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    How to make potions in Minecraft

    Preliminary information

    Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to make potions in minecraft, I think it might interest you to learn more about how everything is handled in the Mojang game.

    Well, you need to know that Minecraft makes available to players dozens of potions, some of which can be obtained in extended version, that is, that last longer than the "standard" ones and are created by merging one standard potion to the redstone dust.

    In addition, there are also some empowered potions, which allow you to make the most of their effect. The latter are obtained by combining the standard potion with the luminite powder.

    A further distinction can then be made based on the method by which the potions are used, which can therefore be defined normal (which are consumed from the quick inventory), castable (which can be used from a distance) e persistent (whose effect remains active in the place where they were activated for a few seconds).

    In any case, potions can be created through various recipes different from each other. For the normal potions use is made of elements such as Nether's Verruca, Fermented spider eye, Magma cream, Slice of glistening watermelon, sugar, Tear of ghast, Spider eye, Blaze powder, Puffer fish, Golden carrot e Rabbit's paw.

    La redstone dust and luminite powder, as previously mentioned, they must be added to the above elements to create, respectively, the extended potions and those enhanced.

    But it's not over yet: you need to know that the potions in Minecraft can be modified in two other ways. Using the gunpowder it is indeed possible to make castable a normal potion, while taking advantage of thefermented spider eye it's possible reverse its effect turning a positive potion into a negative one.

    In any case, theequipment you need to create potions is always the same: a Stilland Blaze powder it's a'Cruet of water (just have an ampoule and fill it through any watercourse).

    Since there are a lot of objects involved, I recommend that you rely on a comfortable one external tool to understand how to get them. Obviously, if you play in the Creative mode you already have all the elements in theInventory, but in Survival mode it is good to have some help.

    What I advise you to do is, to be precise, contact Minesearch: a site that allows you to discover the combinations to make various objects in Minecraft. To use it, just connect to the official MineSearch website, click on search bar present at the top right, type the nome dell'elemento you need and select the outcome relevant pi霉.

    By doing so, the combination required to get that element and you will certainly find it less difficult to find it. Convenient, right?

    How to make potions in Minecraft

    After showing you the potions available within Minecraft, I'd say it's time to take action and learn how to craft them. Below you will find all the details of the case.

    How to make all potions in Minecraft

    create all the potions present in Minecraft, the basic procedure is always the same, just simply change the "ingredients" involved, making the right combination.

    The first thing you need to do is, therefore, place a Still on the ground.

    After that, take aBlister, go near a River and fill it up, so that you get aCruet of water.

    At this point, interact with theStill and place a unit of Blaze powder. In the block at the bottom center, however, you have to place theCruet of water (in case you are creating a primary potion) or the potion required by the "recipe". Finally, at the top center you have to put theingredients (It is. Verruca of the Nether).

    By doing so, the still will begin to create your own potion and you can carry it inquick inventory. The "secret" to making potions in Minecraft is all here. However, it is useful to know all of the possible combinations, which I illustrate below.

    • Ordinary potion (no effect): Water bottle + Spider eye / Sugar / Ghast tear / Shimmer watermelon slice / Magma cream / Blaze powder / Rabbit's foot;
    • Strange potion (no effect): Water bottle + Nether wart;
    • Potion of Weakness (reduces attack damage by 0,25 hearts): Potion of Weakness + Fermented Spider Eye;
    • Thick potion (no effect): Water bottle + Luminite powder;
    • Potion of jump (duration 3 minutes, you jump half a block higher): Strange Potion + Rabbit's Foot;
    • Potion of Speed (duration 3 minutes, movement and jump increased by 20%): Strange Potion + Sugar;
    • Potion of regeneration (45 seconds duration, restores a heart every 2,4 seconds): Strange Potion + Ghast's Tear;
    • Potion of strength (3 minutes duration, increases attacks by 130%): Strange Potion + Blaze Dust;
    • Potion of fire resistance (duration 3 minutes, immunity to fire): Strange Potion + Magma Cream;
    • Potion of aquatic breathing (duration 3 minutes, infinite oxygen): Strange Potion + Puffer Fish;
    • Potion of night vision (duration 3 minutes, to see everything at its best): Strange Potion + Golden Carrot;
    • Potion of healing (recover two hearts): Weird Potion + Shiny Watermelon Slice.

    Perfect, these are all the major potions featured in Minecraft. For the rest, as I have already explained to you in the introductory chapter, it is possible "Modify them" in different ways: extending it (combining the basic potion with the Redstone dust), empowering (via the Luminite powder), making them castable (through the Gunpowder) or make them become negative (reversing the effect through theFermented spider eye).

    Just to give you a concrete example, joining the Potion of healing toFermented spider eye, you will have the potion of damage, which instead of treating you can inflict damage. Obviously, Minecraft is a game evolving and the various combinations may not always work, as there are many variables in the game, from the version of the title you have available to the changes made by the developers.

    How to make persistent potions in Minecraft

    A very common doubt among Minecraft fans is that relating to the creation of persistent potions, which have an effect that stays active for a few seconds on the ground.

    Well, in this case just follow the procedure I explained to you in the previous chapter. However, once the potion is created, you need to combine it with the Dragon Breath. The latter is obtained by "enclosing" the attack of the Ender Dragon in a 'Blister.

    I'll give you a concrete example by creating one persistent castable damage potion. To do this, you must first create one Strange potion, putting one on top Nether's Verruca and below aCruet of water.

    After that, you need to place the at the bottom Strange potion and at the top one Slice of glistening watermelon, in order to extract one Potion of healing.

    Next, put the bottom Care position and above theFermented spider eye, extracting the Potion of damage.

    Then, to make it launchable, place the Potion of damage and put at the top of the Gunpowder, extracting the result, that is the Throwing Potion of Damage.

    At this point, put the Throwing Potion of Damage and at the top the Dragon Breath, extracting the result, that is the Persistent potion of damage.

    Move the result toquick inventory and you will see that throwing it on the ground, theeffect of the potion will remain for a few seconds.

    Perfect, now you know everything there is to know about the possibility of create potions in Minecraft.

    Since you are interested in the title of Mojang, I also recommend that you consult the page of my site dedicated to Minecraft, where you can find countless tutorials that could be for you.

    How to make potions in Minecraft

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