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    How to record the phone screen

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    How to Record Android Phone Screen

    You have a smartphone Android? Then let me explain how to record phone screen using the screen recording function that may be present "standard" on your device and some third-party solutions.

    Default screen recording function

    On some smartphones Android one is available default screen recording function, the use of which may vary according to the brand and model of smartphone in your possession, as well as the version of Android installed on the latter.

    On some smartphones Huawei, such as the Mate 10 Pro, you can record the screen by pressing simultaneously Power key + volume key (+). A countdown is then started, at the end of which the recording of the screen starts, which can be interrupted by means of a special virtual button.

    To check if your Android smartphone offers a default screen recording function and possibly find out how it works, do an Internet search, perhaps using the terms "Native screen recording function [make / model of your smartphone]". If you do not find any useful information, take into account that on your device there may not be any native screen recording function.

    ADV Screen Recording

    If there is no default screen recording feature available on your phone, you need to contact some applications to record the screen made by third parties.

    One of the best apps of this genre is ADV Screen Recorder, which is free, easy to use, and best of all, works without requiring root permissions.

    After installing and starting ADV Screen Recorder, grant it all the necessary permissions to work properly (just press the keys from time to time OK e Allow). If you wish, then customize the app settings by tapping on the i symbol three vertical dots at the top right, by selecting the item Settings from the menu that opens and changing the settings according to your needs. Among other things, you can change the default video resolution (Video Resolution), the frame rate (Video Frame Rate) and audio settings (audio Settings).

    Once all preferences have been adjusted, tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead at the top right, select the item OK and move up ON l'interruttore posto accanto alla dicitura Overlay permission on other apps, to allow the app to overlap with other applications. You will only have to grant this permission the first time you use the app: the following times, in fact, it will be sufficient to press the button capacitor positive (+) lead situato in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Start now from the box that will open, to bring up the registration button.

    Once this is done, you are finally ready to record the screen of your smartphone: to do so, press the icon of video camera pop-up on the screen and then tap the button Rec (l'icona del green dot on a white background), in order to start capturing the screen (which will be indicated by the appearance of a small stopwatch on the screen).

    To stop recording or to stop it, tap on the icon stopwatch pop-up on the screen and then press the button Pause (l'icona delle two vertical temples), if you want to stop it temporarily, or on the button Stop (l'icona del square), to stop it permanently. Once you have stopped recording, go back to ADV Screen Recorder, so as to view the recording made.

    If you want to share the video with other users, keep your finger pressed on his preview, fai tap sul pulsating Share (the symbol of three connected dots at the top) and select the sharing option you prefer to use. To remove theADV Recorder icon overlay, keep your finger pressed on it and drag it towards the bottom of the screen, near the symbol (X).

    How to record iPhone screen

    If you want to know how to record iPhone screen, know that you can count on an integrated “standard” function on all devices equipped with iOS 11 or later versions of the Apple operating system.

    To use it, you must first enable it in the iOS settings. Then open the app Settings by tapping on the gray icon depicting the gears located on the Home screen, then presses on the items Control Center> Customize Controls and, if necessary, tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead placed in correspondence with the item Screen recording.

    At this point, call up the Control Center of iOS by swiping from bottom to top (on iPhone 8 / 8 Plus and earlier models) or from the top right corner of the screen to the bottom (up iPhone X and later models) and tap the button Rec (l'icona del dot inside the circle).

    A three-second countdown will appear on the screen, at the end of which the screen recording will start automatically: to indicate that this is actually active, you should see a band or red box at the top of the display.

    To stop recording, call up the Control Center following the instructions I gave you a moment ago and press the button again Rec, to stop capturing the screen. Alternatively, you can stop recording by tapping directly on the band or red box positioned at the top and then pressing on the item Stop, in the box that appears. Easier than that?

    How to record phone screen on PC

    Are you going to record the phone screen on the PC? Let me show you how some software works for this purpose.


    You want to record your smartphone screen Android its a pc Windows or  Mac? Well then I suggest you try Reflector: a very famous screen recording program that allows you to transmit and record the screen of an Android device (and not only) on the computer using Google Cast technology. To do this, the Android device must be connected to the same wireless network. the computer is connected to. Reflector costs 14,99 euros and you can test it for free for 7 days. Know, however, that the free version imprints a rather conspicuous watermark on the generated movies.

    To use Reflector, linked to its download page, click on the button Try Reflector on the right and, on the page that opens, choose to download the version of the program for Windowsby clicking on the link 64-Bit Download or on the link 32-Bit Download (depending on the version of Windows installed on your PC), next to the box Reflector 3 For Windows.

    When the download is complete, open the file Reflectorx.xx-xx.msi you just got, put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click on the buttons installYes e Finish, to complete the setup. If you are asked to download the component Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0, proceed, taking it from this page and installing it (just launch the setup and always click on Next / Next).

    To download the Reflector version for MacOSinstead, once you have reached the download page of the program, click on the link Download FREE for 7 days. When the download is complete, open the package .dmg you got and drag Reflector in the folder Applications of macOS. Go, therefore, in the latter, right-click on the Reflector icon and select the item twice in succession apri, in order to "bypass" the restrictions imposed by Apple on software from non-certified sources.

    Now, in the opened window, click on the button Try Reflector 3 and cast your smartphone screen to computer. To use screen casting in Android, you have to press the icon of G, which you should see by lowering the notification curtain or by going to Settings> Display> Cast. More info here.

    At this point, select the computer name in the menu that opens and wait for the connection between the Android phone and the PC to be established. Please note that you may be prompted to enter a Numerical code visible on the PC screen: after writing it in the appropriate testo field, tap on the item OK.

    Next, in the Reflector window on your computer screen, click the button Record all, to start screen recording. Then when you are ready to do so, click on the button Stop to stop capturing the video and get your recording.


    As regards iPhone, let me show you the operation of a couple of useful solutions to record the screen of the Apple smartphone both on Windows and on macOS.

    Reflector (Windows / macOS)

    You own a PC Windows and want to record the screen ofiPhone on your computer? Then I advise you to make use, even in this case, of Reflector: the program I have already told you about a few lines above, which allows you to transform your PC into a device capable of receiving the iPhone screen via AirPlay technology (as long as both are connected to the same wireless network). I remind you that the program costs $ 14,99, but it is possible to test its functionality for 7 days (the trial version imprints a rather conspicuous watermark on the videos).

    After downloading and installing the program on your Windows PC or Mac (in the previous chapter I have already explained how to do this), start it, click on the button Try Reflector 3 and activate mirroring on your iPhone: to do this, call the Control Center of iOS and tap the button Duplicate Screen.

    Select, therefore, the PC name from the menu that opens and wait for the connection between the iPhone and the computer to be established: if you are asked to do so, write the Numerical code you see on your computer screen and tap on the item OK I will continue.

    Then, in the Reflector window on the PC screen, click on the button Record all, to start recording. Then, when you are ready to stop recording, click on the button Stop.

    QuickTime (macOS)

    A Mac, the easiest way to record iPhone screen is to use QuickTime Player, the video player included in all versions of MacOS. To use it, launch the program on your Mac and connect the iPhone to the Mac using the Lightning cable that was supplied with your "iPhone by" (more info here).

    At this point, right click on the QuickTime icon on the tray Dock and select the item New movie recording from the menu that opens. In the window that appears on the screen, click on arrow located at the button Rec and select the item [name ]'s iPhone from the menu Video camera.

    To start recording the movie, then, click on the button Rec. When you are ready to do so, stop the recording by clicking the button Stop and save the movie by selecting one of the options (ex. 1080p, 720p, etc.) available in the menu File> Export of the program, top left.

    How to record the phone screen

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