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    How to record phone calls

    Record phone calls on Android

    If you want to find out how to record phone calls and you have an Android smartphone, I suggest you use the application Call Recorder. You can download the application by pressing here directly from your terminal and tapping on Install. The application is priced at 9,95 € but it can also be downloaded in free trial version lasting one week. To download the free trial version of the app click here.

    Please also note that in order to use the Call Recorder app on your Android smartphone you will need to perform the root. If you haven't already, I suggest you follow my guide on how to root Android to find out how. Know that this is a somewhat demanding operation but with a minimum of good will and a pinch of attention I am sure that you will succeed in the enterprise.

    After downloading and installing Call Recorder and after rooting on Android, start the application and first press the button Conceded, in such a way as to allow the app to access the system with root permissions, then tap on Accept and finally on OK to accept the conditions of use of the software.

    Well, now you are ready to record phone calls on your Android smartphone! From now on, as soon as you start or receive a phone call, Call Recorder will take action automatically. You will notice that Call Recorder is active due to the presence of a green icon that will appear on the screen with the photo of your interlocutor.

    Once the conversation is over, you can listen to the recordings of your phone calls by starting Call Recorder and pressing the box relating to the phone call you want to play.

    By holding your finger on the title of a conversation and pressing the three dots icon at the top right, you can convert the recording to MP3 or AMR and encrypt it to prevent unauthorized access. Instead, by pressing the sharing icon always located at the top right, you can send the selected recording to another app installed on the phone to do what you want with it.

    In the unfortunate event that you encounter some problems during the registration phase, I suggest you open the app and access the related settings menu by swiping from left to right and selecting the item Settings from the bar that appeared on the side. Once this is done, press on Registration and proceed by changing the registration method used.

    Also keep in mind that if you no longer intend to record phone calls with Call Recorder for a certain period of time, you will not necessarily have to uninstall the app. Acting from the Call Recorder settings you can in fact temporarily deactivate the use of the application so that you can immediately reactivate it at the most appropriate time. To disable the use of Call Recorder, enter the application settings menu by swiping from left to right and selecting the item Settings from the bar displayed to the side and then presses on Registration and move up OFF the lever located at the top right. You can also block the recording of phone calls for a single contact, a group of contacts or a specific phone number by simply selecting the entry Exceptions and then pressing the button + to indicate people you want to exclude from automatic registrations

    Record phone calls on iPhone

    If it is your intention to find out how to record phone calls on iPhone I suggest you use the app TapeA Call. This is an application available in both free version (allows you to record only the first 60 seconds of a phone call) and in the paid version (at the cost of 9,99 € allows you to use all the features) thanks to which you can record phone calls and has the advantage of being very simple to use.

    To record phone calls on iPhone with TapeA Call, the first thing to do is to download the app. To do this, press the App Store icon on your iPhone, tap on the item Search placed at the bottom right of the screen displayed, presses on the field Search placed at the top, type tapea call and then presses the blue button Search . Alternatively, if you are reading this guide directly from your iPhone you can shorten the execution of the steps just indicated by simply clicking here. To conclude, press the button Get located next to the first application displayed in the list.

    If requested, enter the password for your Apple account and wait for the download and installation of the app to be completed. Then go to the Home screen of your iPhone and press the TapeACall app icon.

    Now wait for the application to open and once the relevant screen is displayed, tap on Continue to allow the application to send you an SMS containing the code to proceed with the activation of the service. Then type your number in the appropriate section displayed, tap on Continue and wait for the SMS containing the code to be received. Once you have received the code via text message, enter it in the appropriate field displayed and then tap the button activate.

    Proceed now choosing whether to allow the app to access your contacts or not, indicate if you want the app to send you notifications or if you do not prefer this to happen and then select a local access number to the country by choosing the one related to the city from the 'list that is shown to you.

    In the screen that will be shown to you at this point, press the button with the red circle located in the center of the screen, wait a few seconds and then tap the other call button. In the new screen displayed, type the telephone number for the call you want to record, then press the green icon depicting a telephone handset, wait for the call to be initiated and then press the button merge. When you want to end the call and therefore the recording, press the red button depicting a handset.

    After recording the phone calls to be able to listen to them presses the smaller circular button that is present on the main screen of the application and then tap on the audio file that you intend to play.

    How to record phone calls

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