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If you are interested in understanding what you have to do in order to register PayPal, the first step you need to take is to connect to the PayPal home page by clicking here. Then click on the button Subscribe which is located at the top right.

In the new web page that is shown to you at this point, choose whether to open a personal account or a business tale selecting one of the two available options. The first is intended for a single user, a private individual, and allows you to purchase goods and services online, send and receive money to other users subscribed to the service. The business account, on the other hand, is specific for companies, offers access to a maximum number of 20 users and includes all the functions of the personal account plus some extras (payments via email, cumulative payments and advanced payment registers).

Once you have selected the type of account to create, click on the button Continue and fill out the form that is proposed to you by typing in the appropriate fields displayed on the screen your country of origin, your email address and the password you intend to use to access the service (with relative confirmation repetition).

Once this is done, click on the button once again Continue and also fill out the second form that is shown on the screen by entering all your personal data (name, surname, address, mobile number and so on). Then put the check mark next to the item You confirm that you have read and accepted the PayPal terms of use and privacy policy then click the button Accetta and continue which is placed at the bottom in such a way as to to be able to move on to the next "phase".

Associate credit card and / or bank account

At this point, to proceed with the procedure by which to register PayPal you must associate a credit card or a bank account to your account. In both cases, I already mentioned at the beginning, it is a system to verify your identity and to make online purchases even when there are no funds available on the PayPal account. In a nutshell (it is really the case to write it!), The PayPal account acts as a "through" allowing you to pay for goods and services online without having to provide third parties with your credit card details.

Associating a credit card or current account with the PayPal account is an operation that must necessarily be carried out in order to remove the withdrawal / deposit limits initially envisaged on the account. In fact, in the event of limits, it is not possible to withdraw more than € 750,00 per month or € 1.000,00 per year from your account and it is not possible to collect amounts exceeding € 2.500,00.

If you wish to associate a credit card to your account, proceed by clicking on the button Link a card then enter your credit card details in the appropriate form, check that the billing address is correct and click on the button Link a card to complete the entire procedure by which to access PayPal. In case you don't have your credit card details handy, you can also click on logo PayPal which is located in the upper left part of the web page displayed to directly access your account and to make the association at a later time.

After starting the procedure to associate the credit card with the PayPal account, a small charge will be made on the same which will be used to provide you with a special 4-digit code that you will have to type into your online account to confirm that you are the real cardholder. To find it, you will therefore have to wait a few days (usually a couple) and then you will have to consult the card statement.

After obtaining the special code, go to the section Our customers of your PayPal account, click on the icon of yours paper and select the item Confirm your credit card to type the code found on your statement and confirm your identity.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to access PayPal by associating your current account with your account rather than a credit card, on the web page where you are asked how you intend to pay for your purchases, click on the button Link a bank account then enter the IBAN code of your account, click on Continue and provide the rest of the data requested on the screen.

At the end of the operation, to prove that you really are the holder of the selected current account, you will have to put into practice a verification procedure not very different from the one just described for credit cards and propagated cards. In fact, a couple of credits of a few cents will be made to your current account and in the reason for the operations you will find a couple of codes that you will have to type in the section Our customers PayPal, after selecting the icon for your account.

Confirm email and mobile number

At this point you can finally say you are satisfied: you have managed to complete the whole procedure by which to access PayPal! I can't help but congratulate you. To confirm this, you should see the main screen of the service through which you can manage your account.

Before leaving you free to take advantage of all the features of the service as I explained to you in detail in my article on how PayPal works, there are still a couple of steps that I invite you to take:

  • Validate the email address provided during the procedure for logging into PayPal. To do this, connected to the main page of your PayPal account, click on the item Confirm e-mail address, access the previously specified email box, access the section Incoming mail, presses on the subject of the message that was sent to you by PayPal and then click on Confirm e-mail address that you find inside the message.
  • Validate the mobile number provided during the procedure for logging into PayPal. To do this, connected to the main page of your PayPal account, click on the item Confirm your mobile number which is placed at the top and then click Send code to receive a verification code via SMS to be entered in the space provided on the PayPal website.

Furthermore, if in the previous step you have not proceeded to associate a credit card to your PayPal account or a bank account, I invite you to perform this operation as soon as possible for the reasons mentioned above. To do this, just click on the item Our customers that you find placed in the menu at the top of your account page, press the button Link a card or on that Link a bank account and fill in the form that is proposed to you by entering all the required data.

Register PayPal from mobile device

As I told you, it is also possible to register PayPal from a smartphone. To do this, just use the official application of the service available for AndroidiOS and for Windows Phone.

Using the app to register PayPal is very easy. Just download it (you can press the links I just provided you directly from your device and press the download button attached to the store screen on your mobile phone) and start it, tap the button Subscribe present at the bottom right, press on the item Ignore and fill in the registration form for the service. The information to be provided is always the same: email, password, personal data and credit card.

Then, accept the terms of service by placing a check mark next to the appropriate item and then tap on Accept and create account. When the operation is completed, you will be able to log into your PayPal account and then manage your account and send and / or receive money in an easy and fast way. The functioning of the app is good or bad the same as PayPal via the Web.

How to register PayPal

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