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    How to create ISO

    Create ISO files on Windows

    How to create ISO

    There are tons of applications that allow you to create ISO images on Windows. Among the simplest to use I point out cdrtfe which is free, open source and portable: you can use it on any computer, even from a USB key, without performing any installation process.

    To download cdrtfe on your PC, connect to the program's website and click on the item first Donwload located in the left sidebar and then on the link cdrtfe 1.5.3portable .zip present on the page that opens. When the download is complete, then open the file cdrtfe-xxportable.exe and click on the button first [...] to select the folder in which to extract the software and then click on Extract to start the extraction.

    When done, open the folder cdrtfe-xxportable, avvia l'eseguibile cdrtfe.exe contained in it and translate the program interface into your language by selecting the item city from the menu Extras> Language.

    At this point, insert the disk from which you intend to obtain the ISO image into the PC, select the card CD image of cdrtfe and put the check mark next to the entry Create image. Clicca dunque sul pulsating Choose to select the folder in which to save the ISO file and presses on Start to start creating the image file.

    By placing the check mark next to the option Continue if there is an unrecoverable error you can make sure that the ISO file is created even if the disk has bad sectors and is partially unreadable, while selecting the item Clone mode you can make sure that the subchannel information of the CD / DVD is also included in the image.

    Create ISO files on Mac

    How to create ISO

    If you use a Mac you can create ISO using Disk Utility, a disk management application included “standard” with the OS X operating system.

    To find out how it works, start Disk Utility by selecting its icon from the folder Other of the Launchpad, then select the icon CD / DVD (not that of the burner) from the left sidebar and presses the button New image which is located at the top right.

    Nella finestra che si apre, select the voice Master DVD / CD on the menu Image format, the voice none in the drop-down menu Encode and choose the folder in which to save the ISO image by clicking on the arrow next to the item located in.

    Per finire, click on your button Save, wait for the image file to be created and rename it so that its extension changes from .cdr a . Iso.

    How to use ISO files

    How to create ISO

    Once obtained, you will be able to use your ISO files by “mounting” them in virtual CD / DVD drives on your PC or by burning the contents to other disks.

    In the first case you can rely on applications such as WinCDEmu on Windows or the DiskImageMounter function of Mac OS X: I explained everything in my tutorial on how to mount ISO files. In the second case, however, you can use the utilities included "standard" in both Windows and Mac OS X. More information about it is available in my guide on how to burn ISO.

    How to create ISO

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