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    How to create skins on Brawl Stars

    Preliminary information

    Before explaining to you how to create skins on Brawl Stars, it is my duty to provide you with some preliminary information in this regard.

    First of all, you need to know that to submit your own custom skin to the Brawl Stars developers you need to participate in the program Supercell Make, an initiative that allows content creators to participate in creative challenges. These challenges, which are initiated by developers in the form of thematic campaigns, require you to create skins for one or more game characters.

    How do you create the skins in question? Unfortunately, there are no super simple tools to do this. For example, if you are wondering if they exist app to create Brawl Stars skins in a few taps, the answer is negative. As also explained in the official guidelines, in fact, to create skins for the characters of Brawl Stars it is necessary to download the asset related to the character of your interest, you have to import the latter into a 3D graphics program (eg Blender, Maya, Cinema4D o 3DS Max) and from there you need to create the skin. In short, you need to have advanced digital graphics skills.

    Once you have created the aesthetics for the character, you need to export all the files of the 3D model and its textures in a single file .zip, in order to upload them to a specific section of the Supercell Make website, active only during thematic campaigns.

    Also, as I will explain in the next chapters, you also need to have connected your account Brawl Stars at the service Supercell ID and you have to register at Supercell Make, by connecting and authorizing your account through the appropriate registration form. If at this point you are still convinced that you want to know more about it, read on.

    How to become a skin creator on Brawl Stars

    Having made the necessary premises relating to the possibility of participating in the program Supercell Make and what are the necessary requirements, let's see in detail how to send your skin through the official website of the program.

    Create a Supercell ID

    As mentioned earlier, one of the requirements necessary to participate in the program Supercell Make is to own an account Supercell ID.

    In case you haven't logged in your account yet Brawl Stars to the service in question, you will be happy to know that you can easily fix it through the game's app.

    To proceed in this sense, press the button of menu located in the upper right corner of the main screen of Brawl Stars, then presses on the voice Settings and, in the new screen that is proposed to you, tap on the item Connect regarding the wording Supercell ID.

    At this point, I premi sulla voce Salta e poi su quella denomtata Register now, located in correspondence with the writing Don't have a Supercell ID?. Then, to create your account, enter yours email address and press pulsating Subscribe; enter the code of confirmation contained in the email received from Supercell and press the buttons Send e Ok, in order to verify your identity and complete the registration.

    If you have any doubts or problems, please refer to my tutorial where I tell you more in detail about how to create a Supercell ID.

    Connect to Supercell Make

    After connecting your Brawl Stars account to the service Supercell ID, you must also connect the latter to the program Supercell Make, so that you can participate with your skin in one of the creative campaigns available.

    To get started, then connect to the official Supercell Make website and click on the button Login located in the upper right corner. At this point, type, in the text field that is shown to you, theemail address related to your account Supercell ID and click sul pulsating login.

    After that, confirm the verification of your identity through the code of confirmation that will be delivered to you via email and click the button Submit. Finally, to authorize the link between Supercell Make e Supercell ID, award-winning Confirm. Facile, see?

    Send the created skin

    After registering a Supercell Make you must sign up for your application to become a Maker di Brawl Stars, so that you can later send the skin you created as well.

    Therefore, on the main screen of the Supercell Make site, click on the button Become a Maker and, in the following text fields that are shown to you, type yours name (name), your last name (last name), Theusername and l 'email address (email address) related to your account and then press the button Next step.

    Then accept the terms and conditions of the service by ticking the appropriate item and clicking on the button Sign me up.

    Finally, to send the skin you created, you need to go to the section Campaigns> Brawl Stars, click one of the active campaigns and then press the button Submit your creationwhen this becomes available.

    How to create skins on Brawl Stars

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