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    How to create a private session on GTA

    How to create a private session in GTA Online

    You want so much create a private session on GTA, so you find yourself in the game on GTA Online only with people you already know but don't know how to do this? In this case, know that there are several solutions that you can put into practice and allow you to avoid being in the lobby with strangers. Which? You will find all the details in the next chapters.

    I warn you that all the procedures that I will indicate to you in the rest of this guide will refer to the online mode of GTA 5 accessible from Story. By going directly into online mode from the main GTA 5 screen, you will be taken to a public session instead.

    Create a solitary session

    Among the different types of sessions you can create in GTA Online, there is the one in solitaria. This mode allows you to enter the lobby without any other player having access to it. This way, you will be able to explore the GTA Online map and perform certain activities without being disturbed by other players.

    The downside of this is that many businesses will be closed to you. For example the network Securoserv it will not be available in non-public sessions: in this case, you will not be able to use the computer to start the CEO missions, which I have told you about in detail in this guide. You will also not be notified of any new activities initiated by other players.

    create a solo session in GTA Online, from mode Story of GTA 5, access the game pause menu and move to the tab Online. From the side menu, then select the item Play GTA Online e scegli l'opzione Lonely session.

    When the warning is shown to you, press the key OK and wait for the GTA Online. The loading times will certainly be much shorter than those usually expected for the public session. After you enter the game world, you will be able to perform all the activities available in the private session.

    Create an invite-only session

    If you want to play solo but don't want to be barred from some of the activities available on GTA Online, as I have already explained to you in the previous chapter, you can create a session by invitation.

    This is a mode that allows you to enter the lobby on your own, but with the ability to invite other players to join your session. You have no limitations on the types of activities you can carry out, but those linked to public sessions will certainly be precluded.

    Anyway, for create an invitation-only sessionavvia GTA 5 in mode Story and access the pause menu. At this point, select the items Online> Play GTA Online> Invite Only Session and premium tasto OK, to confirm.

    Doing so will log you into GTA Online in a session where you will be on your own, but you will be able to invite players. How to do? From the game menu, go to the tab Friendsselect il friend's name to invite and press on invitation button, to send the entry request. Easy, right?

    Create a closed friends session

    A friends session closed it is conceptually a similar mode to the one seen in the previous chapter, relating to the invitation-only session: in both cases, the result is that only friends will be able to participate in the session you have created.

    The substantial difference between the two modes, however, is based on the fact that in the closed friend session your friends can freely enter, without you having to send them any invitation. This means that anyone on your GTA Online Friends List will have free access to your game session.

    While the invite-only session is more convenient, as it allows you to play solo and decide which friends to join, the friends session closed it can be a valid alternative in case you have problems sending invitations.

    By doing this, your friends will be able to freely access your session without having to wait for the invitation to be received which, in the event of some server error, may never arrive.

    To access this session, from the mode Story di GTA 5, access the pause menu and select items Online> Play GTA Online> Friends Session Closed, then confirming everything using the key OK.

    In order for your friends to access the session you just created, they will need to open the game menu of GTA Online, select the tab Friends, locate yours nickname and then press the appropriate button to enter your session.

    Create a crew session

    If you are part of a crew and you want to play only with members of the same, you can create a private session with them. How? In the same way as I explained to you in the previous chapters!

    All you have to do is start the mode Story di GTA 5 and then select the items Online> Play GTA Online from the menu. At this point, you have two types of sessions available: Crew session e Closed crew session.

    The first mode (Crew session) allows you to create a session that players from both your own and other crews can join. The maximum number of crews that can access the session is set at 4.

    The mode Closed crew sessioninstead, it allows you to only have members who are part of your crew join your session. The type of session to create depends on what your needs are and the activities you will have to carry out with your crew.

    Create a business privately

    If, on the other hand, your goal is to create an activity that you can play alone or only with your friends, in the next paragraphs I will explain in detail how to do this.

    First, launch the game menu and select the tab Online. At this point, from the side menu, choose the items Activities> Start Activities> Rockstar Created and use the categories that are shown to you to identify the activity in which you want to try your hand.

    After selecting it, press the button OK in the alert you see and wait for the task configuration menu to load. After customizing the mission to play, using the parameters that are shown to you, press on the item Confirm settings, to access the section relating to invitations.

    Now, to play an activity alone or with your friends, set the value Closed at the entry Waiting room and then choose who will participate in the activity. The options My friends e My crew members allow you to access, respectively, the list of friends and crew members that you can invite to the activity you want to play.

    This way, you will only be able to play the activity with people you know, without necessarily having to be with strangers. In case the activity can be started solo, you can simply press the option Play, without sending any invitation.

    How to create a private session on GTA

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