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    How to create PS4 accounts

    Preliminary informationPrima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to create a PS4 account, I think it is very important to explain to you what types of profiles are used on the Sony console and what they are for.Well, the "PlayStation Network (PSN) account […]

    How to create video with photos

    Index:How to create video with photos on PCHow to create video with photos on MacHow to create video with photo on your Android and iOSCome create video with photo onlineHow to create video with photos on PCWindows Movie MakerThe first piece of advice I want to […]

    How to record WhatsApp calls

    How to record WhatsApp callsIf you wish record WhatsApp calls, understood as voice conversations, the indications you must follow are those that you find below. Considering that WhatsApp does not offer a special function, to do so you have to turn to the use of […]

    How to create funny photomontages

    PhotoFunia (Online)The first tool I want to suggest you try to create funny photo montages is PhotoFunia. This is a free online service that can be used directly and comfortably from the browser window (any) without having to download absolutely anything on your […]

    How to configure TP Link modem

    How to access the TP-Link modemThe first thing to do for configure a TP-Link modem consists in accessing, through a browser, its administration panel: a Web interface through which to control all aspects of the appliance (including Internet connection parameters, […]

    How to create a private YouTube channel

    Create the YouTube channelAs I mentioned at the beginning, however create a private YouTube channel you must first create the channel - if you don't already have it - and modify its privacy settings (as you will find explained below).I remind you that to open a […]

    How to create a mailing list

    Preliminary informationA mailing list, as the name suggests, is a more or less long list of email addresses that are used as recipients of an email that the sender composes. There are several ways to manage a mailing list: locally, through an e-mail program, or […]

    How to register PEC

    How to register PEC accountAs already mentioned above, to create a PEC account all you have to do is connect to the website of a manager (i.e. an authorized company that offers the certified mail service), choose one of the available offers and fill in a short […]

    How to register with Fraps

    How to install FrapsYou haven't purchased Fraps yet because you would like to try it for free for a few days? No problem. Connect to the program's website and click on the item Download Fraps 3.5.99 Setup to download the trial version, which has no "deadlines" […]

    Programs for creating videos with photos

    Programs to create video with photos for WindowsIf you use a PC Windows and go in search of programs to create video with photos, take a look at the solutions listed below - I'm sure you won't regret it.EaseUS Video EditorIf you are looking for a program to create […]

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