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    How to create online surveys

    Google Docs

    Maybe you have never noticed it too, but an excellent service that is often forgotten by everyone, for create free online surveys and quizzes is Google Docs, the world's most popular online office suite from Google. All you have to do to create a survey or quiz with Google Docs is to connect to the main page of the service (using your Google account and then logging in), click on the button New, its pulsating Other I will select the voice Forms Google from the menu that opens. On the page that will open, first type the title you want to assign to the survey / quiz in the field Module without title and then also enter the description of the form in the text field Description Module. Then continue to fill in the Google form to carry out the survey, entering, in the respective fields, the title of the question and the answer options.

    Also, using the drop-down menu on the right, make sure that the item is selected Multiple choice to get quiz / poll style questions. By means of the symbol of picture you can also choose whether to add any images accompanying the survey you created and whether or not to make some answers mandatory, by moving the lever to ON in correspondence with the item Obligatory. You can also use the buttons located in the sidebar to set more options.

    In addition, using the buttons located at the top right, you can choose whether to press the button of palette to set a background color for the survey. When you have completed the creation of the quiz / survey click on the button Preview (eye symbol) to preview the survey carried out. To publish it, click on the button instead Send. You can publish the latter on your site using the code you find by clicking on the button with the two darts symbol and copying the code from the menu that opens.

    Through the submission form you can also choose the submission methods of the survey created and send it via the button Send, located in the lower right. You can also make a quiz via Google Forms. To do this, simply press the button with the gear symbol, press the item Quiz and set to ON the levetta Turn into a Quiz.

    99 Polls

    Another great site for create free online surveys and quizzes is 99polls, an Internet site that makes its strong point of its simple and essential interface. 99 Polls also has the advantage of being completely in your language.

    To create a poll with 99 Polls you will need to register on the website. To register on the 99 Polls site you will need to connect to its main page and click on the button Subscribe. On the page that opens, fill out the form that is proposed to you, typing your e-mail address and your password and click on the button Registration located at the top right, to complete the operation.

    To start creating your survey with 99polls, click on the item Click here located inside the box To Do Your First Survey. At this point, on the page that opens, type the question of the quiz / survey in the field Application. Then select the number of responses you want to include in the survey using the drop-down menu next to the item Risposte, type the text of the answers in the appropriate fields, assign the Labels you prefer to the survey and click on the button Save to get the code to insert on your site. Using the drop-down menu Subject, the text fields Width e Background you can also change the look of the quiz / survey and customize it aesthetically.

    As you have seen, it is a very simple and extremely basic tool for creating a survey, designed for those who need to create one and are not very practical with the Internet and with the computer.


    One of the websites I want to tell you about that you can use to create online surveys is the website. Among the features of Doodle there is the possibility to create polls in a simple and fast way (but with a really attractive graphics) to collect the opinions of the participants. Unlike other Internet sites, is useful for creating a survey related to the organization of activities and / or events, thanks to the integrated calendar functionality and the possibility of integrating your own personalized calendar. This tool, offered by Doodle, is very useful for offering legal response options precisely to the programming of events of various kinds.

    In essence, Doodle offers a modern and effective tool for creating complete and customized surveys that you can share with friends via links or via social networks. Doodle is also available as an application for Android and iOS mobile devices.

    Creating a survey with Doodle is free but it is possible to purchase the premium version packages which, at a cost of 29 € per year or 49 € per year, offer additional features. These packages are available in free trial for 30 days, by registering (otherwise optional) on the website.

    To create a survey with Doodle, first connect to the main page of the website and click on the button Schedule an event. In case you are asked, agree to try the new version of Doodle as, in my opinion, the user interface is more attractive and is noteworthy. If, on the other hand, a request appears to return to the previous version of Doodle, it means that you are already using the new version; in this case you do not have to do anything and you can safely continue creating your survey.

    Then fill in the fields on the screen: in phase 1 from 3 enter the title (mandatory element) add the place it's a note (optional items) and then press the button Continue. In step 2 of 3 you will have to indicate one or more dates for the event you want to organize through the survey. Also add the times, if necessary, change some parameters for the survey via the button Settings e premium pulsating Continue to go on and go to phase 3.

    Enter yours now name and yours e-mail to activate the survey. Specifying the email address will not result in any registration on the site but will only serve to allow you to moderate the survey created. When you are done, press the button Ends.

    On the next screen you can now share your survey with your friends or via your website, using the link provided for sharing. Alternatively, via the button Twitter it is also possible to share the survey on the social network.

    To create an online survey, you can also go to the website asking for registration free in order to be able to start creating your online survey. The strong point of the website is undoubtedly given by the user interface that is easy to use and very intuitive to create online questionnaires in no time.

    The tool offered by the website allows you to choose between different types of questions, allows you to compose and customize questions, possibly add explanatory text, upload images and much more. In short, it is possible to customize different aspects of the survey as well as display a preview in real time.

    To start creating an online survey, first go to the website of the service and click on the button Register for free. You can subscribe to the website by filling out the form manually or by completing an autocompletion by registering with Facebook (button Accedi con Facebook).

    On the next screen you can start composing your free online survey. Then enter the survey title in the appropriate text field of the same name and add a Description optional. Continue by clicking on the button NEXT. On the next screen continue adding the elements that make up your survey. Then press the button + Add Item to go to the next screen dedicated to the poll editor.

    As you can see, in the survey composition screen there are a lot of elements that you can set up and customize. It is in fact possible to select the type of question through various buttons (Question Yes / No, Open, Closed, Evaluation, Table / Matrix, Polarity Profile). You can also add additional elements (insert caption, Gallery, image o illustration e File upload). For each button indicated it is possible to see a preview of the type of question that will be created. By clicking on the respective preview you will select this type of question and then modify it in its entirety. Once created, it will be confirmed by pressing the button Create demand.

    As you have seen, there are numerous fields and settings that will allow you to customize the survey from top to bottom. So take some time to customize the survey as you see fit. When you're done, just press the button to create your survey Activate the survey or on Start the survey.

    How to create online surveys

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