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    How to create a free webpage on Google

    Google Sites

    The first tool you can use for create a free webpage on Google is the service Google Sites which is made by Google itself. This is a free, easy-to-use platform dedicated to creating web pages that can be used by anyone with a Google account.

    To start, connect to the Google Sites web page via the link provided and log in with your Google account data, by entering theemail address e Password in the appropriate text fields and pressing on NEXT.

    Once the main screen is displayed, press the button capacitor positive (+) lead located in the lower right corner, then type the name you want to give to the web page to be created in the text field Page title.

    You can also change some formatting options, using the visible icons overlay, such as the one named Title which allows you to change the size of the inserted text. Instead, use the icon of clip, if you want to add a hyperlink, or refer to the button you need to adjust thealignment.

    Also, click on the button Change the image, at the header, to import a custom background image. If you want to change the layout, instead, click on the item Header type. To change the footer click on the button Add footer.

    Other options are those present in the right sidebar, inside the tabs Enter, Pages e Temi which are used to add, for example, a text box or to change the page theme, by changing colors or fonts.

    Using the card Enter you also have the possibility to change the layout of the web page and also add accessory elements, such as the Calendar, the buttons Map or Presentations.

    Google Sites is integrated with the service Google Photos e Google Drive allowing you to easily insert images from them. To do this, click on the button Google Drive that you find in correspondence of the card Enter.

    All changes made on the site created with Google Sites are applied in real time; if you want to cancel one, click on the icon left arrow which is located in the top bar.

    If you wish, you can also create multiple pages: to do this, press the button capacitor positive (+) lead that you find in correspondence of the card Pages. Finally, before publishing the web page created via the button Public, use thewink to see a preview of the same.

    After pressing on the key Public, enter in the text field Website address the domain name you want to give to the created page and then click on the button Public that is shown to you. The created website will be visible at the URL[nomescelto].

    If you have any questions or concerns about using the Google Sites, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to this platform.


    If your intent is to create a free Web page, intended as a space on the Internet in which to create a blog, I recommend that you consider using the platform Blogger which is always made available free of charge by Google.

    To use it, connect to its official website and press the button Create your blog that you find in the center, then log in with your Google account data.

    Once this is done, confirm your profile by typing the name you intend to use for the same in the text field Visualized name and then click on the entry Proceed to sign up for Blogger. Now press the button Create a new Blog and, in the screen that is shown to you, type the title you want to give to the blog, using the appropriate text field.

    Also choose the address to assign to obtain a third level domain To continue, choose the theme to give to the blog, by clicking on one of those that are shown to you and then press the button Create the blog.

    Once this last operation is completed, you can start creating content as well as customizing the pages and the aesthetics of your blog. To do this, first press the button New post and use the built-in editor to write the content to publish.

    The Blogger editor presents tools very similar to those of a traditional text editor as it allows, for example, to insert the title and text of the article and, moreover, through the toolbar, you can format the text and insert multimedia elements.

    Before publishing a post, click on the button Preview then, if you are satisfied with the result, click Public.

    As for the personalization of the blog, please refer to the card layout which you can find in the main screen of the same. Through this section you can modify, for example, your favorite blog icon and add structural elements, in correspondence with some sections of the same (sidebar, search, header, subscription, page body and footer).

    To do this, just press the button Add Gadget, in correspondence with the section of your interest and then click on the button capacitor positive (+) lead, next to the gadget to add, such as the box showing the statistics, contact form or information relating to yours Profile. To confirm the changes, press the button Save arrangement which is located at the top right.

    Other tools you can use are visible by clicking on the item Pages which allows you to create new pages. the button Post comments , on the other hand, it serves to moderate the latter. For the aesthetic change also refer to the item Subject and, once you have chosen a new theme, click on the button Apply to your blog.

    One of the features of Blogger is its integration with the platform Adsense which allows you to earn with the blog created and the articles published, by inserting advertising banners.

    To activate the advertising of Google Adsense on your blog click the tab Profits and follow the on-screen instructions that will be shown to you if you meet the requirements of this platform (I told you about it in detail in my guide dedicated to the topic).

    Also, if you have any questions or concerns about using the Blogger, I suggest you read this guide in which I tell you about it.

    Other platforms for creating a free webpage on Google

    To create free Web pages there are many other tools that, even if they are not made by Google itself, are equally valid and easy to use.

    For example, one of the most popular platforms for building websites is, a service that provides 3G storage space with a third-level domain ( This tool offers the use of the well-known CMS WordPress and also gives the possibility of subscribing to subscription plans (prices starting from € 4 / month with annual billing), dedicated to those who want to insert advertising banners within the site created and want to obtain a second-level personalized domain ( I talked to you in more detail in this tutorial of mine.

    Another good service is that offered by which, on the other hand, provides free storage space and unlimited traffic with a third-level domain (chosen The subscription of the optional subscription plan (19 € + VAT / year) is used to obtain a second level domain (

    These services, but also the others I told you about in my guide dedicated to creating free websites, such as Wix, are particularly useful for their ease of use. You can then use them to create a free web page on Google but, I remind you, that in order for the site created to appear within the homonymous search engine, it is necessary to implement strategies for its correct indexing, commonly called SEO techniques. I told you about it in more detail in this guide of mine.

    How to create a free webpage on Google

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