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    As I said, memes are very fashionable on the Internet and the first thing you need to think about to create one is a very funny and humorous phrase. There are many image databases that you can consult on the Internet, from which to take inspiration to create a meme. The first website that I recommend to see examples of memes and to create one is the site.

    Connect to the site via the browser of your choice; you may notice that it presents a very simple and minimal user interface, although in English language. You can scroll the page endlessly to see all the memes created by other users. The key with the symbol of two intertwining arrows is the key Random; if you click on it, you will see an image of a random meme, randomly selected from the site. If you want to create a meme, what you need to do is press the button Caption a Meme. The site screen that is shown to you allows you to create a meme based on a database of images of popular memes.

    The descriptions on the photos that you can read refer to the type of memes. For example, the meme depicting the child, called Success Kid, it is usually used as a background to create memes with ironic phrases that speak of a success, even better if unexpected. Another popular meme example you can find in this database is the one called First World problem. The image depicts a woman crying and is used to ironically express her sadness about a problem that she considers insurmountable. If you press the button Upload your own image to caption, you may notice that it is also possible to create a meme from scratch. Just upload your favorite background image for your meme from your computer.

    If you chose the base image for your meme from the preset wallpaper database, click on it. Now, Quick Meme will ask you to login with Facebook. Click on the button Login with Facebook to do it (you will then be asked to enter your Facebook email and password) and press Continue when required.

    Done? Good. You now have access to the meme's text editor. In the first white box you can write the title of the meme and in those below, you can write the sentence of your meme. The suggestion I can give you to create a meme is to think of an extremely funny or humorous joke that can be expressed in short sentences, usually with two. As with jokes, the funny sentence must be short as a kind of pun, even better if contained in the second part of the meme.

    Are you done? Optimal. Now press the button Create. Compliments! You have created your first meme. If you want to save the image you created, just press the right mouse button and click Save image as. This will save the image on your computer and you can share it wherever you want.


    Another popular site that allows you to create custom memes is Connect to the site to explore the drop-down menu Create and click on the entry Trending, dedicated to the most used background images for meme creation. Also in this case, the long gallery of images presents a title that refers to the type of meme.

    Have you chosen the background image you want to use? Click on it to access the screen of creation of the meme. Alternatively, if you click the button Upload your own image, you can load the background image from your computer that you prefer. At any point of editing, if you change your mind and want to do it all over again, just click on one of the popular background images, located inside the box. You Memes.

    By using the site, you have more customization options for writing your meme. Once you've typed your meme text, click on the writing Show Options to view some text formatting options. In fact, you can choose the font size, the alignment of the text, change the font or even add additional boxes for inserting text. Take your time to create your meme. The result must be a cartoon that makes you laugh, so let your creativity run wild.

    If in doubt, just scroll down to see some examples of popular memes created using the same background you selected. When you are done press the button Generate Meme. If you want to save the image you created, just press the right mouse button again and click Save image as. This will save the image on your computer and you can share it wherever you want.


    If you want to create memes but are unfamiliar with the English language, you can use the site. The site is also used to create images or cartoons of various types and you can also use it for create memes, as it has a large database of meme background images. Click the box Create a meme to start creating your meme.

    To create your meme you have a lot of predefined backgrounds available. Click on the section Famoso o Trendy to start creating your own personalized meme. Or, via the button Upload New Photo, you can choose once again whether to upload your own custom background image from your computer.

    To create the text of the meme you can use the two white boxes under the heading Text. Once you have created your meme, you can choose whether to share it on major social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. If you click on the entry Take the picture, you will have access to a screen where you can select the desired size for the meme you have created.

    You can save the image to your computer by clicking the right mouse button and then click Save image as. You will save the image on your computer and you can share it wherever you want.


    If by reading this guide of mine on how to create memes you have really enjoyed and passionate about creating these images, then you should definitely take a look at the site. Unlike the previous sites to create memes that I pointed out to you, the MemeCenter site allows you to create more advanced and complex memes, with much more personalized writings and images to express emotions and reactions of various kinds, in a more detailed and fun way.

    I know you'd like to endlessly scroll through the site looking for the funniest memes to share, but if you hit the button + Create, located at the top, you have access to three creative tools that allow you to create your own personalized meme.

    Push the button Memebuilder to have access to an advanced image editor tool that allows you to create a meme with numerous editing possibilities. You will certainly notice the many tools available to create a meme in an advanced way. Among the most interesting I point out the item Rage Comics, thanks to which you can create memes in the form of a comic. If you click on the entry Pie graph, you can create a pie diagram meme.

    If from the main website screen you click instead Quick Meme, you can speed up the process of creating a meme by choosing the background of the image from the database. Thanks to the editor Quick Meme however, you can customize some parameters for the writing of your meme: font, alignment and size of the writings, for example. If you click the blue button Add new Caption, you can also add additional lettering boxes if you wish. When you're done, all you have to do is press the red button Save Meme.

    At this point you have the option to save the created meme on your computer (Press the button Save to Your Computer) or to publish your meme on the MemeCenter site (you will need to register and log in to the site).

    Alternatively, if you love GIFs (short animated images) you can create a Meme starting from a GIF, through the website. From the site home, press the + Create button and select the box Poisoner. You now have two options: create an animated GIF (Create Animated GIF ) or create a GIF to express a reaction (Create Reaction GIF).

    Both tools Create Animated GIF e Create Reaction GIF they allow you to perform a series of preliminary procedures before creating the actual meme. Among the most important, I would like to point out the possibility of creating a GIF from a video (the button is called Create a GIF From Video), Use or edit an existing GIF or image (the button is called Edit / Use an existing GIF or Image) or create a brand new GIF from a blank page (the button is called Blank Page).

    The Memecenter site offers you a very rich database of images, GIFs and memes and you can give free space to all your creativity to create memes that will surely go viral.

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