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    How to create a certified e-mail

    PEC prices

    How to create a certified e-mail

    Let's start by immediately clarifying a doubt that assails many users: the certified e-mail is paid. The only free certified mail service available in the city was Posta Certificat @, which made it possible to communicate exclusively with the offices of the Public Administration; unfortunately, however, the initiative has been discontinued to date.

    In order to use a PEC it is now possible to subscribe annual passes with private operators, who can offer free trial months of the PEC, but later require the payment of a subscription anyway.

    How the PEC works

    How to create a certified e-mail

    Regardless of the operator chosen, to activate your PEC account you must register online and validate your identity, providing information such as fiscal Code or the VAT number.

    As far as the use of certified mail is concerned, on the user side it works like traditional mailboxes. This means that you can send and receive messages with legal value without the need to use special programs and without having to purchase authentication devices (eg smart cards).

    Speaking instead of the technical functioning of the PEC, it must be said that, automatically, each message sent is taken over by the sender's manager, validated (if respecting the technical standards required by certified mail), sent to the recipient's manager, subjected to a further check and finally delivered to the end user.

    How long does it take to carry out all these checks? A few seconds, and the user does not have to do absolutely anything. Once you have sent a PEC message, just wait a few seconds and, if everything went well, you will receive two notifications: one relating to theacceptance of the email from the manager and one concerning the . of the message to the recipient.

    PEC offers

    Now let's get to the point: in the next chapters I'll explain how create a certified email by subscribing to one of the offers of the main managers.

    How to create a certified email with Aruba

    How to create a certified e-mail

    Among the cheapest PEC services, but at the same time more complete and secure, there is certainly that of Aruba, a well-known your language company that has been operating for years in the sectors of online practices, Web hosting and the cloud.

    Aruba's PEC service is conveniently accessible from a browser, using a ‌Webmail modern, extremely easy to use and packed with Smart features, from mobile app for Android and iPhone / iPad with the same advanced features as Webmail and from email client third-party (via the IMAP protocol). It can count on the highest security standards, with multiple antivirus and antispam, blocking of attachments with unsafe extensions, compliance with the GDPR for the processing of personal data, use of the secure TLS 1.2 protocol and continuous analysis on potential vulnerabilities.

    In addition to all this, the PEC of Aruba offers the possibility to read the electronic invoices and can be used to activate the digital home (mandatory for companies and professionals from 1 October 2020, to receive communications from the PA).

    It is proposed with different plans suitable for all needs: the basic plan, PEC Standard, costs 5 euros + VAT / year (the first year, then 7,90 euros + VAT / year) and includes a 1GB PEC mailbox with unlimited traffic, message size up to 100MB and 500 recipients included in a single mailing, receipts of successful / non-delivery, legal validity and non-repudiation of sent / received messages, email notifications, receipt and sending of non-certified emails, filters and rules for messages and 24-hour support.

    Plan PEC Pro instead it costs 25 euros + VAT / year, it includes all the advantages of the Standard plan but with 2GB of space, notifications via SMS and the 3GB security archive; finally, the plan PEC Premium costs 40 euros + VAT / year and includes all the benefits of the Pro plan plus 8GB of storage space. You can then activate the PEC on domain with prices starting from 7,90 euros + VAT / year if you already have a domain on Aruba.

    How to create a certified email with Poste cittàne

    How to create a certified e-mail

    Postecert by Poste cittàne also has very affordable prices and its plan is an example of this PEC Private base which costs 5,50 euros + VAT per year and includes a 100MB mailbox with 200 mailings per day.

    As for companies, however, there are plans PEC Base e Advanced PEC Business which have variable prices to be budgeted with the commercial management and include five PEC accounts with 1GB of space and 200 daily mailings.

    If you are a private individual and want to open a PEC account with Poste cittàne, connect to the official website of the service and click on the item Buy your PEC mailbox online. Then log in to your account on the Poste cittàne website (or create a new one by clicking on the item Subscribe) and follow the instructions on the screen to open your certified mailbox.

    At the end of the procedure, you will need to validate your identity by sending the signed PEC contract and a copy of a valid identity document to Poste cittàne. Once activated, you can configure the PEC on your favorite email client (eg. Outlook, Thunderbird o Apple Mail) with the IMAP or POP3 parameters you find here.

    How to create a certified email with KOLST

    How to create a certified e-mail

    Another certified mail service that is certainly worth considering is that of KOLST, which offers truly competitive prices and offers a series of really interesting functions.

    KOLST's entry level plan is the one called Smart, which for 5 euros per year + VAT offers a 1GB mailbox on the or domain, unlimited mailings, access via Webmail, virus check and email alerts.

    A step up is the floor Domain 5, which for 10 euros per year + VAT adds the possibility of having a custom domain and 5GB of storage. Finally, there is the “top” plan called Domain 10 which, at a cost of 30 euros per year + VAT, offers all the advantages of the plan Domain 5 with notification of receipt, even via SMS.

    To activate a certified mailbox with KOLST, connect to the company's official website and click on the button Buy Now placed under the name of the plan you are interested in, then choose the domain namepiggy back his Verifica and follow the wizard to activate the address.

    For configuration in traditional mail clients, refer to the instructions on this web page (visible by clicking on the item I need to configure the boxes in my schedule. What are your PEC mail servers?).

    How to create a certified email with Libero

    How to create a certified e-mail

    Libero Mail PEC offers everything you need to receive and send e-mails with legal value (both for private users and companies) with two plans to choose from: Family PEC da 14,99 euros / year (VAT included) which includes 1 PEC box with 1GB storage space e PEC Unlimited da 25 euros / year + VAT with 1 PEC box and unlimited space.

    To create a Libero Mail PEC mailbox, all you have to do is connect to the main page of the service and first click on the button activate and then Create account, in order to register for the service.

    Once this is done, fill out the form that is proposed to you, entering all your personal data, such as the fiscal Code or the VAT number, and completes the procedure for activating certified mail, sending the documentation signed Libero and associating it with a copy of the front and back of the identity card or the substitutive declaration of certification (only for companies and sole proprietorships). The POP3 / IMAP parameters to be entered in the clients are available on the manager's website.

    How to create a free certified e-mail

    You are undecided about buying a paid PEC plan and would like to know if it is possible to try for free service? The answer is yes: some PEC managers, like the ones I will tell you about in the next paragraphs, offer a free trial period. Therefore, follow the instructions I am about to give you, to activate a PEC for free, albeit for a limited period of time.

    How to create a certified email with LegalMail

    How to create a certified e-mail

    To be taken into consideration for free PEC is LegalMail which, with its plan Silver, offers 6 months of free certified mail with 8GB of space, security archive, mobile access and SMS notifications. After the trial period the service costs 39 euros + VAT per year.

    Alternatively, you can subscribe to the plan Bronze which is cheaper (25 euros per year + VAT), offers a 5GB mailbox with security archive, mobile access and SMS notifications, but does not include any free trial period. The most expensive plan is the plan Gold which, for 75 euros per year + VAT, offers a 15GB mailbox with security archive, mobile access and SMS notifications.

    As easily understood from the prices, LegalMail it is a service mainly oriented to professionals and to those who, more generally, need to use certified mail intensively.

    That said, if you are one of these subjects or if, in general, you are interested in opening the PEC box of Legalmail, click on the button try free and check the availability of the PEC address, using the text field Box Name

    Fatto ciò, first prize Proceed and complete the process of activating your account by registering for the service (Create an account). At this point, you just have to fill in the forms that are proposed to you and send the required documentation (the signed contract and the identity card) to InfoCert.

    At the end of the activation process, you will be able to access your PEC account from a browser, smartphone / tablet and any email client for PC. In this regard, the IMAP and POP3 parameters to be used can be found on the website of the operator.

    How to create a certified email

    How to create a certified e-mail is another service that allows you to have a certified mailbox free for 6 months. The plan that includes the free trial is Agile PEC which normally costs 33,90 euros + VAT per year and includes a 2GB mailbox plus mobile access and SMS notifications. Alternatively there is the plan PEC Single which for 34 euros / year offers a 3 or 5GB mailbox, mobile access and SMS notifications.

    Having said that, however create a certified email with, connected to the company's official website, click on the button Activate for free placed under the floor name Agile PEC. Then accept the terms and conditions of use of the service, by placing the check mark on the relevant boxes, and presses the button Proceed.

    At this point, to conclude the procedure, you just have to fill in the form that is proposed to you with all your personal data and the data ofPEC address that you intend to create. When the operation is completed, verify your identity by sending the required documentation to and configure the PEC in your e-mail client, using the IMAP / POP3 parameters you find on this web page. In case of non-renewal, after the free trial there is a setup fee of 9,90 euros to be paid.

    Other offers PEC

    How to create a certified e-mail

    Would you like to evaluate the tariff plans of other companies that offer the possibility of purchasing a PEC? In this case, in addition to consulting the official list of managers authorized to provide PEC services on the website of the Digital City Agency, you can take a look at the other PEC offers listed below.

    • Virgilio PEC: Virgilio's PEC service proposes the plan Personnel from 14,99 euros / year with 1GB of space and the plan Infinity from 30 euros + VAT / year with unlimited space.
    • KeliWeb: is among the hosting companies that offer plans for the purchase of a PEC. The rates are as follows: Basic (costs € 9 + VAT / year and allows you to obtain a PEC with domain, For (costs € 28,90 + VAT / year and allows you to obtain a PEC with third level domain) e Full (costs € 28,90 + VAT / year and allows you to obtain a PEC on a personalized domain).
    • Netson: this famous hosting company also gives the possibility to purchase a PEC, proposing the following tariff plans: PEC Base (costs € 10 + VAT per year and allows you to obtain a 1GB PEC), PEC Pro (the cost is € 50 + VAT per year to get a 2GB PEC and 3GB storage space) and PEC Top (it is the most expensive plan with a price of € 80 + VAT per year that allows you to get a 2GB PEC and 8GB storage space).

    Article created in collaboration with Aruba.

    How to create a certified e-mail

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