrow, to send it by message to the previously selected contact.

    How to create iPhone avatars

    If, on the other hand, you want to send a Memoji via WhatsApp or Telegram, all you have to do is start the app of your interest, select the conversazione in which you want to send your avatar (or press the icon of pencil, to create a new chat) and tap on testo field placed at the bottom.

    Now, click on the icon smiley face, at the bottom left, swipe left to view the sticker pack related to your Memoji and tap on the one you prefer to send it. Unlike the Messages app, on WhatsApp, Telegram and other compatible messaging apps, it is not possible to send animated Memoji.

    How do you say? Would you like to make a FaceTime call using your avatar? If so, open FaceTime, initiate a call, select the option Effects and tap on your Memoji, to use it during the call.

    How to create iPhone avatars

    Finally, you need to know that you can change your Memoji's appearance as many times as you want. To manage your avatar, open the app Messages, create a new message and access the section Animoji, then tap on the icon of three dots e scegli l'opzione Modification, to make changes to your avatar.

    By selecting, instead, the item Duplicate, you can create a new Memoji identical to your current avatar, while choosing the option Delete you can delete your Memoji. Simple, right?

    How to create iPhone avatars

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