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    How will I create a Soci Book with Excel?

    Preliminary information

    Before exporting the essential steps to proceed with the creation of your own Register of Members in Excel, I think it is appropriate to make a brief overview of the function of this document: in this way you will already have clear ideas about his format and on fields that must be contained there.

    In associations non-profit the Shareholders' Register contains all the information useful for identifying the subjects who, at a given time, appear to have joined the association: it must be kept at one's own registered office, and it is essential to prove the associative life of the institution.

    Based on the quality of the member, in fact, certain di are attributed Rights e Duties: without prejudice to the universal obligation to respect the association's regulations indicated in Statute, a shareholder may also be entitled to take part, to intervene e vote in the context ofShareholders' Meeting.

    The document, therefore, must surely contain the data capable of uniquely identify the member, or name e last name, date e birth place, residence address, fiscal Code, role, dates of payments of the annual fee (with relative amount) and of theentry (with any card number) and, where applicable, also i contacts (e-mail or telephone number). It could also be useful to provide fields to register a possible exit from the association.

    The activity carried out by the associations towards their members allows access to some tax benefits: for this reason it is essential to keep track of all the movements concerning the members, whose membership of the body must follow a strict procedure, also for the purposes of a possible fiscal control.

    The aspiring member, in fact, must first fill out a application form in which, in addition to providing their data, they will declare to respect the regulation of the association also providing consent to privacy for the management of personal information. Subsequently, the Board of Directors will meet to approve or not his registration which, in the positive case, must be registered, in fact, in the Register of Members, with all the above information.

    How will I create a Soci Book with Excel?

    In the next paragraphs I will show you in detail how to create a Register of Members with Excel, referring to the famous software that can be installed on computers with operating system Windows o MacOS. If you do not yet have the program, in this guide you will find all the information you need for the download for free and l 'installation of the same.

    First, start the program and, on its home screen, click on the option Blank workbook in the section New, to access the document to be edited. Now, since the Membership Book is a dynamic document, which changes constantly over time, I'll show you one manual procedure for which it is not necessary to determine the range of the fields in advance.

    To begin, it is appropriate to establish immediately the names of the columns that will function as heading Fields: Double-click the field A1 to enter edit mode on the first box. It might be useful, for example, to insert as the first field the progressive number of the shareholder: type, then, the title progressive number, then press on field B1 and enter the next one (for example Your name). Continue like this to add as many headings as you need (see the Getting Started chapter for more information).

    I suggest you, regarding the payments of the annual fee, to create dedicated columns that have the value of the reference year as a header: for example Share for the year 2021, Share for the year 2022 and so on, possibly adding an additional column to also specify the precise date on which it occurred.

    If you see fields where the text is longer than the size of the box, you can automatically fit the cell width to the content: to do this, click on the top left corner with the arrow pointing inwards in the document to select the whole table, then locate in the box Rooms top menu item Size. Press on it and, from the context menu you see appear, click on the option Fit Column Width: you will notice that the size will be proportionate in relation to the content. Read more here.

    To distinguish the field header from the rest of the content and make a visually neater document, check the box A1 and, keeping the mouse pressed, drag it to the right until the last field created. Now, click on the menu Home and press on the arrow next to the filling tool of the color in the section Character (shows the symbol of a container pouring a color), then click on the colour you want to apply.

    If you want, also define the boundary header boxes, selecting the latter in the same way seen previously and pressing on arrow on the side of the instrument with the symbol of a square (located to the left of the color fill one), choosing a style of your liking in the same way. If you want, you can also do the same operation on the content section, perhaps defining a different style to distinguish them better.

    Now you can proceed to compilation of data of shareholders: the first three lines are intended for Founding members, which you can differentiate thanks to the presence of the field Role. I advise you to make sure that the numeric fields are formatted in the correct way: for example, to use a format suitable for the information of the date of birth, click on the relative letter of the column (the cursor will show a downward arrow when hovering the mouse) in order to select all the fields below, then press the right button inside the selected space and, from the contextual menu presses on the voice Celle format.

    In the window that appears, select the value Data under the panel Category and from the right pane choose the format that you consider suitable to show the information in question and press the button OK: From now on, all data entered under this column will be formatted the same way. Repeat the same operation with all the columns for which you deem it appropriate to apply a particular format by choosing the correct category (for example for the value of the quotas you can use the one called Currency).

    Finally, to save the Register of Members, click on the menu Fillet e seleziona l'opzione Save with name. Your PC with Windows choose the location to export the document to by clicking on the feature Shop by Department, which will open a window of File Explorer in which you can browse through the folders on your computer. Finally, press the button Save but I will complete the operation.

    Su Macinstead, you will be shown a window in which, by clicking on the menu Location, you can choose the folder where to export the document. When finished, press the button Save, to complete the save.

    How do you say? Does the procedure for manually creating the Register of Members seem too long to complete? If so, just search the Excel templates for a template that fits your purpose, for example this one. Then click on the button to download it and open it with Excel to start using it.

    How to create a Member Book with Excel Online

    You would like to learn how to create a Member Book with Excel Online, thus taking advantage of the free version available on the Net of the famous Microsoft software? I want to inform you immediately that you can easily create the document in question using the features offered by this resource, even if you will have an essential toolbar, less advanced than that of the software for Windows and macOS.

    To access Excel Online, connected to the main page of the service and press the button Log in, then sign in with your Microsoft account.

    You will then find yourself in the main screen of Microsoft Office Online. In the left panel there are all the applications made available and all you have to do is press the green icon of Excel to access the document creation screen and, on the following page, click on the option New blank workbook.

    Now you can proceed to the creation of the headings and the subsequent compilation of the fields, which takes place in the same way illustrated in the previous chapter. When finished, for export the document in local (which is still automatically saved to the OneDrive cloud), click on the menu Save e seleziona l'opzione Save with name, then press the button Download a copy from the panel that appears on the side: the file will be copied to the download folder of your PC.

    How to create a Shareholders' Book with Excel on smartphones and tablets

    If you want to have the possibility to fill in the Register of Members on the move, you can use theofficial Excel app, which is available for free download on devices up to 10.1 inches, both on Android (also check on alternative stores if your device does not have Google services) and iOS / iPadOS. Let's see, therefore, how to create a Shareholders' Book with Excel on smartphones and tablets. Remember, however, that this document it must always be available at the headquarters of the association for any checks.

    After downloading the app from the links mentioned above, by pressing the button Installa / Ottieni (on Apple devices, you may also be required to verify your identity via Face ID, touch ID o password dell'ID Apple), start it by pressing on its icon.

    On the first screen, tap on the symbol [+] (top left) to create a new document, then select the option Blank workbook: the table to be filled will be created immediately. Well, now you can get to work, knowing that the Excel interface on smartphones (which I will focus on in this chapter) is very compact and hides almost everything in a menu located at the bottom, while on tablets it is structured in tabs and is very similar to that of Excel for PC (so you can follow the directions I gave you before).

    So double tap on the first box, A1, and enter the header of the first field using the keypad that appears at the bottom, for example progressive number or the card number of the associate, then presses on the checkmark located at the top right to confirm. Repeat the operation on the following fields (B1, C1 and so on), by entering all the headings relating to the information you need for the Register of Members.

    Once you have completed the first header line, press on corner arrow, top left, for select the whole document and press down on the button with the symbol of a box inside which there is a lightning bolt with two arrows pointing to the right and left underneath, to adapt the width of the boxes to the content.

    If you want the header to have a colour different from the fields containing the data of the associates, check the box A1, then hold down the dot that delimits the lower right corner and drag it to the right to the last header made. Now press on color fill tool in the toolbar at the bottom (the symbol shows a container pouring color), then select the desired color.

    Obviously, in the same way you can attribute the style you want to the whole document, for example by alternating the color of the lines relating to the data of the associates for greater readability.

    To increase the thickness of the edges of the header repeat the same operation indicated above in order to select the fields in question, but this time press the up arrow, at the bottom right, and select the item Bordi, then presses on style that you consider suitable.

    Now you can start filling in the data of the associates, starting with the box A2: the data entry mode is the same as for the header. Also consider that the first three lines, as a rule, are dedicated to Founding members of the association.

    I suggest you fill in the numeric fields by giving them the right formatting: for example, to apply a format suitable for date of birth, press at the top on the letter of the relative column to highlight it all, then press the arrow at the bottom right and scroll through the available options with your finger until you find the item Format Number. Press on the latter, tap on the arrow next to the wording Data and presses on the format that you consider suitable.

    Now all that remains is export the document: press on three dots at the top right and select the item from the menu Save with name, then choose the position and, at the end, press the button Save, bottom right.

    Again, if you don't want to create the template manually, you can use a ready-made one by downloading it from the Internet.

    How will I create a Soci Book with Excel?

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