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    How will I configure Infostrada router

    Preliminary operation

    Before explaining how to proceed in order to configure the Infostrada router, it is a good idea to check that the device is correctly connected to the telephone socket and to the computer and that it is switched on.

    To do this, make sure that the telephone cable is plugged into the wall socket and into the appropriate input attached to the modem, that the appropriate light (usually colored green o yellow) in correspondence with the icon indicating the power supply (and if not, press the relative power button) and that the Ethernet cable has been inserted into one of the numbered ports of the modem and into the LAN port of the PC.

    If the router is wireless, just check that your computer is connected to the Wi-Fi network generated by the device simply by making sure that the Wi-Fi connection icon is present next to the clock in the dedicated area of ​​the system tray of the PC or Mac.

    Log in to the control panel of the router

    After carrying out all the above operations, turn on the computer, start your favorite web browser and connect to the IP address of the router by typing it in the address bar and then pressing the button Submit on the keyboard.

    If you don't already know the IP address of the modem, you can find out by looking at the back of the device where a label indicating the information in question should be attached. Otherwise, the IP address may be written on the router user manual included in the sales package. However, keep in mind that usually the router's IP address is or

    If the IP address of the modem is not indicated either on a label stuck on the device or in the user manual, do not worry ... you can locate it directly from the computer. How? Simple: following the steps below.

    • If you are using Windows you can know the IP address to access the modem control panel by typing cmd in the search field accessible by clicking on the button Home on the taskbar or in the appropriate field accessible from the top right of the Start Screen. Then press Submit to start the program that has been selected automatically. In the window that will open at this point, type the command ipconfig and then press the button Submit on your PC keyboard to get the complete list of addresses related to your connection. You will find the IP address of the modem next to the entry Default gateway.
    • If you are using OS X you can know the IP address through which you can access the modem management panel by clicking on the icon System preference (you can find the icon on the Dock, in the folder Applications or you can access it using the Launchpad) and then pressing on the item Network. In the window that will be shown to you at this point, select the name of the connection in use and click on the button Go ahead ... which is located at the bottom right. Then clicking on the tab TCP / IP you will find the address you need to connect to indicated next to the wording Router.

    Also note that to access the router panel you will need to type in a username and password. In most cases, the combination to use is admin / admin o admin / password but sometimes you have to use other settings. If so, you can take a further look at the router's user manual or the label affixed to it to find the right combination to use. If you are having difficulty, read my guide on how to find the modem and router password.

    Configure the router

    Once logged into the modem control panel, the initial device configuration procedure should start automatically. If this does not happen, try to locate the button to start it, for example the one with it written on it Configure, Setup o Wizard, and click on it.

    Generally the procedure for configuring the router is able to automatically identify the necessary parameters to be able to surf the Internet with Infostrada. Sometimes, however, this is not the case. If so, make sure the item is selected PPPoe / LLC as connection type e 8 e 35 eat value CPI e VCI. Also, if requested, type welcome in the field Usernameguest in the field Password. For some subscriptions it is possible that the correct parameters are PPPoA / VC-Mux as the connection type. For more details, you can consult the specific page on the Infostrada website and accessible by clicking here.

    At this point you can be satisfied: you have finally managed to complete the whole procedure by which to configure Infostrada router, congratulations! To check that everything went well, make sure that the modem configuration panel indicates that an Internet connection has been established and that the lights on the modem are all on and colored green o yellow.

    ADSL registration and services

    After having configured the Infostrada router, before you can freely roam the Web you will need to register your ADSL online. To do this, open a new tab of your favorite web browser and wait for the page to appear ADSL registration and services. If this page does not appear automatically, type in the address bar of the browser and presses the button Submit sulla tastiera of the computer.

    Now follow the online wizard that is shown on the screen by entering the number of the telephone line on which the Infostrada subscription has been activated and your e-mail address. He then accepts the conditions of the contract. If you have any doubts about it, I suggest you consult the appropriate page on the Infostrada website which you can access by clicking here.

    Finally, you will need to temporarily disconnect from the Internet. To do this, simply turn the router off and on again. Then wait until all the lights on the router are green again and then you can finally start surfing online with your router just configured for Infostrada ADSL.

    Further useful operations

    Now that you have finally managed to configure Infostrada router, there are a couple of other things I suggest you do in order to make the most of your modem as well as, of course, your Internet connection.

    First of all, considering that - as I have already mentioned - it is possible to access the router using a combination of generic username and password, any malicious persons could access the management panel of your modem with some ease and perform operations that are not exactly pleasant. to compromise the correct functioning of the device as well as the ADSL line. Therefore, I suggest you change this data and set your own.

    To do this, go to the section Maintenance Administration of the router, locate the form to change the username and password to access the modem panel and fill in the latter with data that cannot be easily identified. For more details, follow the instructions in my guide on how to change the password to the modem.

    If you have a router with Wi-Fi connectivity at your disposal, you will also need to set a password for accessing the wireless network. In order to prevent someone from sneaking into your Wi-Fi network and exploiting the Internet connection without your knowledge, I suggest you use a key type WPA2 / AES very long and that does not make sense. If you want to know more about it you can consult my guide on how to set wireless network passwords.

    If you then need to use programs such as eMule, uTorrent or other P2P software, I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on how to open the router ports. This is an operation that is of fundamental importance in order to make the most of this type of software and which, if neglected, can create many difficulties in using them.

    In case of problems

    Is something not clear to you and / or you need more information on how to configure Infostrada modems? You can click here to connect to the appropriate section of the operator's official website where you can find all the manuals for all the devices (Technicolor, Thomson, Huawei and so on) supplied to the company's customers and in which it is clearly indicated how to access certain types of routers and how to configure them correctly.

    In case of problems or difficulties you can also get in touch with Infostrada customer service in order to be able to understand if the difficulty you encountered is attributable to lack of practicality or to a failure of the device. To find out how to contact Infostrada customer service, see my tutorial on how to call the Wind operator.

    How will I configure Infostrada router

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