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    How to create PDF from Word

    Create PDF from Word

    Do you want to create PDF files using Word but don't know how to do it? Then follow the instructions on what to do that you find below. In the following lines, in fact, I proceeded to explain how to carry out the operation in question using all the versions of Word for computers, Word Online and the app Word Mobile for smartphones and tablets. It's child's play, don't worry!

    Word 2010 or later

    If on your computer, Windows o MacOS that is, you are using one of the most recent versions of Microsoft Word, namely Word 2010 or later versions, find the PDF export function included directly in the program. This means that to create documents in this format you do not need to install add-ons, nor do you need to resort to external software.

    All you have to do is, after opening or editing your text document, click on the button Fillet located at the top left, select the item in the screen that opens Export attached to the sidebar (always on the left) and press the button Create PDF / XPS. So choose which folder to export the document in PDF format, give it a name by typing it in the appropriate text field and click on Public but I will complete the operation.

    If you want to get a compact size PDF (perhaps for easier online distribution), put the check mark next to the item Minimum dimensions located at the bottom right of the document saving window. In this case, however, keep in mind that the visual quality of the file will be lower than the standard quality.

    Word 2007

    Also Word 2007 includes a function to export files in PDF format, however in the very first versions of the program it may be necessary to use a Microsoft plugint (free).

    To create a PDF with Word 2007 you need to click on logo of Office at the top left, select the item Save with name from the menu that appears and set the drop-down menu Save eat (at the bottom, in the window that opens) on the option PDF.

    If the PDF option is not present in the menu, it means that Word does not yet have support for this type of file. To enable it, you must, as anticipated, connect to the Microsoft website and download the 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in Saving in PDF or XPS format by clicking on the button Download. If you are offered to download other software, decline by clicking on the appropriate button located at the bottom right.

    When the download is complete, open the file by double clicking on it SaveAsPDFandXPS.exe just got it, presses the button Run in the window you see appear on the desktop and put the check mark next to the item Click here to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms. At this point, click on the button Continue, wait for the plugin installation to be completed and press the button OK.

    Now, repeat the procedure seen together in the previous step for create PDF from Word and you should find the option related to PDF files in the program's drop-down menu.

    Word Mobile

    How to create PDF from Word

    Also with Word Mobile, the Word app available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile, you can succeed in your intent, acting directly from your smartphone and tablet and for free, as long as you use 10.1-inch devices or smaller (if you use a device that is more large must be subscribed to Office 365) and after logging in to yours Microsoft account.

    To use it, download and start the application on your device, log in with your Microsoft account, tap on the item apri that you find at the bottom of the screen and open the Word file on which you want to intervene (you can take it from the device memory, from OneDrive or from another god supported services).

    Once the editor is displayed, click on the button [...] in alto a destra, select the voice Export from the screen that is shown to you, presses on the item PDF (* pdf) and choose the name you want to give the document and the location for the output. That's all!

    Of course, you can also convert Word files that you have written on the spot to PDF. In this case, after viewing the main screen of the app, tap on the icon Blank document, draw up your file and then proceed in the same way as I indicated earlier.

    Programs to create PDF from Word

    You don't want to use Word but still need to create PDF files starting from documents in DOC or DOCX format? Then I am happy to let you know that you can also do this by contacting "third party" programs. If you are interested in this, continue reading, you will find below what I believe to be the best software in the category.

    LibreOffice (Windows / macOS / Linux)

    How to create PDF from Word

    The first among the "alternative" tools to create PDF from Word that I invite you to consider is LibreOffice. Haven't you ever heard of it? Strange, he is very famous. However there is no problem, let's fix it right away. It essentially represents the free and open source counterpart of Microsoft Office, as well as one of the best free alternatives to the latter. It works on Windows and macOS and, of course, I chose to tell you about it because it also integrates a special function useful for the purpose of this guide.

    To use it, first connect to the LibreOffice download page and click the button Scaricate la versione xxx.

    A scaricamento avvenuto, is stai using Windows, april il .msi files obtained and click the button Run in the window you see appear on the desktop. Then press the button NEXT, select the option Typical and click the button again NEXT and on the one with it written Install. Complete the setup by clicking on the buttons Yesend.

    Se, invece, stai using MacOS, april il package .dmg obtained and drag the icon of LibreOffice in the folder Applications. Then right click on it and select the item apri twice in a row, in order to start the program going to circumvent Apple's limitations towards non-certified developers (an operation that must be carried out only at the first start).

    After completing the above steps, go back to the LibreOffice website and click on the button Translated user interface, in order to download the your language translation of the suite. Once the download is complete, close LibreOffice, open the package LibreOffice_xx_MacOS_x86-64_langpack_it.dmg just downloaded, right click on the executable LibreOffice Language Pack, select the voice apri from the menu that appears, and press the buttons apri e Install. Then select the item /Applications/ from the window that opens and click the button Install. If you see a warning about permissions appear, press the button Yes, identify me, type the Password of your user account on macOS and click on the button OK per due volte di row.

    Now that, regardless of the operating system used, you see the main LibreOffice window on the screen, click on the entry Open file located in the left sidebar and open the Word file you want to become a PDF. Then select the menu Fillet (top left), click on the item Export as and on that Export to PDF format.

    Finally, adjust (if you want) the settings relating to resolution, compression and so on using the options in the additional window that appears, click on the button Export, choose the location on your computer where you want to store the output file and press the button Save. It was easy, wasn't it?

    PDF Editor / PDF Creator (Windows / macOS)

    How to create PDF from Word

    As an alternative to the program I have already told you about, you can turn to the software PDF Editor (for Windows) e PDF Creator (for macOS), both developed by the SkySoft software house. The first integrates many tools to edit and convert files to and from the PDF format, while the second is used only for conversion. Note that these are paid resources (the software for Windows costs $ 99,95, while the one for macOS $ 39,95), but before proceeding with the purchase you can try the trial version that allows you to process a file for time and add a watermark on the output documents.

    To download PDF Editor on Windows, connected to the program's website and click on the button Free Trial. When the download is complete, start the .exe file obtained and, in the window that opens, presses the button Si, then on the button install and on that Start Now.

    Once the main screen of PDF Creator is displayed, press the button Open File located on the left and select the Word file you want to convert to PDF. Then click on the menu Fillet on the toolbar, select the option Save As from the menu that opens and indicates the location on your PC in which to save the final document. Finally, type the name you want to assign to the PDF and press the button Save.

    Stai using MacOS, connect to this other web page and click on the button Free Trial. Successively, apri il package .dmg ricavato e trascina l 'program icon in the folder Applications of macOS. Then right click on it and choose the item apri twice in a row, in order to open the program going to circumvent the limitations imposed by Apple on non-certified developers (an operation that must be performed only at the first start).

    Now that the software window is displayed, click on the button to proceed with the use of the free trial and drag and drop the Word files that you intend to convert to PDF into it. Wait for the chosen elements to be processed, click on the button Crea and specify the location on your Mac to save the final file. Et voila!

    Pages (macOS)

    How to create PDF from Word

    If you are using a Mac, you can convert your Word files to PDF via Pages, the word processing program made available by Apple for its users. It is basically a kind of Word for macOS. It is pre-installed on most of the latest generation “bitten apple” computers but, if this is not the case, it can be downloaded at no cost from the Mac App Store.

    To use it for your purpose, open the Word file you want to work on with Pages, select the item Fillet located at the top left of the menu bar and choose options Export as> PDF.

    In the additional window that appears on the desktop, adjust (if you want) the image quality using the relative drop-down menu, click on the button NEXT, choose the location to save the converted document and press the button Export.

    Online services to create PDF from Word

    You don't have the Office package installed on your computer but the idea of ​​using Word Online or downloading alternative programs to create PDF from Word doesn't appeal to you? Then try i web services that I have provided to indicate to you right below. You can use it directly and comfortably from the browser window, without having to install absolutely anything on your computer and for free.


    How to create PDF from Word

    Cometdocs is a no-cost Webapp with which you can convert PDF files to Word by working on a maximum of 3 documents per week for a total of 100 MB of data per day. It does not require registration (although by creating an account on the service it is possible to take advantage of some advantages) and protects the privacy of users by automatically deleting the files that are uploaded to its servers.

    To use it, connected to its main page, click on the button Upload at the top left and select the file to be transformed into Word. Alternatively, upload the files via drag and drop, dragging the ones on which you intend to go and intervene in the browser window. If the files are located on Google Drive or on dropbox, you can take them directly from there, by clicking on the menu Import files from (always at the top left) and choosing the reference service.

    Once the upload is complete, click on the tab Convert and drag theword file icon in the box that appears below, then select the item to PDF (pdf) from the central menu, type yours email address in the field Enter your email located on the right and click on the button Convert.

    Within a few minutes, you will receive an email with the link to download the transformed file and clicking the button Click here to download your file you can start the download.


    How to create PDF from Word

    SmallPDF is an online service that allows you to edit and convert PDFs in various ways. It is very easy to use and protects users' privacy by automatically deleting all documents that are uploaded to its servers. The only thing to consider is that you can only use it for free for 14 days (after registration), after which it costs 10 euros / month or 90 euros / year.

    To use it, go to the main page of Smallpdf and drag the file on which you want to intervene in the box where it says Drop the Word file here. If you prefer to upload manually, click on the link Choose File and select the Word files on your computer. Please note that you can also upload files from your account dropbox o Google Driveby clicking on the related icon and logging in.

    Then wait for the conversion procedure to be started and completed, then click on the button Download the File to, in fact, download the converted file to your computer. Alternatively, click on the buttons with the icons of Dropbox or Google Drive, to transfer the converted document directly to one of the cloud storage services in question.

    App to create PDF from Word

    How to create PDF from Word

    At the beginning of the guide, in the steps specifically dedicated to how to export text documents opened in Word to PDF files, we have seen that this is also feasible from mobile, using, in fact, the Word Mobile app. In addition to this as I have already indicated, you can also do this by resorting to the use of some uses specifically dedicated to converting from DOC or DOCX to PDF format. If this interests you, here below you will find the ones that in my opinion constitute the best resources in the category.

    • PDF Conversion Suite (Android) - app only for Android devices through which you can create PDFs starting from Word documents and other types of files. It is free, but some additional functions must be unlocked via in-app purchases (starting at 2,59 euros).
    • Word to PDF Converter (Android) - as the name implies, it is an application that does only one thing but does it very well: convert Word documents to PDF in a few taps. Note that it also allows you to intervene on RFT files. Free.
    • Document to PDF (iOS) - application usable only on iOS that is able to do only one thing but great: convert Office documents, including Word files, into PDF files. It is free and also very simple to use.

    Finally, I would like to point out that, to carry out the operation covered by this guide, the default print function of Android and iOS. Both mobile platforms, in fact, include a virtual printer that allows you to export any printable content to PDF. For more information, I refer you to reading my guide on how to print in PDF.

    How to create PDF from Word

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