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    How will I create an NPC in Minecraft?

    Preliminary information

    How will I create an NPC in Minecraft?

    Su Minecraft there are many types of NPC which you can easily evoke via a specific command string. Don't know what an NPC is? Meanwhile, I warn you that with this term you do not necessarily have to identify the Villager, that is the characters who have similar features to your avatar.

    In fact, NPCs in video games refer to non-player characters (non-player character) which cannot be controlled by any player, as they are managed by artificial intelligence. Therefore, there are tons of NPCs in Minecraft, which include hostile creatures, Those neutral (which attack only if provoked) and those passive.

    It would be difficult to list them all, but below I will show you some that you might like to summon in your game session, including theirs. ID, for use in the commands that I will show you in the following chapters.

    • Villager: villager or minecraft: villager
    • Wandering merchant: wandering_trader or minecraft: wandering_trader
    • Enderman: enderman or minecraft: enderman
    • Iron Golem: iron_golem or minecraft: iron_golem

    The ID of an NPC can be easily found when compiling the summon command string, which I will tell you about in the next chapters. In fact, when you will be asked to enter the ID of the creature to summon, just type the initial characters of the type of NPC (in English), to see the suggestions of the automatic completion.

    Come create un NPC su Minecraft Java Edition

    How will I create an NPC in Minecraft?

    If you want to know how to make an NPC on Minecraft Java Edition, the historical edition of Minecraft for PC, you should know that this operation is easily done using the command console and, to be precise, using the command Summon.

    This command is generically used to summon any Minecraft entity, such as hostile, neutral and even passive NPCs. The command / summon it only asks for the type of NPC you want to summon as an argument.

    In reality, the string can also be completed with other arguments, such as the position in space and some tags that identify some characteristics, but I will focus on these arguments in the following paragraphs. For now, let's see how to use the command.

    First of all, any command on Minecraft Java Edition cannot be executed if the command console. To perform this operation you must first access the pause menu (by pressing the key Esc keyboard), select the item Open in LAN from the latter and set the item commands su Yes. If you want to know more about how to enable the command console on Minecraft, refer to my tutorial dedicated to the theme.

    Once this is done, open the game chat (by pressing the key T keyboard) and type the command string relating to the summoning of NPCs. Therefore, write the term first / summon and then add theNPC ID that you want to evoke, which I told you about earlier.

    For example, if you want to create a villager, the command you need to use is / summon minecraft: villager or / summon villager. This command will allow you to summon a villager in exactly the same location as your avatar.

    As I mentioned earlier in this chapter, you can also add additional arguments to the command Summon. For example, right after typing the ID, you can also enter the coordinates where you want the NPC to be summoned.

    I remind you that the symbol ~ instead of a numerical value it has the purpose of indicating the same coordinate in which your avatar is located. Therefore, indicate as a location ~~~ means that the NPC will have to be summoned at the same values ​​as X, Y e Z of the avatar.

    Another argument you can add after the position is i day NBT. These are specific parameters that vary based on the entity or command you are using. Just to understand, by using the correct NBT tag, for example, you can make sure to summon a villager with a specific profession.

    An example of a complete command string Summon is as follows: / summon villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData: {profession: farmer, level: 5, type: plains}} which aims to summon a villager with the profession of farmer at the highest level in the avatar position.

    About this topic and, in general, to make it easier for you to use the command Summon, I can recommend this online tool that will allow you to choose, from the appropriate drop-down menus, all the values ​​that you can set in this command based on the NPC you want to summon.

    How to make an NPC in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

    How will I create an NPC in Minecraft?

    You own Minecraft Bedrock Edition and want to know how to create NPCs on this version of the game (available for Windows 10, smartphones, tablets and video game consoles)? Well, basically the procedure to follow is not so different from the one I already explained to you in the previous chapter on the Java Edition.

    In fact, even in this case, the command to use is Summon, with the same NPC IDs I told you about in the introductory chapter. This means that if, for example, you want to summon a villager, you must use the command / summon minecraft: villager or / summon villager.

    I remind you, however, that the use of the commands is bound to the enabling of tricks. Therefore, pause the game and select the item Settings from the menu that opens. Then move to the tab Game and set on ON the lever next to the item Activate the cheats.

    The command Summon it can thus be used as I indicated in the example proposed in the previous paragraphs to summon an NPC in the position of your avatar. You can, however, add the coordinates by entering the values ​​of X, Y e Z. I remind you that if you put the symbol ~ instead of the numerical value, the same coordinate in which your avatar is located will be considered.

    Finally, the last argument accepted by the Summon command is lo Spawn Events. It is actually a recent implementation of arguments similar to day NBT of the Java Edition, more limited, but which allow you to summon NPCs with specific characteristics.

    To summarize what has been said so far, if you want to summon a villager with the farming profession using the same coordinates as your avatar, use the command string / summon villager ~ ~ ~ minecraft: become_farmer in the chat. Easy, right?

    In any case, to make it easier for you to use the command / summon su Minecraft Bedrock Edition, I can suggest you to use this online tool that allows you to configure the command in question and all the additional parameters without any difficulty.

    How to make an NPC in Minecraft PE

    How will I create an NPC in Minecraft?

    If you play Minecraft on smartphones and tablets and want to know how to create an NPC, know that the procedure to follow is very simple. Again, you will have to use the tricks, invoking the command Summon, which I have already spoken to you extensively in the previous chapters.

    Specifically, given that the edition of Minecraft PE for smartphones and tablets no longer exists and has long since been completely replaced by Bedrock Edition, you can refer to all the instructions I indicated in the chapter dedicated to this edition.

    How will I create an NPC in Minecraft?

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