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    How to create a page on Facebook

    Create a Facebook page from your PC

    If you want create a page on Facebook using your PC, connected to the home page of the social network, log in to your account and follow the guided procedure that I am about to explain to you in detail.

    Once logged in, click on the button capacitor positive (+) lead situato in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Page in the opened menu. Using the form that appeared on the screen, specify the page name, Its category membership and then click on the button Create page (lower left).

    Scroll, therefore, the sidebar on the left, click on the button Add profile picture and upload the profile photo you want to use. Do this also for the cover photo: click on the button Add cover image and upload the image of your interest. Once this is done, click on the button Save placed at the bottom left. Well: now you have your page up and running!

    To make the page easier to find, I recommend that you create a username for it. To do this, click on the link Create @username, located under the name of the page itself, write the username of the page in the text field in the box opened in the center of the screen and, to finish, click on the button Create username.

    If, on the other hand, you want to add custom buttons on your page (for example those to buy a product, view a video or receive emails / calls), click on the button (+) Add a button, click on the action you want to assign to the button in question (eg. Book now, Call now, etc.), provide the information necessary for the proper functioning of the same (eg website, cellphone number, telephone number, etc.), click on the button Save And that's it.

    To promote your page and make it known to the public, click on the button (...) which is located under the cover image (always in the tab Home) and select the item Invite your friends to invite your Facebook friends to “like”, or select the item Share to share the page on your personal profile by publishing an ad hoc post.

    To change permissions, privacy levels and other advanced page settings, go to the tab Settings (in the sidebar located on the left) and click on the values ​​you want to customize. For example, to add administrators or editors you can select the entry Page roles from the left sidebar and use the buttons and menus to indicate the people to add to manage the page.

    To increase the number of likes and make your page known to Facebook users, instead, follow the tips in my tutorials on how to increase likes on Facebook and how to advertise a page on Facebook. I am sure they will be very useful to you.

    Create a page on Facebook from a smartphone or tablet

    Even if it's not the best in terms of comfort, you can create a page on Facebook also from smartphone or tablet using the official social network app for Android and iOS / iPadOS.

    Once the app is installed on your device, log in to your Facebook account through it and press the button (≡). Then tap on the item Pages / Your [N] pages and presses on the option (+) Create to start creating your page.

    Premium, quindi, sul pulsating Start, type il name you want to assign to the page and press the button NEXT. At this point, select the category to which you want to associate the page from the appropriate drop-down menu, possibly choose one subcategory among those available and presses on NEXT.

    The next step is to provide a website reference for the page you are creating: if you intend to proceed in this sense, type the address of your website in the appropriate text field and press the button NEXT. Otherwise, tap on the item Salta located at the top right.

    After that add a profile picture for the page, by pressing the appropriate button and selecting an image from the memory of your device, go forward and repeat the same operation for thecover image. If you want to postpone adding a profile or cover image to a later time, press the item Salta located at the top right.

    Mission accomplished! Now all you have to do is press the button end and start managing your page. How? For example, selecting the tab Information from the menu located under the Facebook publishing buttons and pressing the icon of pencil placed in correspondence with the various information to be modified, you can change the name of the page, the website, the telephone number, the description and other related information).

    By pressing, then on the button Edit Page located under the cover image, you can go and edit details such as the page title, the buttons present within the same and tab to be displayed inside. From the same menu, you can also access the section Settings, which allows you to manage the roles within the page, the Message, Instagram ads, notifications and other page functions.

    For the rest, there is not much to add: you simply have to try to increase the popularity of your page and manage it better, perhaps following the instructions I gave you in my tutorials on how to increase likes on Facebook and how to advertise a page on Facebook: I am convinced that, by putting the right amount of effort and dedication into it, you will be able to achieve truly amazing results!

    Just a small recommendation before saying goodbye: to better manage your page, use the official app Facebook Business Suite, which is available for free for Android and iOS / iPadOS and is very simple to use. I advise you to contact the latter, as it allows you to manage Facebook pages and even Instagram pages with greater ease, but obviously it is only a personal choice. You can proceed as you prefer.

    How to create a page on Facebook

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