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    How to make notes on Facebook

    Preliminary information

    Before actually seeing how to make notes on facebook, my golden seed fornirti alcune preliminary information about the function in question, which you cannot fail to know before delving into the heart of this guide.

    First, I want to tell you that the function Notes of Facebook is only available for private profiles and can only be used by the Web version of the social network. This means that if you want to act as a mobile, instead of using the social network app (available for Android and iOS), you will need to access the web version of Facebook directly from the browser.

    With regard to Facebook pages, however, know that for these there is not a real function that allows you to create textual notes, while there is a feature that offers the possibility of creating a note only, to be used as the story of the page (not to be confused with the Facebook Stories function), in order to provide some more information about it.

    Without these necessary clarifications, if you have no other doubts, I would say not to waste any more precious time and to take action immediately. Do you agree? Perfect, then let's proceed!

    How to create notes on Facebook profile

    If it is your intention to know how to create notes on Facebook profile, read on: find all the information you need right below.

    Smartphones and tablets

    If you prefer to act from smartphone or tablet, open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet (eg. Google Chrome your android or Safari on iPhone / iPad) and paste in address barabove, the address

    If you are reading this article from your mobile device, you can go to the page in question by tapping on this link. Of course, if you haven't done so yet, you need to log into your Facebook account.

    At this point, tap the blue button Write a note, at the top of the page (center), and fill in the text fields Title e Text with the information you want to include in the note. Once this is done, open the drop-down menu Privacy located a little further down, select the privacy option you prefer to use (eg. All, Friends, Only me, etc.) and, as soon as you are ready to do so, tap the blue button Public, to share the note in your diary.

    Furthermore, by activating the site view in desktop mode, you can add a note to the photo. If you use Google Chrome, you can request the desktop site by pressing the button with i three dots and selecting the voice Request desktop site from the menu that opens. If you use Safari, instead, you have to tap on the button depicting the freccia rivolta verse l'alto and select the icon Request desktop site give the menu check if you press.

    Once the site is activated in desktop mode, to add the cover photo to the note created, all you have to do is press the button Drag or click to add a photo and select the image of your interest (if you intend to upload a new one from your device, you have to press the button Upload a new photo). Finally, click on the button Public, so as to publish the complete photo note in your diary.


    If you prefer to proceed from computer, you have to follow practically the same steps that I indicated in the previous chapter. Connect, therefore, to the main Facebook page and log in to your Facebook account; then open your profile page by clicking on you don't know in the top bar, click the tab Other located immediately below the cover image and select the item Notes give the menu visualizzato.

    On the page that opens, click the button Add note located in the upper right part of the box Notes and fill out all parts of the form that is proposed to you. Then type the name you want to give the note in the field Title, and the body of the note, in the text field Write something….

    To add a cover photo to the note, then, click the button Drag or click to add a photo and select one of the available photos, to use it as a cover image. Alternatively, upload one new photo from your PC, by clicking on the appropriate button you see on the screen.

    Do you want to add a photo inside your note or a text link? To do this, after clicking anywhere in the text entry field, click the button capacitor positive (+) lead that appears on the left and, in the menu that opens, selects the item Gallery, to add a photo to the note, or select the option Incorporates, to add a hyperlink. By clicking on the button Instead, you can format the text by choosing one of the options available to insert, for example, a bulleted or numbered list or a subtitle.

    Once you have completed writing your note, you can decide who can read it and who not via the drop-down menu Privacy (the default is All, but you can also choose Friends, Only me, etc.). As soon as you are ready to do this, publish the created note in your diary by clicking on the button Public.

    If you do not want to publish the note immediately but simply save it as a draft, click on the button Save.

    All the notes you create - both those published and those saved in draft - will be visible in the section Notes, reachable by going to the your profile and then clicking on the items More> Notes.

    Should you ever need to edit a note, click on it preview e poi pigia sul pulsating Edit note, in the box that opens. Once a note is open, you can also delete it: to do so, click the button Delete, located at the bottom left of the opened box, and then confirm the operation by clicking on the button Confirmation.

    Please note: Although there is a Facebook application for Windows 10, it is not currently possible to create notes with it.

    How to create notes on Facebook page

    You are wondering if it is possible create notes on a Facebook page? As I have already explained to you a few lines above, in the current state of things it is not possible to do this. The only thing that can be done is to create a sort of textual note in which to insert the history of the page and what it represents (for example the history of the company or of the person to whom the page is dedicated).

    At the time this guide was written, however, this function seems to be temporarily unavailable: when it is made available again by Facebook, I will update the article by providing detailed instructions on how to best use it.

    How to make notes on Facebook

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