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    How to register with your mobile

    How to record audio with mobile phone

    Let's start this discussion by looking first how to record audio with mobile phone using some apps for recording the sounds captured by the microphone, both included "standard" in Android and iOS and made by third parties.

    Android voice recorder

    How to register with your mobile

    To take advantage of the voice recorder present "standard" on Android, all you have to do is start the app named Recorder o Voice recorder (the name may change depending on the brand and model of device in your possession), by pressing on its icon on the home screen or in the drawer (the screen that groups the icons of all the apps installed on the device).

    Next, tap the button Rec which should be placed at the bottom of the screen to start recording. Once you have registered, you can stop it by pressing the button Stop, which is usually represented by the icon of a square and it is also placed at the bottom (on some smartphones it could be represented with other symbols, such as ).

    The file containing the audio recording just made will be automatically saved on the smartphone. To listen to it right now, you can press the button Play (the triangle icon appears at the bottom, in the center of the screen) and, if you intend to share the recording with other people, tap the button Share and select the sharing option you prefer.

    The indications I have just given you are valid in principle for all the predefined recorders available on Android, even if they may undergo some variations based on the app that the manufacturer of your smartphone has included in it.

    IOS Voice Memos

    How to register with your mobile

    Also on iOS there is a default voice recorder: of course I'm referring to the app Vocal Memo, characterized by a minimal interface (like all Apple branded software), which makes it extremely easy to use.

    To use it, start Voice Memos by pressing on its icon on the Home screen of your iPhone (it could be in the folder Extras) e pigia sul pulsating Rec, red dot located at the bottom of the screen, so you can start recording audio.

    When you want to do it, then stop the recording by tapping the button Stop (l'icona del red square which is at the bottom of the screen). If you have activated the extended version of the recorder interface (which is possible by swiping from bottom to top), you must first press the button Pause located at the bottom of the screen and then tap on the item end located at the bottom right. To listen to the recorded audio, instead, press the button Play placed in correspondence with the name of the registration.

    To share it, then, click on the button (...) located on the left of the registration card itself, tap on the item Share and then select the sharing mode that suits you best.

    App to record audio

    How to register with your mobile

    If the recorder included by default on Android and iOS is not to your liking, you can contact app to record audio made by third-party developers, such as those listed below.

    • Hi-Q MP3 Recorder (Android) - this is a voice recorder for Android that supports MP3, WAV, M4A, OGG and FLAC file formats, perfectly integrates with Dropbox. It also includes extra features, such as volume boost and stereo recording. In the free version it allows you to make recordings of a maximum duration of 10 minutes; to remove the limit you have to buy the paid version, which costs 3,89 euros.
    • Voice Record Pro (iOS / iPadOS) - this is one of the best audio recorders for iPhone and iPad, which features a beautiful retro style interface. It supports recordings in MP4, WAV and MP3 format, offers the ability to make stereo recordings, automatically skip silence times and synchronize recordings with various cloud storage services. To remove the advertising present in its free version, you need to purchase the paid version, which costs 7,99 euros.
    • FL Studio Mobile (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - if you've come to this guide with the aim of knowing how to record a song with your cellphone, this app is the best answer to your question. In fact, it is a semi-professional solution that offers many functions and tools dedicated to the manipulation of songs and audio recording, allowing you to export files in multiple formats. It costs 14,90 euros on Android and 14,99 euros on iOS / iPadOS. More info here.

    How to record a mobile conversation

    If your intent is to record a conversation with your mobile phone, the solutions listed below will surely be useful to you. Keep in mind that recording a call is not illegal, but you must not share it (except with the explicit permission of the people involved in it). Furthermore, the apps in question usually only work if you have enabled the conference service on your own line: contact your manager if you want to enable the function in question.

    Call Recorder (Android)

    How to register with your mobile

    If you have a smartphone Android and you want to record incoming or outgoing calls, I recommend using the app Call recorder, which is fit for purpose and can be used free of charge. Please note that, as stated by the app developer, it may not work on some devices. Also, be aware that call recording apps, like this one, they don't work on Android 9 and later, due to the new Google policies. Understood?

    After installing and launching Call Recorder on your device, press the green button OK placed at the top and grant it all the permissions it needs to work properly, by pressing on the item Allow four times in a row. Then press the green button OK, to close the opened box, start a new outgoing call or accept an incoming one and let the Call Recorder do the rest: the calls, in fact, will be recorded automatically, without you doing anything else.

    To listen to the conversations again, just tap on the title of the registration on the app screen and press the button Play, to reproduce it. To save the call as an MP3 file, press the button instead Save as MP3, and eventually share it, by clicking on the appropriate button sharing.

    REKK (iOS)

    How to register with your mobile

    Su iPhoneinstead, I recommend you try REKK, characterized by a user friendly interface, which greatly facilitates its use. The audio quality of the recordings is decent, but I point out that to work, it requires the activation of three-way calls, which as already mentioned before, you can enable by contacting your telephone operator. Basically REKK is free but, to access all its functions and record calls in an unlimited way, you need to subscribe to the 8,99 euro / month or 24,99 euro / year subscription.

    After installing and starting REKK on your "iPhone by" presses the button Start using REKK, write yours in the appropriate text field telephone number and then press the button Registration and, once received the code by which to confirm the telephone number entered, write it in the appropriate text field, then press the button Following.

    Next, move up ON the switches placed in correspondence with the items Microphone, Contacts e Notifications and grant the app the permissions it needs to function properly. To record an outgoing call, then tap the button Keyboard present on the main screen of the app and enter the number of the person you want to call.

    To record an incoming call, however, you simply have to answer, start REKK, tap on purple button depicting the microphone placed at the top and then press the button merge.

    Whether you have made an outgoing call or answered an incoming call, this will be automatically recorded and saved in the app: to listen to it, tap on the voice Logs located at the bottom (center) and select the registration say your interest.

    Other useful apps

    How to register with your mobile

    Below I will list others app to record conversations on Android and iOS: try them, if the solutions listed in the previous paragraphs were not to your liking, try the ones below.

    • RMC: Android Call Recorder (Android) - is a well-known free application, which works on many smartphone models (including older ones), but keep in mind that the recording quality may not be optimal if you have a low-end device.
    • Call recorder (Android) - is an app that allows you to automatically record incoming and outgoing calls, usable for free. The free version of the app features banner ads, which can be removed by activating the 1,19 euro / month subscription.
    • TapeACall (iOS) - one of the best apps to record calls on iPhone, but which is not supported by Vodafone and hence may not work if you have a red carrier SIM. It can be tested for free for 7 days, then costs 4,99 euros / month.
    • Super Call Recorder (iOS) - another app belonging to the category in question that works with all operators that support three-way calls. It can be tested for free for 7 days, then you have to subscribe to the 4,99 euro / three month subscription to continue to be used.
    How to register with your mobile

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